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6 Different Type Of Tesla Model 3 Charging Port

The Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly the best EV created so far. Starting from standard features like collision warning, and front and rear automatic emergency braking, to modern features like the autopilot mode you can get all in this car. Besides no words for its design and appealing looks. However, there is another superb aspect most people ignore about this Tesla supermodel, and that is its charger. And that’s why we would disclose 5 different Tesla Model 3 Charging port in this blog.


6 Different Tesla Model 3 Charging Port

The Tesla Chargers are primarily divided into two parts, AC chargers, and DC chargers. No wonder the current type matters the most in EV charging. This is because not all EVs are modified with AC/DC motor engines. And when your car has an engine that supports a specific current type, you have to ponder a particular charger in your home or public place.


AC Tesla Model 3 Charging Port

  • J1772 Chargers

J-Plug or J1772 charging port is one of the most convenient charging ports that only contains 5 charging pins. These connectors are generally used for slow charging, which means they are only capable of providing approx 120 volts which is approx 15 to 20kW of power. This Tesla Model 3 Charging port is rarely found in EVs because the Model 3 is specifically designed for fast charging. 

  • Mennekes

Another most common type of AC Tesla charger is Mennekes, which is exactly featured like J-plug. But it contains 7 pins instead of 5 pins. They can sometimes facilitate a 180-volt charge with 25 to 30 kW power, which is much higher than the j-Plug. However, with Tesla Model 3 you won’t get such chargers and connectors because the Model 3 only supports fast charging.

  • GB/T Standard

One of the best and fastest AC EV charging facilities is GB/T chargers. Many EV charger manufacturers adopted this china technology as the Alternative Current connectivity. A primary GB/T charger contains 6 pins and carries a load up to 200+ volt and also supports a fast-charging facility. Though Tesla doesn’t provide this charging facility with model 3, it would work fine as AC Tesla Model 3 Charging port considerably.


DC Tesla Model 3 Charging Port

  • CSS Type 1 And 2

In the DC charging facility, CSS Type 1 and 2 chargers are phenomenal charging facilities and the second choice to charge Model 3 after superchargers. With 7 and 9 pins, they support 220-240 volt charging with 50 kW of power. So this clears they are the perfect combo for chargers that is good for home units.

  • CHAdeMo

Conventional yet one of the most innovative charging facilities is CHAdeMo charging ports. These ports and connectors are specifically designed for EVs with DE motor engines and solely support DC current. And Since Tesla Model 3 contains an AC/DC motor it can work perfectly with your car. These ports and connectors are compatible with over 240 volts of current with 50 to 60kW power. This gives you 200-300 miles for 2 hours of charge.

  • Tesla Superchargers

When the topic is on the best Tesla Model 3 Charging port, it’s impossible to exclude Tesla Superchargers from that list. This first choice connector has a port that supports a 400-volt charge with 150kW power. This ultimately gives 200 miles with 15 minutes of charge.


Tesla Model 3 might be a fantastic EV of this generation but is nothing without an appropriate charger. And that’s why today we discuss 6 different types of Tesla Model 3 Charging port above. Chat us through our website to know installation service on Tesla wall connector 60 amp, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and best tesla charger for home.




How many different types of EV chargers are there?

Mainly there are four types of plugs that exist, two for AC and two for DC.  And they are type 1, 2, and CHAdeMo, CCS respectively. Type 1 is common for American vehicles, it’s a single-phase plug and can charge at a speed of up to 7.4 kW.


What are the three types of EV charging?

There are 3 parts of EV charging, Trickle Charge, AC charge, and DC charge. The slowest method of charging in this era is AC charging from home. Meanwhile, DC chargers can fully charge your car within a few minutes.


What is the standard EV charging port?

SAE J1772 connector. In the USA, most vehicle manufacturers use the SAE J1772 connector, also known as the J-plug, for Level 1 (120 volts) and Level 2 (240 volts) charging.

How Tesla Home Charger Installation Can Economically and Environmentally Help You

EV charger installation is a big deal when you seek to have a better and sustainable lifestyle. With changing fuel prices and toxic emissions from vehicles it is quite hard to manage your pocket and health at the same time. However, this won’t be the case if you switch to EV and EV charging personal transportation. While many people struggle to save extra costs, sustainable EV chargers are very cost-reducing. So let’s know how Tesla home charger installation can be economically and environmentally helpful.


