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How Your Home EV Charging Station Will Help You Charge Your BMW Electric Car

EV has stepped into the automobile market and has changed the scenario of this industry. So, wasting your time at the fuel stations is no longer the trend. EV has made life a lot easier as now you can charge your car at your home without any inconvenience. As we speak of the automobile industry BMW is one of the mammoths in the modern car models. And in this blog, we will be focusing on BMW Electric Car Charger.


Some of the common questions on BMW Electric Car Charger

  • What is an electric car charger?

As you need to have power in your phone to operate, similarly your EV also requires charging to run.  For charging your car there are generally two types of electric current that are required, i.e., 120volt or 240-volt electricity current. The 120-volt charger is known as a level 1 charger. However, it takes more time to charge your car than that of 240 volts level2 charger. This electricity is transformed into a current flow that is compatible with your car. 

  • Where and how can you charge an electric car? 


This is one of the most common concerns that people have regarding EV. If these two thoughts deflect your thought of owning an electric vehicle, do not worry as we will be solving your issues. You can charge your car by installing a BMW Electric Car Charger at your home and preparing your car for the journey. Or hire our professionals to set up a primary charging station at your home. 


Meanwhile, the EV industry has been working on installing charging stations all over the country. Moreover, there are thousands of electric car charging stations being installed on the highways to support your car in need.  A survey says that there are over 78000 charging already installed on the highways to provide solutions for your concerns. Therefore all you need to do is carry your charging cables while you travel.

  • What are the ingredients required to charge an EV at home?


The basics of charging your electric vehicle at home are simply plugging it into a charger. However, setting up the whole station alone can be risky. So always make sure to hire an electric car charger installation company to install a charging station at your place. Well, you can charge your vehicle with a regular charging grid. A standard charging cable of 2.3kW can not provide sufficient power to charge your car quickly.


For fast charging, you need to install a BMW Electric Car Charger at your home rather than using domestic chargers. Generally, the tools and equipment that you need to charge your charging stations are as follows,


  • Battery pack
  • Inverter
  • Drivetrain
  • Electric motor
  • Regenerative braking

  • What is the working mechanism of electric car chargers?


The charger onboard transforms the 220V AC power into DC power that is suitable for your car. The power BMW Electric Car Charger is 6.4KW and can reach up to 20amperes. The maximum allowed single-phase ac current is 32AAC. Due to the high efficiency of the car battery, it requires only a 6.4KW charge to charge the entire car.  


NOTE: it is always better that you charge your car using a slow AC charger to enjoy a longer span of the battery. 

  • What is the cost of installing an electric car charging station?


As we have mentioned earlier, there are 2 types of charging stations available. Thus all you need to do is just plug in the charger to power up your car. Moreover, by choosing a level 1 charger for charging your car you can cut off your cost. The cost for installing a level 1 charger varies between $180 to $300 depending on the complexity of installing it. 


The scenario changes when you opt to install a 220 volt outlet for electric car, the cost will definitely rise.  On the other hand, the cost of installing Level 2 charging stations starts from $300 and can even cross $100 depending on the finishing of the work. The factors that affect the cost of level2 charger are as follows,


  • Electrician you hire
  • Age of your home
  • Load of the electrical panel
  • Up gradation of the electric system in your home

  • Is it necessary to charge an EV every night?

To be honest, charging your car daily affects the battery condition of your car. Researchers say that it is always better to charge your vehicle between 20% to 80% battery capacities to avoid facing SoC every night. Also, the extremely high or low state of charge can damage the battery life of your car.


These were some of the common questions that people have about BMW Electric Car Charger.  And to own an electric vehicle charging station at your place, visit our website. However, if you are still in doubt about owning an EV due to charging issues, then we must say that EV is the future of the automobile industry. And it will definitely be a smart choice to switch to it.

7 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Your Home or Property

So do you drive an EV and have an EV charging station in your home? No? Then it is very unfortunate. However, you might have heard of electric vehicles anywhere on the internet or on any TV channels and how it is rapidly growing in our society. But do you know why it is growing? If not, then follow this blog to know the 7 benefits of installing EV and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your home.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station


There are 7 main benefits of installing EV and EV charging stations in your home and your property. Let’s learn them in the following: 


  • Clean air commitment

When our globe is facing an immense amount of air pollution you can be a part of making healthy air by considering EV and EV charging stations in your home. With uncounted diesel and petrol operated vehicles all over the world, our nature is facing a huge amount of contamination. Moreover, the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide not only affects nature but also human health rapidly.

In this situation, accepting the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging station would be a smart move for you.


  • Lower cost of driving for your community

There is nothing better than having one of the cheapest and most affordable accommodations in this expensive fuel world. Research has shown that EVs are way cheaper than fuel or gas-operated automobiles. As an instance, a group of scientists in the USA determined that an EV driver saves almost $770 per year compared to any diesel, or operated gas. Not only this, some studies confirmed that EVs are better and more fabulous in performance in comparison to regular cars. When you have the option to reduce your expenses with EV, why shouldn’t you get one? 


  • EVs pave the way to other forms of clean transportation

Another fascinating advantage of considering electric cars and electric vehicle charging station is they bring you smart and modernized living trends with sustainability and affordability. Are you not a bit bored with the same regular car fission in the global market? The same old doors, facilities, and system? If yes then you must change your preference to EVs. These modernized vehicles not just add style and new trends to your car world but also incorporate advanced living. With electric fuel, you are also getting features like automation or auto-pilot mode, Wi-Fi for internet connection, and a lot more.

  • Electric vehicles support environmental justice

As we said, pollution is deeply responsible for several health conditions. Moreover, many kids are becoming victims of the emission of pollution from fuel-oriented cars and vehicles. People living near highways and trucking routes suffer a lot. Every year they are consuming a lot of dust particles which affects their health. Even a conducted research said that kids living just beside 246 feet of a highway had an increased risk of asthma in near future. However, you can change it and incorporate environmental justice just by accepting EV.


  • EV charging increases property value

You can’t deny the fact that EVs and electric vehicle charging station are one of the increasing trends in the car world. So it is very obvious that when you have an EV charging station in your home you will get better deals on sales. Getting the proper price for your property is not at all an easy job. Especially when people expect the best at the lowest price.  But when you install an EV charging station on your property, it attracts a huge number of people with attractive deals. And this helps you when you are financially unstable and need help.


  • EVs help your community achieve climate change goals

While the impacts of the rise in global warming, promoting sea levels rise, droughts, hurricanes, people are hardly playing a role to mitigate the potential damage. However, still, there are some cities, big and small, that are developing sustainability roadmaps. These plans include increased use of renewables, limiting water use, and a wholesale shift to electric vehicles for municipal fleets. And if you want to be part of such a notion you must immediately participate in it by accepting EV and EV chargers in your home.


  • EV communities get great PR

The benefits of EV and electric vehicle charging stations to every community can be quantified. Many leaders support EVs because they believe it’s the right thing to do. However, any business or politician that backs improvements to the local environment will get bonus attention from the media. EV drivers automatically appreciate and feel at home in communities with charging at shopping centers and a lot of nature-loving communities. Isn’t it very great to get praise words by doing good things? 


Haven’t you yet considered EV and EV charging in your home or property? Then immediately get one. By looking into those above-mentioned benefits help yourself and your atmosphere in healthy living. Also read, 220v outlet for an electric car, Tesla charging station installation, EV charging station installation from our official website.