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7 Ways A Best Home Charger For KIA Niro EV Can Help You

Buying an EV comes with a lot of benefits and the benefit doubles when you install an EV charger in your home. Unlike conventional cars, EVs can’t be powered within seconds. You have to plug your car for at least more than an hour to run mile after mile, and this is why installing an EV charger in your home is beneficial for you. So if you are a KIA Niro owner, follow this blog carefully as we are going to discuss 7 ways installing the best home charger for KIA Niro EV in your home can help you out.


7 Amazing Ways A Best Home Charger For KIA Niro EV Can Help You


It Is Cheaper


If you think an EV charging facility in a home can bring you a huge electricity bill then you are very wrong. An EV charging station would actually give you an affordable life feeling with its electricity compatibility. 


You would just need to spend a few dollars on a home charging facility, meanwhile thousands on public EV charging stations. Not to mention, It also provides you with real-time data on used energy for tax benefits claims from your local administration. 


It Is Faster

Have you ever wondered how much time you just waste standing in a public EV charging queue, and then charging your car at utter slow speed? Well, you might be killing some of your crucial time with this practice. And this is why you need to install the best home charger for KIA Niro EV in your home. By installing this facility you won’t need to wait to charge your EV. Ultimately you can save a lot of time for yourself and other activities. 


It Is Way Convenient

Convenience is one of the priceless demands of people. After all, it is a form of peace and mental relaxation anyone can have. And home EV charger units meanwhile incorporate convenience with a lot of features. An EV home unit charger can facilitate fast, instant, compatible charging helping to manage your time and money. Moreover, having a home EV charger gives control of when to charge, avoiding long queues in public charging stations. So an EV charger for home is undoubtedly a convenient option.



Another interesting fact about the best home charger for KIA Niro EV is that they are much more cost-efficient than you think. When you invest in home EV charging stations you can meet your expectations to the fullest. And by far the price for EV chargers is bearable. And on the other hand, electric cars are the future of the transportation industry. So it is crystal clear that it is cost-efficient though it can cost you high. 


Property Value

If you are selling your property very soon you might definitely want to be well-priced. And to make that happen you must upgrade your property with good looks and features to lure wealthy buyers. And installing a home EV charger can improve the quality of your property. Since EV is a future prospect, a buyer would definitely love to invest in a house with a smart EV charging facility.



Compatibility is another reason to buy wall EV chargers for your home. Most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. And this is comparatively helpful because in case you buy another EV from a different manufacturer you don’t need to separately line up twice or thrice to a brand-specific home wall charging station in your garage.


Eco-friendly economy

The last thing that makes the best home charger for KIA Niro EV special is its eco-friendly nature. An EV charger primarily promotes electricity over non-renewable fossil fuel. Secondly, wall chargers consume less electricity which is subsequently efficient for you. The home charging applications interrupt charging during peaks in electricity consumption. In this way, you help to maintain the balance of the grid.

So here are 7 amazing ways the best home charger for KIA Niro EV can help you. Now if you want to install the KIA Niro EV charger or 220-volt outlet for electric car contact us through our website. Also, read topics on electric vehicle wall charger from our blog section.

Everything You Need to Know About KIA Niro EV charger

Do you want to know everything about the KIA Niro EV charger?  Well, stick to the end of this blog; you will get all the updated and necessary information. When charging your electric vehicle, you must choose the most suitable option. You can set it at home, in your workplace, or at any nearby charging station.

But the point is, how fast do you charge your vehicle? Although there are various types of connectors and chargers in the market, they may look confusing a bit at first. But the actual process of plugging is very easy and quick, like charging your mobile.

The Kia Niro vehicle provides easy and smooth infotainment controls and a good economy. Moreover, this vehicle is similar to the SUV that contains all the high-tech features, including all kinds of power train options.

The Kia Niro EV charger is an all-electric crossover utility vehicle with DC fast charging facility. It charges at a high-speed rate of up to 77 kW, which helps the Niro recharge up to 80% within 60 minutes.  Also, the Kia Niro EV charger uses the SAE CCS(Combined Charging Connector) up to level 3 DC fast charge.

Where and How is An Electric Car Charged?

These days Kia Niro EV charger has a demand wherever you go.

  • Charging at Home 

One of the most convenient, cost-effective, and common ways out for all-electric vehicle holders to recharge their EV. You need off-street charging, though on-street residential charging is becoming common. You need a home charging point; install an EV charging station if you don’t have one.

  • Charging at Work

As the government grants some capital allowances, so now millions of EV drivers, including you, conveniently charge their cars outside their offices.  EV charging station installation has already started or is in process.

  • Charging at Public Charging Station 

You can now find an extensive network of public charging stations or KIA Niro EV charger in urban areas.  Some stations provide national coverage, and some can be found in certain regions. Most of them are free to use, but some fast and rapid charging systems require payment. You will get several Kia charging stations on your way.

An Easy Overview or Guide To How To Charge an Electric Vehicle

Don’t assume that all cars have the same types of charging connectors. But if you know your type of connectors, the rest is pretty simple. Right now, consider these two main connectors –

  • That one plugs into your car
  • Another connects to the power source

Which one you will use depends on your type of EV car model, where you are charging, and the charging.

 Depending on the modes, there are three main types of EV charging – Rapid, Fast and Slow.  And four main types of connectors are there – Type 1, Type 2. Type 2 Combo and CHAdeMO. 

KIA Niro EV charger comes under Type 2 and Type 2 Combo and CHAdeMO. Each type of charger has a typical set of connectors designed according to the high power or low power capacity or uses, or AC or DC charging.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A 220 Volt Outlet At House? 

Are you planning to install a 220 volt outlet for an electric car at home? You keep in mind some important factors the cost of installing a 220 volt outlet. The first thing you need to do is search out whether you already have a 220 volt outlet. Check your dryer plug; does it fit perfectly in it? Most 220 volts outlets cost approximately $800 to $1500. But make sure to install it with a professional electrician who has the license to do so.

The next thing you need to look out for if you don’t have a garage is to mark the distance where your car is parked at the time of charging. You need to bring it as close to your home as possible because most of the chargers are not capable enough to cover the high distance. It will be a big factor in the cost to install the outlet.

Another factor that can vary your cost is the electric box. If it is upstairs or far away from that place where you are willing to install your outlet, it may increase the cost given above.

Increasing the cost is not only the factor of these points mentioned above, sometimes it increases due to the labor price, to install it. Parts like wire can hike your budget a bit because to run 220 volts requires thick wire. So, you have to consider these things before installing the outlet.

Electric Vehicles are the upcoming revolution, better to say, the future of our next generation. So, if you are planning to install an outlet at your home or want to make some investment in these charging stations, you can contact us through our website, and we will guide you accordingly.