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Most Asked Questions On Ford Charging Station

After buying a Ford electric vehicle, the first thing that will come to your mind is the Ford charging facility. While there are a lot of options to charge your EV, you need to choose the right mode to make your EV charging convenient and easy. Besides, there are many kinds of EV chargers available in the market. So are you aware of those all and know what suits your car? If not then follow the blog to know Most Asked questions on Ford charging station.


4 Most Asked Questions On Ford Charging Station


How do EV chargers Work?

Well, unlike internal combustion engines, electric vehicles work fully on electricity. And that’s why they need at least 100V power to run easily and smoothly. Generally, every EV comes with a charging cable and plug. But they can sometimes differ from another depending on the charging capacity. 


Later on, whatever type of plug and socket type you got, whether it is 3-pin or 5-pin you need to plug the cable directly into the home electric panel. After that, you must plug the connector into the car to continue the process.


What Powers Electric Car Charging Stations?

While EV chargers come in many different shapes and sizes, the main difference is whether they provide alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). 


Generally, electric grids work on AC power systems in most of the Ford charging station. AC system basically means current alternates or changes direction, a given number of times per second. Unlike the AC power system, the DC power system is a system that doesn’t flow at a fixed rate. 


Interestingly, due to their power capacity, AC chargers are found in home units and DC chargers are found in public stations.


How long Does It take to Charge a Car Battery?

Electric Vehicle Charging basically depends on charger level. Or you can also the more kilowatt of charger the less charging time. So let’s know three EV charger levels in the following:


  • Level 1 

The first and most common type of charger is the level 1 charger. Comparatively, they provide one of the slowest charging among other charger types. And that’s why they are considered to be appropriate for being connected to a wall socket at home. Primarily they deliver up to 2.3 kWh or around 6 to 8 km of range per hour. 


  • Level 2 

On the other hand, Level 2 is a type of conventional charger that provides higher speeds and also needs professional installation. For the past few years, this charger type replaced level 1 charger in residential, commercial, and municipal settings. Most level 2 chargers can deliver at least 7.4 kWh or 11 kWh, with some capable of up to 22 kWh. And delivers power outputs of about 40 km, 60 km, and 120 km per hour respectively. 


  • Level 3 

Currently, one of the modern and fast chargers available in the market is a level 3 charger. These types of chargers are generally found in public Ford charging station due to their vast capabilities. Along with DC charging they can deliver up to 350 kWh, although lower outputs such as 50 kWh, 125 kWh, and 150 kWh are more common. At those rates, most EVs can charge up to 80% in less than an hour, sometimes even as little as a few minutes. 


How Can I Make EV chargers Durable?

EV Chargers are nothing but another electronic gadget that can get vulnerable to overuse and misuse. Accordingly, you must follow 2 traits that protect your Ford electric vehicle and your Ford charging station.


  • Slow down

Slow driving is one of the best ways to reduce pressure on your EC charger and promote its durability. You might not know that driving slower will conserve energy used from your battery. Ultimately, you won’t need to plug your car very frequently and reduce pressure on the EV charger.

  • Avoid Deep Discharging

To improve the life of your EV charger make sure not to use deep discharging. Discharging your EV directly ruins EV battery performance. And when your battery dips down near the 30% mark, chargers feel extra load refiling power in them.



Owning an EV is not enough to get a convenient and smart riding facility. You need to install an EV charger along. And if you barely know anything about Ford charging station. These mentioned most asked questions might help you out. if you want to install a ford EV home charger or a 220-volt outlet for electric car or ford gt 350 contact us right now.