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6 Benefits You Can Get With Tesla Wall Connector 60 Amp

When you seek to charge your electric vehicle just sitting at home, a wall connector is the most convenient option. A Tesla wall connector is a small wall charging device of 60 Amps that can give you an easy charging experience. And there are 6 benefits of the Tesla Wall connector 60 Amp that make it suitable for your home. So let’s discuss them in this blog section.


6 Interesting Benefits You Can Get With Tesla Wall Connector 60 Amp

Apart from the smart charging feature, 60 AMP wall connectors give you smart benefits, and those include:



If speed is what you need then you must stick to the Tesla Wall connector 60 Amp as it is featured with speed and compatibility. Due to 60 Amp power, the charger gives your car the ultimate power, whether the battery is 34 mph or 42 mph. 


Besides, it is also very compatible with different Tesla EV models with 30, 34, 40, and 44 map batteries. This firmly explains that an hour of charger is capable of providing up to 44 miles, with up to 11.5 kW / 48 amp Tesla model.



Convenience is an irreplaceable feeling that almost everybody wants to have. And convenience is a benefit you can get by considering Tesla wall connectors in your home. 


To add to your knowledge, the wall connector can adapt to most home electrical systems, with customizable power levels on a range of circuit breakers. And the versatility of this charging gadget allows easy installation in most homes, apartments, and workplaces. Even the superlight 24-foot cable lets the mobile connector be left in the car.



Connectivity is a key attribute of a Tesla Wall connector 60 Amp. There is no way you can get updates on your EV charging without standing in front of the charger. However, Tesla wall connectors are designed with better connectivity so you can connect to monitor it whenever you want.  


Connecting the Wall Connector to a local Wi-Fi network enables you to receive updates on the wall connector condition, over-the-air firmware updates, charging updates, and usage data tracking capability. The firmware updates work automatically to improve user experience and introduce new features.


Power Sharing

If you own more than one Tesla then you are very familiar with the word struggle. This is because 35 to 40 Amps chargers are not as compatible as they are advertised. 


Power-sharing is ideal for households that need to charge more than one Tesla at the same time, but may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuits. And due to this, you might have to ponder four different wall Connectors for your EVs. However, this problem won’t bother you, if you consider a 60 Amp charger wall charger in your home.


Access Control

While most of the low-range EV chargers hardly give you Access control, a Tesla Wall connector 60 Amp does give. The fact of the access control or Charging Access Control is it gives you full control over which cars are allowed to charge with your Wall Connector. 


You can restrict charging access directly through the commissioning wizard without having to resort to a physical locking device. And this ultimately also helps you in managing power consumption.


Indoor/Outdoor Compatible

Along with convenience, you can also expect compatibility with the Tesla Wall connector 60 Amp. When you struggle to carry charging stations from your garage to your lawn, a Wall connector is way handier. Even Wall Connector’s lightweight design allows for versatile, indoor or outdoor mounting. However, this device nearly missed the tag, ‘portable’ due to the wall hanging feature.


If you want to know the benefits of a 60 amp wall connector then here are the 6 essential benefits you can get by using a Tesla wall connector. Now if you are willing to add a 60 amp wall connector or 220-volt outlet for an electric car contact us through our website. To get the best Tesla wall charger installation or Tesla charging station installation stay with our website.



Can I install the Tesla charger by myself?

Yes,  of course, you can. An easy systematic wall connector allows you to install a high-voltage charging system in a home without hiring an electrician. You just need to have some essential common household tools prepared with you. 

Is a 60Amp Tesla Wall Connector necessary?

Well, that totally depends on your transportation. If you regularly use your EV for your office and other transportation purposes, a 60Amp Tesla Wall Connector is definitely necessary

 Does the Tesla Wall Connector plug into the wall?

Yes, while most home charging station manufacturers sell products to be both hardwired and to plug into a 14-50 outlet. Tesla has stuck to its hardwired Wall Connector.