6 Ways Tesla Home Charger Installation Can Economically And Environmentally Help You


Lower Maintenance Costs

Saving pennies from expenditure became a dream for many men. It’s barely possible to exclude some amount to enjoy the fullest from anything. However, you won’t spend extra if you consider an EV and an EV charger in your home. By switching to electric vehicles, you can save money on maintenance costs. 


This is because EVs are much simpler than gas or diesel engines and don’t need nearly as many repairs and maintenance sessions. So having a Tesla home charger installation service is the best option.


Reduced Dependence on Oil

Other than a lot of discoveries, fuels probably are the finest in the history of mankind. Without gas and fuel, it is nearly impossible to propagate machines and big gadgets that work prime labor.


 But, unfortunately, these are one of the non-renewable sources of energy that can cause huge trouble to globalization by going extinct. Rather if you switch to an electric fleet now, you will save money in the future by avoiding oil price shocks and their effects on the market.


Better for the Environment

Many people like to be self-centered, which is not the problem but they probably forget that the environment is an essential part of a lifestyle. So it is very important to protect the environment in order to stay healthy and fit. And an EV like Tesla and a Tesla home charger installation is the prospective solution. Electric cars are cleaner, both when they’re being driven and when they’re being manufactured. And this is why many see them as the future of green transportation.


A Sustainable Transport Solution


Apart from being environmentally friendly, electric fleets are also more sustainable than you think. When sustainability is the first thing that you seek, an EV charging solution is the only suitable answer for you. 


Since EVs are more reliant on batteries and electricity rather than gas or diesel, it is a more sustainable option for one to consider. Moreover, cars with batteries are more likely to hold power for a longer period of time. Ultimately, your fleet will be cheaper to maintain and operate long-term.


Reduced Noise Pollution

Cars might be a brilliant inclusion in your lives, at the same time they are the main reason for increasing noise pollution. While air pollution is mainly focused on all cars, it is also proven to hamper our environment with noise. 


The mechanical sound is the obvious cause of novice pollution, but car horns are the main ones to be blamed. On the other hand, it is also necessary to have horns to communicate while driving. In such situations, an EV and an EV charger facility is the perfect option. EVs don’t produce bizarre noise to create noise pollution. 


Tax Credits and Other Incentives


The final reason to get a Tesla home charger installation service is that they attract compensation and tax credit. No wonder EVs are one of the latest and sublime inventions of today’s world. With great innovative features, these things come with sustainability. 


So governing bodies throughout the world decided to add compensations, incentives, and tax credits for EV and EV charger investments. The credit amount totally varies from country to country and EV charger company.   


So here are the 6 ways Tesla Home Charger Installation can economically And environmentally help you, With a lot more benefits these charging facilities make way for a better future. So if you want to get Tesla charging station installation service immediately contact us through our website. Also, don’t forget to get a tesla wall charger installation or a tesla wall connector 60 amp.




What does EV charging mean?

EV charging means an outlet that pulls an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it’s hardwired to and delivers that electricity to the vehicle.

What is the most common type of EV charger?

There are three different types of EV chargers, type 1 and type 2. Between them, type 2 is more popular and efficient for every kind of EVs

How does an EV charger work?

An EC charger starts with Identification, which connects the charging point and the charging event together.

What is a Type 3 EV charger?

Type 3 is the last kind of EV charger that allows you to connect to an untethered public charging point or home wall box.

How Much It Would Cost To Install Tesla Wall Charger: A Detailed Guidance

One of the incredible and popular electric vehicles that have made the whole world crazy is none other than TESLA cars. It has successfully passed all the tests and impressed car lovers with its performance. But one thing Tesla has not managed yet is the convenient charger. All the Tesla owners use either the Teslas station to charge or they have to wait hours to charge it from a standard outlet at home. But now, with the 220 volt outlet owners can save time and can charge their car at home. This new GEN 3 Wall connector station provides more power. But how much does this connector cost to install Tesla wall charger?


Have a look at the Tesla home charging system


There are two traditional ways to charge the EV, one the 120V adapter that comes with the Tesla. That needs to be charged from home, through a standard household outlet. This method takes the whole night plugged-in process to fully charge the vehicle. Another method is the fast charging supercharger stations that are only available at commercial stations. Using that charging station, the owner can charge his tesla within 20 minutes, a maximum of 30 minutes.

But you can’t get this option at home until you install the latest version of the Gen 3 Wall connector charger. It allows the owner to offer more power to the EV without leaving it for the whole night. But how much does it cost to install Tesla wall charger?


