The Electric Vehicle Wall Charger: Why Do You Need It?

It’s a common question why do you need an electric vehicle wall charger? Why is it gaining popularity globally?


As we enter the new era of electric vehicles, we need to know and keep ourselves updated about that. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity daily; it is a great way to save money and cut out the population. As per the customer’s reports, they decided to test some famous electric wall charges that EV buyers might choose when purchasing their electric car.

We also asked a folk of EV owners about how they like or what they need in a home or electric vehicle wall charger? They all responded with the same thing charging an EV with a charger is pretty faster, safer, and cheaper.


You Can Use This Charger Safely


What do you think? Can you plug and play it? Just like taking a connection cable and plugging it into your car and the other side at the end of the grid, will it be enough? It’s not simple and easy. EV car batteries are directly connected to the grid and will charge the total power from your home electricity. And it requires 10 hours of charging to be fully charged, which leads you to danger as it creates very heat. 


That’s why you should always use 2 modes charging cable, a simple one but safer that can stop the charging in case of emergency. You can connect this directly to the grid.


Electric charging Can Speed it Up.


Using a smart charger to charge your car will be 10 times faster than charging it with a simple cable. Most electric vehicle wall charger and public charging stations provide rates up to 22 kW. Whereas your domestic socket can deliver up to 3.7 kW. How fast your car will be charged depends on the battery capacity and actual charging power. But if you don’t want to use any public charging station, you can install the electric vehicle wall charger at your home. You can contact us for an EV Charging station installation


Manage Your Charging 


If you charge your car with an OC EV Charger, you can manage your charging quickly without any burden. The world is now rushing to TESLA. That’s why we design our charging and installation process according to that so that without any hassle, you can manage your charging.


Save Money


No need to invest or pay for public charging stations. You can design an electric car charger installation at your home with a nominal investment. With a smart move, you can save money, and charge your car when electricity rates are low. Most of the time, electricity is cheaper late at night or early in the morning. So, you can utilize that time to charge your car.

Some of our consumers ask a few questions to us, like, “If I use a Higher Voltage than 220 Volts, will it charge the car faster?” “Do all EVs Need 220-Volt Outlets for Electric cars?”

It’s time to sort out these queries through this article. So, keep in touch and read till the end.


If I use a Higher Voltage than 220 Volts, will it Charge the Car Faster? 


There are a few charging levels like 110-volts is level one, 220-volts is level 2, and Level 3 charging is higher than that. It is the expert to charge the batteries with a total capacity in no time, faster than 220-volts outlets. You have seen most of the level 3 chargers in public charging stations, which can charge your EV 80% faster. But the issue is, this type of high charging outlet is strictly prohibited for home use as they need a massive power supply.

For home use, go with our electric vehicle wall charger with 220-volts, and it’s safer, faster, and a money saver.


Does An EV Need a 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car


No, not at all EV cars need 220 volts to recharge properly. 220 volt supply is the level 2 charge; when you charge your EV with this, it will charge faster than your regular outlet charging. Not only that, 220 0utlest has multiple charging functions, like you can use other appliances in it like ovens and dryers to charge your EV.


A 220-volt outlet for electric cars considerably the new universal charging method. However, like newer TESLA models, some vehicles need an adapter as additional equipment to power up your vehicle.


Final Words

If you still have some doubts about this electric vehicle wall charger and installation procedure, please feel free to contact us. We are the leading EV charging solution providers, and we will help you install your EV charging station at a very low cost. Let’s unite together to build an eco-friendly society with zero pollution.

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