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Everything You Need To Know About New Ford Electric Truck F-150

Ford took a big step in the EV industry by presenting a magnificent Pickup truck, the F – 150 Lighting. With lots of smart features and charging facilities, this commercial pickup vehicle is a revolution for many people and authorities. This EV especially kept its mark in the transportation and logistics sector making the moving and transporting process more sustainable. So if a new Ford electric truck fascinates you, follow this blog to know its features in detail.


New Ford Electric Truck: Is it New?

To be honest, the Ford F – 150 is not really a new car. Actually, the tech giant already launched a similar pickup truck named F – 150, used for commercial purposes. And the only difference you can see between these commercial vehicles is the engines. The old Ford F – 150 has a V8 combustion engine that runs on fuel. On the other hand, the new Ford electric truck is designed with an AC/DC motor engine which needs a proper supply of electricity to run.


Ford F -150 EV: Smart Features and Designs


If you ask about different features and designs of F -0150 EV Lighting, well, it is undoubtedly better, even the best in many terms. 


While conventional F – 150 contain excess energy-consuming halogen head flights, the new Ford electric truck has LED light bars on the front and the back that span across the width of the truck. Besides, you would also find a 400 liters front trunk in this vehicle, since there isn’t any huge engine placed inside.


In technology, this car features a back-side camera and screening that assists you with backside navigation, which is one of the best features you can get from this vehicle. There are many other technological features like Bluetooth connectivity, charging notifications, etc that takes convenience to the next level.


Ford F – 150 EV Batteries And Power Option

The Ford F-150 Lightning basically comes with a front-mounted and rear-mounted electric motor, putting out a combined 426 hp which is 318 kW in the SR, with the ER variant getting 563hp which is 420 kW. And both new Ford electric truck motors configurations make 1,051Nm. 


Like many other electric vehicles, F-150 Lightning is also provided with two lithium-ion battery pack options, with the entry-level unit targeting 370km of driving range. Though Ford particularly has not revealed the battery unit’s exact capacity, the company said so far they gave the biggest battery pack for electric vehicles.


Ford F-150 Lightning: charging options 


In the aspect of charging, the new Ford electric truck has two different types of onboard AC chargers, which you need to select according to the variant you own. An F- 150 variant with the standard range battery generally gets an 11.3 kW single charger, and the variant with the extended range battery will get a dual charger with up to 19.2 kW. 


The F-150 Lightning with the standard range battery pack is offered with an optional 48A house charger, which can charge the Lithium-ion battery from 15 to 100 percent in around 10 hours. Meanwhile, if you use an 80A house charger, it can complete 15 to 100 percent of charge in around 8 hours. 


In DC charging, the F-150 Lightning will take 41 minutes to charge from 15 to 80 percent via a 150kW DC public fast charger. But DC charging is basically not manufactured for home charging. Most of the DC chargers are installed in public charging stations.


If you are asking about the features and charging utilities of the new Ford F – 150 Lightning Pickup truck, here are all 4 crucial details that might help you out. So if you want to get installation service for Ford gt 350, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and Ford EV Charger Installation contact us right now.




What is a Ford Lighting Truck?

Ford F – 150 Lightning Pickup Truck is one of the best commercial electric vehicles launched by Ford taking the EV industry to the next level. With a lot more smart features this vehicle is provided with 2 Lithium-ion and AC and DC charging facilities making it the most compatible car for people. 


Can Ford F – 150Lightning be supercharged?

Yes! Ford F – 150 Lightning can be supercharged with a DC charging facility. Though it’s very hard to install a DC supercharger in a home, you can easily install a 440 to 500-volt charger with 150 to 160kW power and get your car supercharged.