How much does the Tesla charging station installation cost? 

If you are willing to have convenient quick charging at home, you need to install the latest Gen 3 wall charger. The Tesla charging station installation cost will vary depending on your requirements. But at OC EV Installers, you will get it at a reasonable cost. As per Tesla, the new wall connector costs $550 and it charges a Tesla to cover the range of 44 miles per hour.

Check out a few Tesla home charging options


Don’t worry about the cost to install Tesla wall charger. There are a few pocket-friendly options that will help you to install the home charger at a nominal cost. But the best one 120V outlet, which charges $0 for the full setup.

  1. Tesla Level 1 Home Charging 

This is the easiest and most convenient way and a basic level 1 charging option. It just requires plugging through a 120V outlet. Using this you can plug your TV, computer, or lamp. No need to install anything else. That’s why it won’t cost you a single penny. Just plug your home Tesla charger into the wall and keep charging.

  1. Use Dryer Outlet for Tesla

Keep in mind that, there are various types of plugs like NEMA 10-30, NEMA 14-30, NEMA 14-50, etc. For quick charging, you can use 120V, it can be very helpful as well as critical too based on the people’s driving and charging needs.

How much would it cost to install Tesla wall charger at your home? 


Tesla is the most expensive and powerful car in the world. So to match its power, you have to install a high-end and high-power charger. The wall connector won’t be enough to charge your EV, you need to purchase necessary appliances too. Most people do not immediately think of these appliances required to install the wall charger.

The best thing is, to install the 220v outlet, it is the universal method to connect your EV to the charging system. Our professional assistant will help you in installing 220v outlets like NEMA 14-30, 14-50, and 6-50. They will also help you with the Tesla wall charger installation. 


According to our research, a Tesla charger installation will cost approximately $1,700 but if it requires some extra extensive, it can extend to $5,000. Remember one thing, if you hire hourly labor, the cost can vary more than that. Installing the wall connector for the new Tesla can help you to charge your battery four to six times faster than an old standard charger.

Though the fast wall connector charger can fill your battery faster, it could add some extra dollars like $25 to $35 per month to your bill.

Willing to install that at home?

 If you are willing to install that Tesla charger at home, you can contact us or email us. We will guide you to install the station at your home and maintain it. It will be a nominal cost to install Tesla wall charger at your home. And 220 volt outlet for electric car will be just perfect and pocket friendly for you and your family. And in case you have any queries regarding our charging solution, feel free to ask us!

8 Traits To Follow While Choosing Tesla Wall Charger Installation Service

Choosing the right EV charging installation service for a wall charger in your home is very demanding. Especially when your transportation is solely dependent on EVs. With the right equipment and utilities, professionals tend to install an EV charging station in your home so you can power up your vehicle whenever you need. But, As there is huge competition in the industry, it is very difficult to choose one on your own. So today in this blog we are talking about 8 traits to follow while choosing the Tesla Wall charger Installation service.

8 Simple Traits To Follow While Choosing Tesla Wall Charger Installation Service


Authentication of a company mainly depends on its license. There is not a single business authority in this world that is not bound by business protocols. And a license defines the registration under the protocol. So always make sure the Tesla Wall charger Installation service you are going to hire is authorized by your local administration and has a license to serve you at your doorstep.


Experience is a prime value of man, a group, an organization, and an authority. The experience of a man certifies their skills and proficiency in their work and activity. And this is another trait you must look for before hiring EV installers for your wall EV charging station. 

Experienced professionals tend to give you quick service with proper instructions you might need to handle EV chargers for your home. Moreover, they know the best type of battery for long-term use.


Study About Their Complete Services

If you seek to have the best Tesla Wall charger Installation service then you must know their service quality. You might be unaware that there are various companies that are hardly know anything about EV charger installation. With different other electrical aid, they just try to include EV charger installation facilities. One of the biggest drawbacks you can face from their service is zero support for AC / DC batteries. However, by studying the service quality of a company you can understand their specialization in the EV aspect.

Study The Maintenance Plan

Whether you are handling an EV or EV charger, each needs proper and timely maintenance. With proper maintenance, you can make sure your EC charger’s a smooth performance. Even, you also verify the EC charging station parts like charger battery plugs and etc are correctly adjusted. 

So, never forget to make sure that your EV charger installer gives you a monthly maintenance facility for the longevity of your charging station. If they tend not to give you a better maintenance plan better hire professionals.

