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4 Ways EV home Charging Station Installation Can Save Your Cost

For the past few years, the cost has been the main concern for most households. With the increasing prices of fundamental commodities, it become impossible for people to save a single penny from their expenditures. And the hike in fuel prices in the global market was the hardest blow people ever faced. But, there is a way you can save the extra expenditure you bare every day. If you are guessing EV and their charger then you are absolutely right! There are many ways EV home charging station installation can boost your economy. How? Follow the blog till the end!


4 Main Ways EV home charging station installation Can Save Your Cost


Zero fuel cost

Fossile fule! It might be some of the greatest discoveries of the human race, but it’s certainly not healthy for long use. Primarily, fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. It takes years to naturally form inside of the earth. And secondly, these natural products are responsible for pollution and contamination that almost destroyed the earth. 


So no wonder why fossil fuels cost dollars in the global market. But getting an EV and EV home charging station installation at that moment will reduce your need for crude oil and save your cost.


Low Electricity Cost

Unlike fule, electricity is a better and more renewable source of energy. And using this natural resource is a way cheaper option than you think. When you get an EV home charging station installation in your home or your business you do not just expel fuel extra cost, but also reduce electricity consumption. 


Interestingly, you don’t need more than 300 volts to charge your EV. Even in the regular watt range, you need to charge your EV is approx 7200 watts. And in this way, you can save extra costs from your daily life.


Government Compensation

Besides saving costs from fuel expenses and electricity consumption, there is another way EV home charging station installation can save you money. Yes! With EV charger installation in your home, apartment or firm comes with government compensation. You might not know that both buying an electric vehicle and installing an electric vehicle charger are compensated by the government. 


Since EV is future prospect of global transportation, global administrative authorities are promoting EV And EV charger use with tax refunds and compensation. Although the amount of compensation varies from country to country most democratic nations accepted the notion of EV.


Lower Price Of Goods

You might complain about the rising price of goods but do you know why commodities mainly get a hike in their value? Costly transportation system! What actually happening in today’s market, a company needs to export its products with added cost due to a rise in fuel prices. And this ultimately increases the price of by-products the moment it enters the market.


However, if manufacturers and organizations in that situation transport by-products with EVs, the transportation cost would fall on a large scale. Therefore, you will get commodities at an average to low price range.


Whether it’s an EV or chargers, both are important investments if you want to live a cost-efficient lifestyle. With EV home charging station installation in your home or your office, you can save some amount of expenditures and use it for your productive reasons. So immediately visit our official website to get installation service for Volvo electric car charger, install Tesla wall charger, Ford connected charge station cost, and Hyundai EV charging stations.





What are the benefits of electric charging stations?

8 overall benefits of EV charger installation in your business are, more attraction of customers, you can put the business on the map, offer more than your competitors, increase customer connections, support green business, and back up your brand values and CSR commitments.


What is the investment in EV charging stations?

If your home already has a 240-volt circuit available, the basic installation will cost you between $250 and $400. However, if you choose to mount a station and run 50-amp dedicated wiring, it will cost you between $400 and $1,700.


Can I install my own EV charger?

If you are asking whether you can install an EV charging point yourself? Then nope! Unless you’re an electrician with experience in installing EV chargers, don’t do it yourself. But in case you are not experienced, always prefer calling an experienced and certified installer.

Facilities that you Get by Having an EV Charging Station at Home

The automobile industry has recently experienced the use of electric vehicles. And since then this EV industry is getting prosperous day by day. Lack of emission, cost-friendliness, easy to recharge are some of the basic reasons that have made people choose EV over fuel cars. Therefore with the increase in demand for electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations has also increased. Thus, in this blog, we will be letting you know the perks of EV Charging Station Installation done at your home.

Reasons for getting EV Charging Station Installation at your home

One of the biggest concerns related to buying an electric vehicle is its charging option. As the EV industry is growing rapidly, more charging stations are getting installed each day. Even though there are lots of charging facilities available, it is important that you get EV Charging Station Installation at your home. Some of the perks that you get by installing an EV charger at your home are:


  1. Cheaper option

Having an EV charger installed at your home will save lots of your money. Even though you might worry about increasing electric bills, still it is beneficial to charge your car at your home.

In other words, it is always cheap to charge your EV at home than pay extra charges at public charging stations. Additionally, you can also get a solar charging facility in the EV charger you have installed. Therefore by EV Charging Station Installation at your home, you can cut the excess cost that you had to pay at public charging stations.


  1. Faster

It takes just 45mins to 7 hours to charge your car completely at a home car charger, which is much quicker than a public car charging station. Therefore if you are looking to get a fully charged EV, you are in need of EV Charging Station Installation at your home.


  1. Ease

It is true that having an electric car charger in your home will make life simpler. Moreover, the greatest advantage that you get by having an EV charger at home is that you need not depend on roadside charging stations.

Thus you can easily avoid inconveniences that you had to face when your EV is on low battery in the middle of a drive.  Adding on to it, you can now skip the waiting time at an electric vehicle charging station for charging your car. All you need to do is just plug in the charging cable in your EV and get your car charged as per your need.


  1. Battery life

The battery of your EV is similar to that of a Smartphone. Improper charging can affect the battery of your EV and cause slow deterioration of the battery’s health.  Therefore it is always betters that you get your car fully charged instead of charging it after a shorter interval of time.

Having an electric car charger at home is ideal in these situations. So, you get the ease of charging your car till its brim, without any disturbance. Hence, you will be able to charge your car at your convenience. That too without hampering the life span of your car battery.


  1. Value of your property

EV is the future of the automobile industry, and thus getting an electric car charger installationservice at your home will increase the property value. As more people are choosing EVs over other cars. Thus in the near future houses with EV chargers installed at their homes will enjoy a higher value of their property.


  1. Compatibility

EV chargers are compatible to charge a wide range of cars from different manufacturers. Therefore there is no need of adjusting the cable and charging points if you need some other car.


How to recognize which EV charger to install at your home?

To buy the best EV charger at your home, look for the following traits in them,


  1. Identify the type of charger you need

While you pick the best EV charger for your home, make sure you check the compatibility of the charger with your vehicle. Generally, most chargers are compatible with a wide range of EVs. Still, there is a need to check whether the charge is fit to charge your car or not.


  1. Investigate the electrical configuration of your house

When you choose EV Charging Station Installation services, make sure that you have checked the electrical configuration of your house. Therefore you need a 220V outlet for electric car charger to charge your car efficiently.

  1. Electrical panels

Before you buy an EV charge for your home, make sure you are ready with electrical panels for your EV.  EV chargers require more electricity with fewer fluctuations. Thus they required upgraded electrical panels to support the charger and also maintain the proper health of your car’s battery.


If you are in need of EV Charging Station Installation at your home, contact us through our website. Also, visit our website to get Tesla charging station installation at your home, that too at the best price.