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Everything you Should Know about Fiat 500e Charging Stations

Fiat has been in the automobile industry for a very long time. With every day the automobile industry is up with something new. Thus Fiat is up with its stylish and compact EV to match other competitors in this business. Although most people take a step back while buying EVs due to charging stations, we will make things simpler for you. Therefore in this blog, we will enlighten you on Fiat 500e charging stations.


Guide to Fiat 500e charging stations

Fiat 500 has been launched way back and it was one of the smallest models of cars the company has launched.  Thereafter, Fiat has relaunched its super compact model by upgrading it into an EV to grab the EV consumers in the market.  The company has also made sure that the car is well equipped with charging options and stations to make a stable place in the EV industry.


  • Fiat charging cables

The Fiat 500e is equipped with a Yazaki connection and therefore it requires a type 1 charging cable. Generally, what most people ask about is the time it takes to get completely charged. The answer to this question is completely dependent on the Fiat 500e charging stations you are charging your car. 


Moreover, the charging cable of your car is also responsible for the time it takes to charge your car. Fiat 500e charging cables are generally able to carry 16A or 32A. Therefore it is recommendable to use a 1-phase 32A type 1 charger in your Fiat 500e charging stations for quick charging.


  •  The capacity of Fiat charging stations

Fiat 500e has a capacity of 11kw and supports a type 1 charging cable. Thus the time required for charging this EV is completely dependent on the Fiat 500e charging stations you own. Therefore it is better to charge your Fiat EV through a phase1 32A charging station.  


Things that are needed to be present at Fiat 500e charging stations,


  • Fiat 500e charging cables
  • Fiat 500e charging points
  • Fiat 500e adapters
  • Fiat 500e portable chargers            


Factors that Fiat 500e charging stations user friendly


To install a Fiat charger at home, you hardly need to go through hardships. As Fiat charging stations use type1 32A charging ports, thus you can charge your car through 

  •  Any domestic household charging outlet
  • Parking charging outlet
  • Specialized gas stations
  • Mobile charging stations.


Benefits of owning type1 Fiat 500e charging stations

  • Convenience 

The first and foremost issue that people feel regarding owning an EV is its charging options. Although the automobile industry is working on installing EV chargers all over the road, it is still important to have a type 1 charging station at your home. 

It is a hassle to take your car to charge stations and wait for hours to get your car charged. Therefore it is always a beneficial and profitable move to charge your car at your home by installing a Fiat 500e charging station at home.

  • Cost efficiency

By regularly charging your car at a public charging station, you spend a sum of money to charge your EV. Therefore whenever you own an EV it is important that you get an electric vehicle charging station installed at your place. By doing so, you can avoid regularly paying to charge your car at a commercial charging station. 

  • Safety 

It is always better that you charge your EV at home to maintain its proper battery health. It is always risky to charge your car at a public charging station. Moreover, there is always a chance of vandalization of your car’s battery or your car. Therefore to maintain the proper safety of your EV it is always better that you hire EV charging station installation services to charge your car at home without harming it.



  • What is the need for Fiat 500e charging stations?

The Fiat 500e is an electric vehicle, that stores the charge in its battery. Therefore when you drive, you use the charge stored in the cell. To refill the battery of your car, you are in need of  220 volt outlet for electric car

  • How much time does it take to completely charge your EV?

The time that will be taken to charge your car, depends on the amount of charge remaining to fulfill the charge. Moreover, it also depends on the capacity of the charging stations. In this case, you can choose Fiat 500e charging stations for efficient charging.

  • Does the charging station disconnect automatically when your EV is charged?

The EV charging station you own understands when your car is fully charged. Therefore it stops charging your car battery to prevent damaging the battery life of your car. 

Installing Fiat 500e charging stations at your house not only eases the process of charging your car, but also a future business. To earn through your charging station make sure you get placed on the maps. If you are interested to gather more info on Fiat charging stations, have a glance at our website.