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Interesting Facts on Volkswagen Electric Car Charger

While we speak of an EV, there are thousands of people who are eager to know about its charging options. As electric vehicles are new in the market, there are lots of rumors regarding their charging facilities. However, if you are also keen to know more about Volkswagen electric car charger, continue reading till the end. 

Types of Volkswagen electric car charger,

Charging your EV’s battery is a lot like charging your mobile phone. Thus it is important that you charge your electric vehicle with a charger that is compatible with charging your vehicle. Therefore, any mistake in choosing the ideal charger may have adverse effects on the battery life of your car. 

  • 3-pin domestic house charger

It is one of the simplest and cost-friendly ways of charging your car. There are lots of EV owners who use this type of charger to charge their cars overnight. But, do you feel that charging your car this a 3-pin household charger is the appropriate method of charging your car? To get your answer, continue reading further.

  1. Wallbox

Wallbox chargers possess more power than domestic sockets and are thus ideal for charging your electric vehicle. Even wall box chargers are of three types,

  • Slow charger

These types of wall box chargers use 3.6kW of electricity and can charge your car 1.5 times faster than that household car chargers. Therefore it takes 6-8 hours to fully charge your car. 

  1.  Medium charger

Compare to a slow charger, a medium charger can power up your vehicle 3 times faster. Moreover, a medium wall box charger has the capability to use 7.2kW of electricity. Thus these chargers take 3-4 hours of time to fully charge your car. 

  • Fast charger

As the name suggests, fast chargers have the capacity to charge your car’s battery within 1-2 hours. This charger uses 22kW electricity to charge your car completely. 

  1.  Rapid charger 

If your car’s battery is dry and you need to get at least 80% of the charge almost instantly, rapid chargers are the option that you get. Moreover, this charger uses high AC or DC current to charge your electric car at an extremely fast rate. 

Type of connector in a Volkswagen electric car charger

Generally, there are two types of connectors that you can plug into a Volkswagen electric car charger.

  • Mennekes 

This type of connector is generally found in-car charging stations. Therefore, you can connect your car to a wall box or to a 3-pin household socket to charge your car. 

  • CSS( combined charging system)

If you own a rapid charger, then CSS is the best connector to charge your car.  In fact, the CSS connector lets you charge your car at every public charging station that has a DC output of 22KW. 

Factors that decide the speed of charging your car 

There are several factors that decide the speed of charging your car, and they are as follows,

  • Temperature 

If the area you are residing in faces extreme temperature, then your car is likely to face slow charging.

  1. Battery percentage of your car

The battery percentage also affects the speed of charging an EV.  The last 20% of charging is generally on the slower side. 

  1. The capacity of your car’s battery

A lot depends on the capacity of your car. If your car does not support quick charging options, then it is quite obvious that it will take more time in charging the car. 

Benefits of having an electric car charger at home

Having Volkswagen electric car charger at home has a lot of benefits. And they are as follows, 

  • Get a fully charged battery within a few hours

Getting an electric car charger at home will let you charge your car within a limited time span. Why wait at charging stations for hours to get your car charged, when you can easily install an electric vehicle charging station at your home. 

  1. Start your day with a fully charged car

When you have chargers for electric vehicles at your home, you can charge your car overnight and enjoy a fully charged one by the morning. 

  1. Save on charging cost

Another major advantage of having an electric vehicle charging station is that it is cost-friendly. Commercial charging stations charge you more as compared to the electric bill that you need to pay for charging your car at home. Therefore you get efficient charging that too at a lower cost by owning an EV charger. 

Hope by now, you have enriched yourself with some vital information on Volkswagen electric car charger. thus, visit our website if you are interested in installing an EV charging station. If you are still left with confusion like cost 220–volt outlet installation or other charging options, feel free to contact us through our website.