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Perks of Installing Tesla Wall Connector in Your Home

An EV without an EV charger is like a pen without ink or a life without technology. Many of you might not bother buying an EV charger, but without a home EV connector, you won’t get the charging convenience you desire. With a home wall connector, you won’t just save much time for yourself but also reduce the costs you bear every day. So want to know how? Then follow the blog for the perks of installing the Tesla Wall Connector.


6 Perks Of Installing Tesla Wall Connector In Your Home



Believe it or not, installing Tesla Wall Connector is way cheaper than you think. After covering the cost of installation, electric bills, and other costs you would find that overall expenditure is relatively lower than public charging services. Moreover, smart EV connectors also provide real-time data on used energy for tax benefits claims. There are also smart solar charging stations that utilize excess solar power when scheduled.



Time doesn’t wait for anybody. And that’s what you must be keen to save for your own good. However, big ques in public EV charging stations can be real obstacles for your time management. And with the Tesla wall connector installation service, you can break the hurdle and manage your time in your personal and other important activities. Moreover, you can plug your car whenever you want.




Convenience is the first thing you would experience by installing Tesla Wall Connector. And this is because having an electric car charger gives control of when to charge. Besides, you no longer need to rely on public charging stations. And this eventually saves valuable time helping to manage personal, official, and EV owner’s space. 

Just plug in the EV to the charger and focus on the things to be done. With enough charge for daily consumption, long voyages are the only time that an EV needs to visit a public charging station.


Battery Life

Like smartphone batteries, Lithium-Ion in electric vehicles becomes less effective over time. Constant use and charging also reduce its capacity to hold power. And to slow down the degradation of the battery it is important to have an almost full battery, rather than a few hour taps on a public charging station. However, with a home EV charger, you can always keep your charger full and promote its durability.


Property Value

If selling your property is the only option left is to move near your office then you must go for it. But make sure you get a return with the sale. Since buyers nowadays prefer homes with modern facilities make sure you have fully renovated and modified to match buyers’ needs. And to make an appearance to the next level you can try installing Tesla Wall Connector in your home. As more and more people are into electric vehicles, buyers who have an EV surely prefer houses that have an EV charger unit ready.



Though once EV connectors were made unique for each EV brand, manufacturers nowadays design compatible and more ubiquitous designs. You might not know most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. So in case, you have EVs of two brands you can use one wall connector to charge them. Hence, there is no need for multiple brand-specific public charging stations.


EV chargers are one of the main aspects of electric vehicles. And these 6 mentioned perks of installing a Tesla wall connector explain why. Get quotes on the cost of installing Tesla Wall charger, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and commercial EV charger installation from our official website.




What are the benefits of electric charging stations?

5 potential benefits of EV charging stations for business are: attract customers, put your business on the map, Keep you ahead of competitors, increase customer connections, and support a green business.


Are electric car charging stations a good business opportunity?

EV charging facilities would be a profitable business. If the number of electric vehicles increases, the possibilities to start and run a complete charging station management are high.


What is the investment in EV charging stations?

In the USA if you install an EV charger for your business it can cost between $1000 to $2500 for each charging unit.