Verify They Serve Your To Your Location

There is no better feeling than getting instant service right at your home. Especially when you are stuck with an issue with your EV charging station. And as the machine is helping us with easy transportation it’s no wonder that EV charger break down can create a whole new problem. 

So, if you oath to never face such a situation better verify the Tesla Wall charger Installation service can serve you at your doorstep. Overall your need to make sure they can serve you at your home.


Apart from location, you need to check the trait for their punctuality. As we mentioned EVs are one of the most important gadgets that help us to transport. And If you have a limited charging option in your home, you need instant EV charger maintenance service whenever an EV charger breaks down. 

So in order to ensure instant service make sure you deal with an EV wall charger installer very who is very punctual. A punctual installer can give you prompt service whereas an unprofessional doesn’t.

Make Energy Efficiency Priority

The main trait you need to look for in a Tesla Wall charger Installation service provider is they can provide you with energy-efficient EV chargers in your home. Without proper and energy-saving installation you may have to pay extra charges on your electric bill. So better check whether your installer service providers are power grid and energy controllers in your charging station to make make it energy efficient. Otherwise, you can end up dragging a lot of money on electrical bills.

Emergency Repairs

Last and the most essential trait you must look out for before considering service from any EV wall charger installer is emergency repair service. There could be serious emergencies, where your system can fail to charge your EVs. 

Even in many circumstances, they can overheat and lead to primary damage. So check out professionals who can give you emergency service in such a situation and prefer to choose them.

So these are the 8 main traits your must follow before hiring any wall EV charger installer from the market. To get professional Tesla charging station installation or any other electric vehicle charging station in your home contact us through our official website. Also, read more about 220-volt outlet for electric car from our blog section.

7 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Your Home or Property

So do you drive an EV and have an EV charging station in your home? No? Then it is very unfortunate. However, you might have heard of electric vehicles anywhere on the internet or on any TV channels and how it is rapidly growing in our society. But do you know why it is growing? If not, then follow this blog to know the 7 benefits of installing EV and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your home.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station


There are 7 main benefits of installing EV and EV charging stations in your home and your property. Let’s learn them in the following: 


  • Clean air commitment

When our globe is facing an immense amount of air pollution you can be a part of making healthy air by considering EV and EV charging stations in your home. With uncounted diesel and petrol operated vehicles all over the world, our nature is facing a huge amount of contamination. Moreover, the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide not only affects nature but also human health rapidly.

In this situation, accepting the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging station would be a smart move for you.


  • Lower cost of driving for your community

There is nothing better than having one of the cheapest and most affordable accommodations in this expensive fuel world. Research has shown that EVs are way cheaper than fuel or gas-operated automobiles. As an instance, a group of scientists in the USA determined that an EV driver saves almost $770 per year compared to any diesel, or operated gas. Not only this, some studies confirmed that EVs are better and more fabulous in performance in comparison to regular cars. When you have the option to reduce your expenses with EV, why shouldn’t you get one? 


  • EVs pave the way to other forms of clean transportation

Another fascinating advantage of considering electric cars and electric vehicle charging station is they bring you smart and modernized living trends with sustainability and affordability. Are you not a bit bored with the same regular car fission in the global market? The same old doors, facilities, and system? If yes then you must change your preference to EVs. These modernized vehicles not just add style and new trends to your car world but also incorporate advanced living. With electric fuel, you are also getting features like automation or auto-pilot mode, Wi-Fi for internet connection, and a lot more.

  • Electric vehicles support environmental justice

As we said, pollution is deeply responsible for several health conditions. Moreover, many kids are becoming victims of the emission of pollution from fuel-oriented cars and vehicles. People living near highways and trucking routes suffer a lot. Every year they are consuming a lot of dust particles which affects their health. Even a conducted research said that kids living just beside 246 feet of a highway had an increased risk of asthma in near future. However, you can change it and incorporate environmental justice just by accepting EV.


  • EV charging increases property value

You can’t deny the fact that EVs and electric vehicle charging station are one of the increasing trends in the car world. So it is very obvious that when you have an EV charging station in your home you will get better deals on sales. Getting the proper price for your property is not at all an easy job. Especially when people expect the best at the lowest price.  But when you install an EV charging station on your property, it attracts a huge number of people with attractive deals. And this helps you when you are financially unstable and need help.


