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How Much It Would Cost To Install Tesla Wall Charger: A Detailed Guidance

One of the incredible and popular electric vehicles that have made the whole world crazy is none other than TESLA cars. It has successfully passed all the tests and impressed car lovers with its performance. But one thing Tesla has not managed yet is the convenient charger. All the Tesla owners use either the Teslas station to charge or they have to wait hours to charge it from a standard outlet at home. But now, with the 220 volt outlet owners can save time and can charge their car at home. This new GEN 3 Wall connector station provides more power. But how much does this connector cost to install Tesla wall charger?


Have a look at the Tesla home charging system


There are two traditional ways to charge the EV, one the 120V adapter that comes with the Tesla. That needs to be charged from home, through a standard household outlet. This method takes the whole night plugged-in process to fully charge the vehicle. Another method is the fast charging supercharger stations that are only available at commercial stations. Using that charging station, the owner can charge his tesla within 20 minutes, a maximum of 30 minutes.

But you can’t get this option at home until you install the latest version of the Gen 3 Wall connector charger. It allows the owner to offer more power to the EV without leaving it for the whole night. But how much does it cost to install Tesla wall charger?


How much does the Tesla charging station installation cost? 

If you are willing to have convenient quick charging at home, you need to install the latest Gen 3 wall charger. The Tesla charging station installation cost will vary depending on your requirements. But at OC EV Installers, you will get it at a reasonable cost. As per Tesla, the new wall connector costs $550 and it charges a Tesla to cover the range of 44 miles per hour.

Check out a few Tesla home charging options


Don’t worry about the cost to install Tesla wall charger. There are a few pocket-friendly options that will help you to install the home charger at a nominal cost. But the best one 120V outlet, which charges $0 for the full setup.

  1. Tesla Level 1 Home Charging 

This is the easiest and most convenient way and a basic level 1 charging option. It just requires plugging through a 120V outlet. Using this you can plug your TV, computer, or lamp. No need to install anything else. That’s why it won’t cost you a single penny. Just plug your home Tesla charger into the wall and keep charging.

  1. Use Dryer Outlet for Tesla

Keep in mind that, there are various types of plugs like NEMA 10-30, NEMA 14-30, NEMA 14-50, etc. For quick charging, you can use 120V, it can be very helpful as well as critical too based on the people’s driving and charging needs.

How much would it cost to install Tesla wall charger at your home? 


Tesla is the most expensive and powerful car in the world. So to match its power, you have to install a high-end and high-power charger. The wall connector won’t be enough to charge your EV, you need to purchase necessary appliances too. Most people do not immediately think of these appliances required to install the wall charger.

The best thing is, to install the 220v outlet, it is the universal method to connect your EV to the charging system. Our professional assistant will help you in installing 220v outlets like NEMA 14-30, 14-50, and 6-50. They will also help you with the Tesla wall charger installation. 


According to our research, a Tesla charger installation will cost approximately $1,700 but if it requires some extra extensive, it can extend to $5,000. Remember one thing, if you hire hourly labor, the cost can vary more than that. Installing the wall connector for the new Tesla can help you to charge your battery four to six times faster than an old standard charger.

Though the fast wall connector charger can fill your battery faster, it could add some extra dollars like $25 to $35 per month to your bill.

Willing to install that at home?

 If you are willing to install that Tesla charger at home, you can contact us or email us. We will guide you to install the station at your home and maintain it. It will be a nominal cost to install Tesla wall charger at your home. And 220 volt outlet for electric car will be just perfect and pocket friendly for you and your family. And in case you have any queries regarding our charging solution, feel free to ask us!