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5 Metrics To Assess The Performance OF Hyundai Kona Electric Charger

Being an electric vehicle owner you would definitely want to see your EV charger serving for a longer period of time. But this is only possible when you can assess the performance of your Hyundai Kona electric charger. Assessing the metrics such as sustainability reporting, revenue, utilization and more helps improve existing charging stations and plan new stations in your business. So today in this blog we will highlight the different types of metrics, what they measure, and why they’re important to look at.


What are Hyundai Kona Electric Charger Station metrics?

Before getting into details, first, you should know what a Hyundai Kona Electric Charger metrics station is. Charging station metrics or EV connect is a way through which you can get information regarding your EV charger from the performance dashboard. Generally, metrics inform the status, efficiency, and reach of any EC charging station. The charging network operation software also makes sure that your charging system is healthy and very active.


5 metrics To Assess Hyundai Kona Electric Charger



The best way to evaluate the performance of an EV charging station is station utilization. This metric is very useful when you have either one charger or more than one charger. 


Basically, utilization means how frequently your company’s EV charger is used. This data is crucial to help station managers and owners decide whether to expand. The fast-charging system in your business uses 20% utilization as a threshold.


 And if the charging station is utilized at a rate greater than 20%, then you definitely need to add an extra electric vehicle charging station in your business. Ideally, to avoid long lines and maintain steady use, your Hyundai Kona Electric Charger is achieving targeted utilization.


Charge Sessions

The second metric you need to consider after the utilization is charge sessions. Charge sessions are basically the sum of how frequently a station is utilized. You can study the daily number of charge sessions as well as a breakdown of each charge session duration. These figures highlight the days with the most charging that could help you to schedule maintenance services. This would ultimately make your EV durable for a longer time period.



Being Hyundai Kona Electric Charger owners you have to consider what EV infrastructure is all for. And prioritizing the sustainability of the charging station is one of the foremost essential parts of analyzing your charging station’s optimal performance. There you would find positive impacts that are a direct result of your charging station network. From industry metrics like Greenhouse Gas Prevented to naturalistic like the station benefit to trees. Undoutablly, sustainability data would allow you to visualize the change people need to see. 


Station Health

Station health is another most important metric for analyzing the performance of your electric vehicle system in your business. From the quick connection status to the panel to the Station Health, the software of EV Connect provides cumulative and predictive information about the status of your station or network. With auto-flagged issues and customizable notification intervals, the software ensures optimum station uptime.



Lastly, revenue is another important metric that will help you to study the performance of your Hyundai Kona Electric Charger in the business. It’s no wonder being a station owner you like to want to generate revenue.


 And this simple, valuable set of metrics helps you continue to push your charging network toward success. Beyond the daily station revenue, you can view the accumulative revenue over a month. 


Also, it is easy to view the station’s gross revenue along with revenue per charge session and revenue per customer.


So here are the 5 metrics ways to assess Electric vehicle charger station performance. By following these traits you can make sure when to get an EV charger maintenance service. Now if you want to get installation service for Hyundai EV charging stations or a Hyundai electric charger of 220-volt outlet for electric car contact us through our official website.




What does EV charging mean?

An EV charger is a device that pulls an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it’s hardwired and delivers that electricity to the vehicle, just like any other appliance or device you charge by plugging into the wall.

How to get An EV Charger in the USA?

All you have to do is install a charging station, purchase necessary electronic items, then plant the system anywhere in your firm or home and continue EV charging. 

What are the three types of EV chargers?

There are three types of EV chargers Level 1, level 2, and level 3.

What is EV fast charging?

EV fast and ultra-fast charging stations charge an electric vehicle’s battery directly, reducing charging time, and accelerating the energy transition.