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7 Steps To Install Electric Car Charger You Must Know

Whether you need an EV charger for your home or for your business, you need to get through several steps. This is because EV charger installation has strict rules and obligations that vary from country to country. And that’s today we decided to unleash 7 consecutive steps you need to follow to install electric car charger. Following these simple steps, you can easily get an EV charger installed in your home or commercial establishment. 


7 Simple Steps You Need To Install Electric Car Charger


Step 1: Determine Home or Public Station Eligibility


Installing a smart EV charger comes with many hurdles and one of them is site eligibility. Doesn’t matter if you are installing it in your home or in a public station you must make sure it is eligible to install an EV charger or not. 


In this matter, you can take the help of the electricity department of your local administrative body. They would assess your business charging station or your home to detect whether it’s safe to install.


Step 2: Confirm Electrical Service


Verifying your site is not enough to get an EV charger installed in homes or commercial setups. You also need to verify the electric system your local domestic electricity provider provides. Remember manufacturers designed EV chargers to work in direct current. 


Meanwhile, if you have an alternating current system in your home, the DC charger would not work properly and can collapse anytime.  So always make sure of the current type in your home to install electric car charger. 


Step 3: Confirm Your Electrical Panel Has Space


Safety is the foremost thing you need to focus on while installing a heavy electrical gadget in your home or public station. And conforming enough space in your electrical panel can certainly keep you forward in getting permission to install and use an EV charger. To check whether there’s enough space on your electrical panel to accommodate a circuit breaker or not. If not, you’ll need to upgrade your panel with an electrician.


Step 4: Purchase Quality EV Charger


After such important ‘verification’ steps you need to choose to install electric car charger for your home or for your public station. Since there are many branded EV charger manufacturers you need to decide what charger to get.


If you plan on applying for a rebate, make sure you’re selecting a model that qualifies all essential traits for your home or business. Also don’t avoid EV chargers that give you smart features along with a fast-charging facility.


Step 5: Obtain Electrical Permit


In the fifth step of EV charger installation, you need to obtain an electrical permit from administrative officials and professional electricians. After gathering the report on the eligibility of your home, the current system, and panel space and choosing the proper charger you need to apply for EV charger installation. You have to submit all reports and documents to the authority helping them to sanction your charging station installation.


Step 6: Charger installation


After getting permission, install electric car charger in your home or business location. But before that, you must get a safety officer who will inspect your electrical work before any wiring is concealed from the supply source. 


Your electrician needs to complete the contractor consultation form after the installation is complete. You’ll need this when you apply for a rebate.


Step 7: Inspection


If you think an EV charger is ready to use just after installation then you are very wrong. In the seventh step, you still need one-step verification to complete to use an EV charger. In this process, a government representative might visit the spot to inspect the system and report to the government. And if they find everything okay, you are free to use the devices to charge your car. 


It’s compulsory to install electric car charger when you own an EV But installing EV chargers needs more than chargers and installers. Here you can see the steps you need to get through to install an EV charger. If you want to get installation service for the home car charging point, 220 volt outlet for electric car, Tesla home charger installation contacts us through our website.