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6 Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you own a Tesla and now you are thinking of adding a charging facility in your home, one of the sleek choices for you would be a Tesla wall connector. Unlike many conventional charging facilities, the third-generation tesla wall connector comes with overwhelming features you never imagined. Besides, it’s way more compatible and fast in terms of other chargers. So if you are eager to know how it benefits you, here are 6 reasons to consider Tesla Wall connector installation.


6 Main Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you are not sure to add a new Tesla Wall connector, here are a few points that explain why you should.


Fast Charging Facility

Most Tesla electric vehicles are designed to provide up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge. And surprisingly, the third-generation Tesla wall Connector delivers exactly the same amount of power. This means with 5 to 6 hours of charge you can get over 200 miles, without a huge expense. Moreover, you can save a few hours on your hand to utilize your positive energy.


No Need to Change Electrical Setup

Unlike many other EV charging facilities, Tesla Wall connector installation is fast and time-efficient. Well, this is not because of the inbuilt parts and facilities in this charger. 


To install this tesla charging facility you would not need to change the electrical setup in your home. In this device, you’ll get the fastest charging if the circuit breaker you’re using matches the onboard charging capabilities of your Tesla. 


Beautiful And Solid Aesthetics

Have you ever wondered how to make the walls of your garage look attractive and complete? Well, the Tesla wall connector can play an important role in the matter. How? The third-gen wall connector actually aesthetically well-designed and very and very compact in looks. 


Apart from that, there are several outer specifications and designs making it perfect beauty for walls. Installing one of these in your garage can certainly increase its charm and dashing interior look.


Delivers the Amount of Charge You Need

Do you know what’s a more interesting fact about this charger? They deliver the exact amount of charge you need to charge your car. While most of the modern EV chargers deliver up to 80 amps of charge, With Tesla Wall connector installation you can enjoy up to 48  amps. 


However, this matches the AC charging capabilities of the cars themselves, which are limited to 48 amps. Even if someday you get a new Tesla model for yourself, you can easily charge it with this connector.


Wi-Fi Connection

If you ever dreamed of getting a  smart charging facility at the most affordable rate, their arent anything as good as third-generation wall connectors. This newer Tesla Wall Connector comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, where you can control the charger via your smartphone or computer without having to set switches manually. 


Moreover, due to the wifi connectivity, this wall connector also gets firmware updates automatically. According to manufacturers, you can also get solar power charging in the future. 


Affordable Price

You might think Tesla Wall connector installation is a costlier option but in reality, it’s way more affordable than you think. And this is primarily because of the charging speed it provides. Even, this third-gen upgraded wall connector comes at the same price as other versions and types. In fact, the Tesla wall connector is produced more in numbers according to their demand keeping its price moderate in the market.


Here are the 6 reasons why you need to consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation in your home. It not just helps you with modern facilities but is also relatively compatible. So contact us right now through our website to get installation service for 220 volt outlet for electric car, EV charging station installation, and tesla home charging station.




How much does it cost to install a Wall Connector?

To install a wall connector firstly you would need to bear the cost of the charger. Then you need to hire professional electricians, on whom you need to spend extra chargers. In legal documentation and you would also need some dollars. So in total, you need to approx 1000 dollars.


Can I install Tesla Wall Connector myself?

Though you can install Wall Connector all by yourself, still safe to hire professional installers to help you out. Professional installers are experienced and have vast knowledge in EV installation.