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6 Questions You Must Ask before Installing Ford EV Truck Charger At Home

While EVs are getting famous worldwide, you must not wait for any further to install an EV charger in your home. A personal charging facility is not just best for your personal convenience but also great to increase property value. However, the EV installation is not as easy as you think. For installing a Ford EV truck fast charger you need to follow several factors that involve the safety of your car and home. And that is why today we decided to discuss some questions that you must ask before installing an EV charger.


6 Main Questions You Must Ask before Installing Ford EV Truck Charger At Home


Does the charging system work on a standard plug socket?

Technically, it’s possible to charge your EV truck with a regular three-pin socket, but it’s not safe. Since regular charging sockets are not very powerful, they can cause a fire in your home’s wiring. Moreover, you would receive a slow rate of charging that could even take a full day.


By asking about the charger socket you can know which electrical socket your car fonts and where to get that. There are special sockets available for EV charger installation that provide safety features to keep you safe.


What is the cost of installing the EV truck charger?

Cost is another important factor and the Ford EV truck installation service. Accordingly, you must question the cost you have to bear for installing an EV truck charger. Generally, the price for any regular EV charger can stand between 100 to 300 dollars. And can increase with charging time and other smart features.


Assessing installation and overall cost of Ford truck charger installation help you to regulate your finance and save some pennies. Besides, you can also check whether it’s a worthy investment or not.


Where to install the Ford truck charger at your home?

Installing a charger in your home is an answer to inconvenience unless you install it near your car or garage. Imagine you installing an electric car charging unit on the other side of your garage or just in your home. You can certainly not enjoy charging your car. 


These are the reasons you must focus on the installation space before installing the EV charger. Some suitable places to install an EV truck charger can be inside your garage, or the entrance of your garage. 


How much power does the Ford EV truck need?

If you want to enjoy the features of your Ford truck to the fullest, choosing proper power is another thing to focus on. And that’s why you must always question how much power the Ford EV truck needs. Firstly you need to assess the type of EV charger the truck needs. Then you need to check on how much power your home can supply. 


There are multiple wattages available for EV chargers. For example, slow charging needs 3kW, for fast charging you would need 7kW, and for rapid charging 22kW is compulsory. 


Which Type of connector does the electric truck have?

Another important thing you must ask before installing an EV truck charger in your home is the type of connector it needs. There are two types of chargers and you would need one that matches your charging system.  


Primarily, you would need Type 1, a charger that has 5 pins and is single-phase only, meaning they can’t carry a 22kW charge. And the second one is the Type 2 charger, where you would find 7 pins and a built-in locking mechanism as well as being able to carry a three-phase power supply. 


Is the EV truck charger a tethered EV charger or untethered?

Like EV charger connectors, Ford EV truck chargers are also divided into tethered chargers and untethered chargers. Accordingly, make sure to assess and cable type your EV truck charger. 


One of the main differences between tethered and untethered chargers is that tethered charges are found within built connectors. On the other hand, untethered chargers have removable connectors, which helps to change connectors when it’s broken.

Nowadays, an EV is nothing without a personal charger. Without a charging facility in your home, you can’t get your car fully charged easily and conveniently. But, installing EV chargers comes with different risks, and asking these above-mentioned questions on Ford EV truck chargers can certainly help you out. To get charger installation service for Ford GT 350, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and electric ford pickups contact us right now.