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All You Need to Know About Mini EV Charger

Though people nowadays are more fond of the EV produced by big car companies, they still have a soft corner for Mini EVs from the old days. With a lot of exciting features, mini electric cars never compromised on your convenience to this date. However, later it was discovered that people were facing a huge problem with charging their vehicles. With no proper knowledge of home charging solutions, people struggled to recharge their EVs. And if you are one of them then you must know all about Mini EV charger from this blog section.


What is A Mini EV Charger?


A Mini Ev charger is another type of electric vehicle charger that is used to charge Mini EVs. The thing that separates a Mini electric vehicle charger from other types of chargers is its features. While many EV chargers are customized with phases and wire systems to make them durable and power-saving, mini EV chargers hardly need superior customization to show their durability. 


3 Different Types of Mini EV Chargers You Must Know

When you seek to buy a Mini EV charger for your home, you must know what type of mini charger you need. So know the 3 different mini chargers in the following:


  • Rapid Charging

Though we are discussing charger types you can have in your home still you must know about Rapid Charging for charging benefits. This is the fastest car charging system found on roads and highways to charge your vehicle. 


The reason these charges are not good for homes is that they can consume a huge amount of electricity than you imagine. Moreover, for this system, you need DC supply to charge rapidly at a rating of up to 50kw. Using this method, the MINI Electric can charge from 0-80% in as little as 36 minutes.


  • Fast Charging

The second on the list we have a fast Mini EV charger charging station. This is one of the most common charging stations we refer you to have in your home. When you struggle every day to charge your Mini EV  you can get a new level of pleasure with this fast charging method. 


Interestingly this charging station is compatible with both AC and DC current. So you can hardly have any inconvenience if you have AC domestic current supply. Even, this charger comes with 40 amp or 7.7 kilowatts which makes them perfect 23-30 mph Mini EV batteries. Overall, it will take approx 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge your car.


  • Slow Charging

Slow charging points, the last type of Mini EV chargers are less common than rapid and fast mini charging devices. While rapid and fast charging systems are inverted towards DC current this charger is the only one to work with an AC supply. 


Slow Mini EV charging system delivers an AC supply with 2.3kw 15 amps. These chargers are only perfect when you barely use your Mini EV and you have a lot of time in your hand. MINI Electric can achieve a full charge in 12 hours. You can also use this method by charging with a standard 3-pin plug at home.


3 Modern Features oF Mini EV Chargers


Government Compensation With Home Units


Government compensation for having a Mini EV unit in your home is more of a benefit than a feature. It’s no wonder that a home charge unit is a brilliant way to charge your MINI Electric car. And to promote conservation global administrative bodies are giving compensation for charger installation. For an instance, the UK government is giving approx more than 300 euros for installation.


Charging Cables

A Mini EV charger comes with two AC charging cables as standards. In other EV charger installations when you have to buy one separate from the market. Mini charger provides you with two cables. The first cable fits a home wall socket and uses the standard AC power supply. Meanwhile, the second charging cable works with a home charger unit or public charging point. Ultimately this allows you to charge the Mini Electric car much quicker at home.


Advanced Connection

You might think 3 phase, level 2, 40 amp is more than enough to have in your EV charger. But we promised to give you extremist convenience. So you would get smart connectivity with Mini EV chargers. With smart connectivity, you can control the system through your phone. Even check the range and top up your charging. Even trace maps to assess traffic information to plan and schedule journeys.

So here are all the facts you should know before buying a Mini EV for your personal transportation. From the types to features everything will help you select a suitable charger for your car. So if you want to get a mini electric car charger in your home contact us through our website. Also, read blogs on EV charging station installation and 220 volt outlet for electric car in our blog section.

8 Power-Saving Tips for Mini EV to Release Pressure from Mini Electric Car Charger

Having an EV might be very beneficial but also very pressurizing on electric consumption especially when you have a lot of EVs and one charging station in your home. Moreover, with long-term conditions your can damage your charger and might have to reinvest. So better consider some basic tips to save your battery life and relieve your EV charger. Here are 8 power-saving tips for mini EVs to release pressure from a mini electric car charger.


8 Power-Saving Tips For Mini EV Chargers To Release Pressure From Mini Electric Car Charger


Watch Your Speed

You can save the power of your vehicle by minimizing your speed. Though It isn’t always possible to drive slow, especially when traffic is going fast on the interstate, choosing to minimize your speed can be very helpful to keep a mini electric car charger at rest. Moreover, you can also choose the proper road where you don’t need to use electricity for extra miles.


Stop Charging to the Maximum

One of the common bad habits almost every person has with chargers is keeping them connected with the gadget though the charge is full. You might think this isn’t very harmful but actually not very healthy for both vehicle chargers and better.


 With lithium batteries, it is best to charge to around 80% rather than getting a full charge. Not charging fully interestingly allows space for regenerative braking that can convert kinetic energy into usable energy.


Plan Charging

One of the best ways to ensure EV battery life along with charger life is plan charging. Suppose you have a plan to ride down sea beach in the upcoming weekend, better refill the power as much as you need. 

Otherwise, you are going to waste your charge, which ultimately can pressurize the EV you have in your home. Overall, you have to be a lot more calculative to be more sustainable and power-saving.


Park in the Shade

Are your really concerned about the longevity of your mini electric car charger along with your EV battery? Then make sure you port the electric vehicle in shade. Many people will park a mile away from a store just to avoid parking in the hot sun. This is not just going to keep the car cooler but will also prevent your battery from overheating.


Take Time to Charge in the Heat


Besides parking in shade, you need to avoid taking your car in hot and humid weather. Instead, you can utilize the time to full-charge your car and release the pressure of charging in a moderate climate. 


You might not be aware of the fact that Lithium batteries don’t like the heat and tend to drain more when it’s hot outside. So, considering that time to rest and charge the EV battery would be ways beneficial.


Search Your Route Ahead of Time

No matter where you’re going, searching ahead of time to see where the available charging stations are located is the best way to minimize pressure on your EV charger. Having a backup plan to charge your EV at a distant place is not only sustainable but also very efficient for your battery life. And it is actually very frustrating to find an EV charging station on an unknown road while having low EV battery life. And this fear could lead you to pressurize on the EV charger you have in your home.


Stop Quick Charging

Stop quick charging immediately if you want to be your mini electric car charger everlasting. Charging your EV battery seems like a great way to get a fast charge so you can get instant mobility of your EV but vigorous use of a quick charge can take a little life away from the battery. Besides, this also pressurizes your EV charging station and makes it weak until it gets service.


Get Your EV Timely Charge

Many people tend to plug in their EV battery at night, so it can charge while they sleep. Though this is an ideal time to charge, certainly turns harmful when the charger is attached for too long. If you don’t already know, lithium batteries are most stable when they are holding at around a 50% charge. So you need to make sure your charge time is not too long and unplug the battery immediately after it gets fully charged. Otherwise, the pressure will get directly diverted toward your mini electric car charger.


So these basic tips to save the power of your EV battery in order to minimize the charging pressure of your EV charger goes through almost every day. So to get an electric car charger installation service or electric vehicle charging station service immediately visit our official website.  Read more on 220-volt outlet for electric car from our official website.