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Beginners Guide for Choosing the Best Tesla Charger for Home

Though EVs are the star of the coming generation, this smart transportation gadget is futile without chargers. And this is where many of you can face problems after buying an EV. Since charging is a process of hours, public charging stations are not even the question in this matter. For EVs, you need a home charging solution that is much more convenient and prospective. However, you can still make mistakes while choosing an EV charger for yourself, and that’s why you must read this beginner’s guide before choosing the best Tesla charger for home.


5 Importance Of Best Tesla Charger For Home

Before discussing the traits to choose a Tesla EV charger it is important to know the importance of a Home charging facility.




You might believe an EV charging facility in your home can be expensive, but in reality, it is very less expensive to bear. EV charger installation needs nothing but an expert, and allowance from the government. And this makes it easy and less expensive. Apart from that public EV charging stations comparatively charge more than you bear for home units.




Since pace is what you need every day, the best Tesla charger for home can help you in this matter. Imagine you need to reach your office within an hour and the EV charging station in your block is packed with EVs. However, you can prevent such a situation from happening by charging your car with a home charging unit whenever you can.




If you ask why an EV home charging facility is important, then you must know convenience is another amazing thing that you can get from them. Firstly you no longer need to depend on public EV charger stations. Secondly, you can save countless days and wasted hours in lining up and waiting for the EV to be charged. Not to mention, you can charge whenever you want.


Property Value


Selling a property is not very good unless it is enriched with a lot of modern features. And EV chargers are the undoubted best feature to attract buyers and increase the value of your property. And guess what, since the matter is EV, you would hardly get charged with a tax on property sales. So if you are selling your home try installing EC chargers.




Compatibility is one of the reasons why you need the best Tesla charger for home. Most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. This is not just good for you to charge any cars other than Tesla, but also a great cost-saving for manufacturers. So no wonder why a home charging unit is important to ponder.


4 Guide for Choosing Best Tesla EV Charger For Home

  • Type 2 Charger


Though we mentioned EV chargers are compatible, conventional charges are not. And those conventional chargers are referred to as type 1 chargers. Meanwhile, type 2 is actually modern and compatible with any brand of an electric vehicle. 


The major difference between type 1 and 2 is their socket. When type 1 is monotonous, type 2 is universal.

  • Charger Phase


Another important thing you must look at before choosing an EV charger unit for home is the phase. Phase is one of the most important traits of EV chargers that determines the capacity of the charger. And if you want to get the best charging facility then choosing 3 phases would be the best option for you.

  • AMP Above 30


The amperage of the charger determines whether it’s the best Tesla charger for home or not. Accordingly, always try to choose chargers above 30 AMP. This is not just to get a fast-charging facility but also for the current system your domestic supplier provides. It’s no surprise that with high AMP you can reduce charging time, but at the same time, you can also make your charger compatible with both AC and DC current.

  • Domestic Current Type


As we already said, the current domestic system depends a lot on installing EC chargers. You must remember most EV chargers are designed for DC systems. And installing such a system in AC current would put you at risk of your safety. However choosing a charger that matches the current system can certainly help you out.

So here are 4 beginners’ guides in order to choose the best Tesla charger for home. Besides, we also mentioned their importance to make your thinking easy. To get Tesla wall connector 60 amp installation, 220 volt outlet for electric car installation or Tesla charging station installation contact is through our website.