8 Steps to Consider for Tesla Charging Installation at your Home

The automobile world has drastically changed after the inclination of EVs to each corner of society. Though the acceptance of these vehicles is not very bright, many people can see a future in VEs. Even multiple experts believe this EV taking over the world is a matter of time. So to prepare yourself for the EV future, you must consider a Tesla charging station installation at your home. If you want to know the steps and ways of installation then follow the entire blog.


8 Steps to Consider For Tesla Charging Station Installation At your Home

There are 8 main steps to consider before installing a Tesla charging station:


Step 1: Determine Eligibility of Your Home

The first step of Tesla charging station installation consists of verification of eligibility of your home. Installing an EV charger is not at all an easy job. For this, you need to make sure your home is strong enough and doesn’t have fire-related objects near your station. After verifying these common attributes you need to determine whether your home is eligible or not.

Step 2: Verify You Have Sufficient Electrical Service

When you are installing an EV charging machine in your home you need to make sure that you have proper electric connectivity at your home. To carry the load of the charger you need pepper current connectivity at your property. You can take the help of your local technicians and electricians who can assess the connection system of your home.

Step 3: Confirm Your Electrical Panel Has Space
Before considering Tesla charging station installation at your home you must check the space in your electric panel. There are various circumstances due to which you would have very little space in the electrical panel of your home. And the low electrical panel is the opposite criteria of having an EV charging station at your home. And if you have extra space in your electric panel, you are ready to charge your Tesla, at your home. 

Step 4: Purchase a Charger
In the fourth step of EV charging station installation at your home; you need to purchase a charger. After verifying the eligibility of your home, your electric connection in your home, and the electric panel you need to buy a charger from professional EV technicians. If you are planning to apply for a rebate then select a model according to the regulation of your government.

Step 5: Obtain an Electrical Permit

The first and foremost thing is to get an EV charging station at your home is permission from your local government. You must apply for your EV charging station permission to your local administrative body, or their technical department. You can also take the help of a professional electrician who will take possible legal action for you.

Step 6: Charger Installation

The Sixth step of Tesla charging station installation is the installation of the charger in your home or garage. In this whole process of installation, always remember to get a safety officer in your home. He will inspect your electrical work before any wiring is connected to a supply source. Your electrician needs to complete the contractor consultation form after the installation is complete. And then only you can apply for the rebate.

Step 7: Total Inspection

To officially use the charging station you need to legalize it for your local government. So in the seventh step of the EV charging station installation process, you need to give an inspection report of your charging station to your local government. You can take the help of administrative technicians or local electricians who can give a proper report on your charging station.

Step 8: Apply For a Rebate
In the last and eighth steps; you can apply for a rebate if you want. If you’re local government is giving you a rebate on considering installing EV charging instead of using fuel-operated vehicles you must apply for it with all legal verifications.

Benefits of Considering Tesla Charging Station Installation at your Home

  • A step towards a sustainable lifestyle.
  • You can abolish using crude oils and fuels like diesel and petrol
  • Take steps to prevent pollution in the air
  • Getting cheap accommodation service
  • You are getting all-time EV charging service
  • Considering Tesla charging station installation at your home also saves your time.


To be updated with the changing world you need to incorporate change in your life. And considering an EV and EV charging station at you would be the best start for you. When you have an EV car but hardly know how to get a charging station to charge your car you can read those above-noted steps and help yourself. Or you can call us to get a professional car charger installation service or EV charger installation service from our company. Also, read Ways to get a 220-Volt outlet for electric car from our official website.

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