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Untold facts about Hyundai EV Charging Stations

EV or electric vehicle has made a huge impact on the automobile industry. There are thousands of people who have chosen electric vehicles over other cars. As electric cars do not require fuel, thus the sales of electric cars have taken a height due to their cost-cutting facility. The only concern that people have regarding EV is its charging options. If you are one of those who want to know more about wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations, continue reading further,


What are the wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations?


Wallbox is a charging point for electric vehicles. You may have seen them in different charging stations, parking lots, and even at homes. Walbox charges your car faster as it is powered by AC current (alternating current). They are more efficient than regular car chargers. 


The working mechanism of wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations


The wall box charging station is attached to an electrical grid along with a circuit that has the ability to take a greater load than that of normal charging points. The work of the wall box is to receive the electricity from the grid and then convert it to a suitable current as per the battery of your car. 


While you charge your car with a domestic charger the current has to flow through the inbuilt converter of your car. But while you are charging your car through a wall box charging point your car gets directly charged without any mediator. 


Advantages of wall box charging points

There are lots of advantages that you get by installing wall box electric charging stations. Some of them are as follows,

  • Environment friendly

A wall box charging point does not have any emissions thus it can be considered to be an environment-friendly charging option. Not only this wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations also save over consumption of electricity. 

  • Safety 

As we all know domestic chargers are prone to electrical hazards. Thus, overheating of charging points is a common factor.  Electric shocks and voltage fluctuation are also common issues related to domestic charging points. 


Whereas wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations are well equipped with a self-diagnosis system that brings forth high wattage power to charge your car without any risk of damaging any appliances, keeping your house safe from electrical faults. 

  • Less charging time 


It is one of the most vital reasons why people tend to convert their charging point to a wall box charger. Wallbox chargers are swift in charging your EV. Whether your charger is of 3.7kW. 7.4kW or 22kW, it is impossible for a domestic charger to match the charging capacity. The reason behind it is that wall box chargers have higher wattage power than our household chargers. And thus they are able to provide quick charge to your car. 


  1. Ease to use 

 There are no complications or hassle in charging your EV at all.  All you need to do is connect the charging cable to your car. Therefore you can skip the efforts that you needed to unpack and pack your charging cable.  


Tips to get the pick the best wall box charger


The first thing that you need to look for while choosing a wall box charger is the amount of power you need to charge your car. If you feel that you need a high-power charger for your car, prepare yourself to pay higher for the charger. The cost of a wall box charger is completely dependent on the power it produces.  


Generally, wall chargers are of two types type 1 and type 2. Car chargers are of type 2 i.e they are compatible to provide high watt electricity to charge your car. However, you need to check the type of charger your car supports to avoid hampering your car’s battery life. 


Some of the common FAQs related to wall box chargers are as follows,

  • Can I use my car charger to charge other cars?

Wall box chargers are generally type2 chargers. Type 2 charges are generally compatible with most electrical cars. Do not worry even if you are planning to swap your EV to a new one, as the newly launched cars also use type 2 chargers for charging. 

  • What is a smart charger?

Wallbox chargers are connected to the internet and thus you can control the charging through your smartphone. A smart charger is able to program your charging sessions as per your needs. You can choose an overnight charging session or get your car partially charged for further use. 

It is always recommendable to charge your EV through a Wall box Hyundai EV Charging Stations to have a secured charging session. If you are interested in getting an electric car charger installation or an electric vehicle charging station, contact us. To get the best 220v outlet for electric car chargers at an affordable price, visit our website.