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Guide to Commercial EV Charger Installation, Its Cost, and Many More

Like mushrooms, commercial EV charging stations are popping up everywhere, grocery stores, Target, Gas stations, Costco, Macy’s, AMC theaters, etc.  And the reason behind this craze for charging stations is increasing rapidly in the USA because Electric cars, like Tesla, have hit the road, and public and private charging stations have doubled. So, if you are thinking about the commercial EV charger installation, then it’s a good time to do that. As per a report, it came to the limelight that by 2030, more than 18 million electric vehicles (EVs) will suppress the US road and market.

Commercial EV charger installation will take your business to a high position and will create numerous business opportunities for you. However, installing an on-site EV charger is a bit of a complicated process. But OC EV Installer will help you to install it.

Commercial EV Charging Station Types and Costs

 As you already know that there are three types of EV charging units. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. And it takes different costs to install respective charging outlets. But the best and most profitable charging outlet is the Level 2 charger which provides the right balance between charging speed and cost.

Before the electric car charger installation, you need to know in detail about the types of chargers.

Level 1: It’s a residential charging station, its charger costs about $600 and it uses a 120-volt circuit. Also, using this charging station, an EV owner can fully charge a car at home within 24 to 40 hours.

Level 2: It’s the most common charging type of commercial electric vehicle charging station. Its two portable charging ports run on 240-volt circuits. And it costs around $7200 and it takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to charge fully.

Level 3: This is also known as DC fast charger, powerful industrial stations use this 480-volt direct current to charge a car fully in about an hour. Also, including its equipment and other infrastructure, it makes the direct-current fast charger the most expensive installation, approx. $50,000.

Installation Of Your Electric Car Charging Stations Step by Step 


Are you looking for EV charging station installation? It requires multiple meetings with the right contractors, needs to understand of the utility of the company’s requirements, needs to identifying available tax credits, and incentives to decrease the costs. Hence, you must need work with an experienced partner like OC EV Installer who can help you streamline the installation and save your money.

Step 1: Site Analysis


To install 220 volt outlet for electric car, the company needs to understand your business goals and expectations. The OC EV Installer’s executives will engage with your team to do the site analysis, where they will check the following:

  • The OC EV Installer team will check the location, whether it is ideal to install the station or not
  • They will check whether the location contains proper lighting and security needs.
  • Electrical service is enough there or needs any additional power supply.

Step 2: Infrastructure Planning 


For commercial EV charger installation, infrastructure is important. And the team will analyze the power supply to make a one-line diagram to create an electrical distribution for your site.

Step 3: Utility Assessment


This helps your business a lot to identify and obtain grants that can easily cover up to 90% of construction costs for the installation of EV charging stations.

Step 4: Environment Integration 


For commercial EV charger installation, the commercial environment must be a safe and comfortable place for the owners and drivers to charge their vehicles.

Step 5: Final Preparation and Installation


Once you receive the approval for the project, the company will start installing the station. First of all OC EV Installers’ engineers will complete the infrastructure work like piping, running conduits, and electrical wires.

Finding The Right Partner


Electric car charger installation can be a complicated thing if you try to manage it by yourself. OC EV Installer company provides top-notch concierge-style service. Moreover, with the assistance of OC EV Installer, you will get all the services under one roof. Contact us now for more details, regarding the electric vehicle installation. And our team will be happy to assist you.