What is The Cost of Installing Tesla Wall Charger in USA

Over the past few years, electric vehicles became a growing aspect of the transportation industry. But, with the growth of electric vehicle use, pressure on EV public stations increased. Though EVs are growing throughout the world, EV chargers are comparatively limited in a few hands. And this created pressure on public charging facilities all over the world. So if you own an EV, it’s kind of compulsory for you to invest in EV chargers and connectors. Don’t know how much to invest? Then follow this blog to know the cost of installing Tesla Wall charger In the USA.


Cost of Installing Tesla Wall Charger In USA


Cost For Home EV Chargers 


The majority of people who own EVs, ask what the cost of a home EV charging unit is. Well, it is neither very high nor too affordable. And there is a reason why the cost of installing a Tesla Wall charger is reasonable. EV charging at home is basically like mobile phone charging. 


You should plug it in when you are not using it. Even most EV drivers prefer charging at home overnight. And that’s why home EV chargers are technically designed to charge consuming 7 to 8 long hours making them less affordable than other kinds of chargers.


Home wall charging units are a form of level 1 chargers, which relatively provide a slow charging facility. Level 1 charger represents 120-volt charging using the ubiquitous household outlet. 


This means you would get cheap 2-pin connectors with this system. With 8 hours of rapid charging, you would get almost 40 miles. The majority of the cost of setting up a Home EV Charging station will come from the hardware itself, which will range from between $1000 up to $2500.


Cost For Public AC EV Chargers

If you are planning to make your business attractive with smart EV charging facilities then AC EV chargers are best for you to invest in. Apart from that, AC Level 2 chargers are found in several public places like workplaces, car parks, shopping centers, and councils, and are more expensive than home chargers. And if you ask about costs, they vary over a large range that depends on the number of stations, the type of installation, and the specific site requirements.


AC EV chargers are level 2 chargers and the cost of installing Tesla Wall charger ranges from $1950-$3000 depending on the modern features and other modifications. This public charging facility generally possesses type 2 socket systems with a tethered cable. Since these EV Charging facilities are planted in public places they are designed to be robust and versatile.


 Level 2 EV chargers mainly support alternative current, and that’s why you can get a 220-240 volt charging facility. Even the amperage of this charger reaches up to 20 amp, which determines the possible mileage of the EV. For instance, a Tesla Model X SUV would get 20 miles for an hour of charge.


Cost For Public DC charger


Unlike AC charging facilities, DC chargers are more potent and technically structured to support direct current. So no wonder they are useless unless you are planning to open a public charging station in your town. 


The DC EV charging is basically level 3 chargers and can give the quickest charge you can ever imagine. It just needs approx 30 minutes to charge your car approx 80%.


This DC charging facility is currently provided with modern types of connectors. And suitable for any kind of Tesla electric vehicle. In this charging system, you would see either CHAdeMO type 1 or 2 and sometimes CCS connectors, which possess 9 sockets to double the charge. 


Now if you ask, the cost of installing Tesla Wall charger ranges from between $40,000-$100,000 per charging station. The DC EV charger for public charging stations basically gives 400-420 volt, which is above 21 amps suitable to provide maximum electricity to the lithium-ion battery. In mileage, this EV charger can provide up to 30 miles per hour of charge.


If you are thinking of installing an EV charger for your home, or for your office, or for your business, but don’t know the cost of installing Tesla Wall charger, here are 3 different kinds of chargers, their features, and the price range. To get installation service for tesla wall connector 60 amp, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and wall charger for electric car visit our website.

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