  • EVs help your community achieve climate change goals

While the impacts of the rise in global warming, promoting sea levels rise, droughts, hurricanes, people are hardly playing a role to mitigate the potential damage. However, still, there are some cities, big and small, that are developing sustainability roadmaps. These plans include increased use of renewables, limiting water use, and a wholesale shift to electric vehicles for municipal fleets. And if you want to be part of such a notion you must immediately participate in it by accepting EV and EV chargers in your home.


  • EV communities get great PR

The benefits of EV and electric vehicle charging stations to every community can be quantified. Many leaders support EVs because they believe it’s the right thing to do. However, any business or politician that backs improvements to the local environment will get bonus attention from the media. EV drivers automatically appreciate and feel at home in communities with charging at shopping centers and a lot of nature-loving communities. Isn’t it very great to get praise words by doing good things? 


Haven’t you yet considered EV and EV charging in your home or property? Then immediately get one. By looking into those above-mentioned benefits help yourself and your atmosphere in healthy living. Also read, 220v outlet for an electric car, Tesla charging station installation, EV charging station installation from our official website.

8 Steps to Consider for Tesla Charging Installation at your Home

The automobile world has drastically changed after the inclination of EVs to each corner of society. Though the acceptance of these vehicles is not very bright, many people can see a future in VEs. Even multiple experts believe this EV taking over the world is a matter of time. So to prepare yourself for the EV future, you must consider a Tesla charging station installation at your home. If you want to know the steps and ways of installation then follow the entire blog.


8 Steps to Consider For Tesla Charging Station Installation At your Home

There are 8 main steps to consider before installing a Tesla charging station:


Step 1: Determine Eligibility of Your Home

The first step of Tesla charging station installation consists of verification of eligibility of your home. Installing an EV charger is not at all an easy job. For this, you need to make sure your home is strong enough and doesn’t have fire-related objects near your station. After verifying these common attributes you need to determine whether your home is eligible or not.

Step 2: Verify You Have Sufficient Electrical Service

When you are installing an EV charging machine in your home you need to make sure that you have proper electric connectivity at your home. To carry the load of the charger you need pepper current connectivity at your property. You can take the help of your local technicians and electricians who can assess the connection system of your home.

Step 3: Confirm Your Electrical Panel Has Space
Before considering Tesla charging station installation at your home you must check the space in your electric panel. There are various circumstances due to which you would have very little space in the electrical panel of your home. And the low electrical panel is the opposite criteria of having an EV charging station at your home. And if you have extra space in your electric panel, you are ready to charge your Tesla, at your home. 

Step 4: Purchase a Charger
In the fourth step of EV charging station installation at your home; you need to purchase a charger. After verifying the eligibility of your home, your electric connection in your home, and the electric panel you need to buy a charger from professional EV technicians. If you are planning to apply for a rebate then select a model according to the regulation of your government.

Step 5: Obtain an Electrical Permit

The first and foremost thing is to get an EV charging station at your home is permission from your local government. You must apply for your EV charging station permission to your local administrative body, or their technical department. You can also take the help of a professional electrician who will take possible legal action for you.

Step 6: Charger Installation

The Sixth step of Tesla charging station installation is the installation of the charger in your home or garage. In this whole process of installation, always remember to get a safety officer in your home. He will inspect your electrical work before any wiring is connected to a supply source. Your electrician needs to complete the contractor consultation form after the installation is complete. And then only you can apply for the rebate.

Step 7: Total Inspection

To officially use the charging station you need to legalize it for your local government. So in the seventh step of the EV charging station installation process, you need to give an inspection report of your charging station to your local government. You can take the help of administrative technicians or local electricians who can give a proper report on your charging station.

Step 8: Apply For a Rebate
In the last and eighth steps; you can apply for a rebate if you want. If you’re local government is giving you a rebate on considering installing EV charging instead of using fuel-operated vehicles you must apply for it with all legal verifications.

Benefits of Considering Tesla Charging Station Installation at your Home

  • A step towards a sustainable lifestyle.
  • You can abolish using crude oils and fuels like diesel and petrol
  • Take steps to prevent pollution in the air
  • Getting cheap accommodation service
  • You are getting all-time EV charging service
  • Considering Tesla charging station installation at your home also saves your time.


To be updated with the changing world you need to incorporate change in your life. And considering an EV and EV charging station at you would be the best start for you. When you have an EV car but hardly know how to get a charging station to charge your car you can read those above-noted steps and help yourself. Or you can call us to get a professional car charger installation service or EV charger installation service from our company. Also, read Ways to get a 220-Volt outlet for electric car from our official website.