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6 Tips To Choose Hyundai Electric Charger For Your Home

When you have an EV in your home it is always better to have an EV charger along. This might sound unnecessary but very soon you are going to discover its necessity. Because of fewer numbers of public EV charging stations, you would struggle to charge your EV on some hurry days. However, making up your mind to have an EV charger is easy, but choosing an authentic one is not so. And to help you out here in this blog we are discussing 6 tips to choose Hyundai electric charger for your home.


6 Effective Tips For Choosing A Home Hyundai Electric Charger



Like other electronic gadgets, an EV charging station is also a big investment you can have in your home. With a lot of essential tools and equipment, the EV charger installation service consumes money. And the expense increases when you seek customization in the installation service. So always assess your budget before choosing a Hyundai electric charger for your home. By figuring out your budget you can understand which type of charger to invest in.


Choose Needed Charger Type

Choose a Hyundai EV charger according to the needs of type 1 and type 2. And you can understand your need by evaluating the EV model you’re charging. Type 1 inlets are usually plugged and sockets whereas type 2 has a universal connector solution, often known as a J1772 connector. 


Though there is not any sharp difference between type 1 and 2, the factor efficiency still separates them. If you use your car very frequently or adore fast charging then type 2 is the exact thing.


Choose Preferable Phase

When choosing a Hyundai electric charger for your home look for the phase you are getting. Generally, there are 2 types of phrases you can get in EV chargers. One is a single-phase charger and the other one is a three-phase charger. Though both are very efficient to give you fruitful service, one of them is more capable of charging loads.  


It’s no wonder that a three-phase EV charger is more capable of carrying an extra load than a single-phase. So always prefer to choose a three-phase charger unless you are not a daily user of your Hyundai EV.


Choose Charger According TO Amperage

If you want to choose the best EV charger for your home, always prefer choosing according to amperage. But first, you have to evaluate how fast the charge you want, even what is the preferable amp for the Hyundai model you have. 


There are 16 Amp and max 32 Amp available in the market you have to choose between them. You can use a 32 Amp EV cable if your EV has a larger 40kW battery pack and an onboard charger of 6.6kW.


Choose According To Current Type In Your Home

After looking for phase, amperage, and type you have to look for the current system to choose Hyundai electric charger for your home. And for this first, you have to make sure the current type your domestic electricity provider is providing you. You have to check whether your electricity provider is providing your alternative current or direct current. 


Since most EV chargers come with a DC system it’s fortunate to have DC in your home. Otherwise, you have to ponder on the system allotted for AC.


Choose By Assessing Tethered or Untethered

There are two kinds of charging cables: tethered and untethered. And this completely depends on the type of socket you have in your Hyundai EV. Though car companies majorly use 2 types of sockets many first-generation EVs still have 1 type of socket. So you have to make sure which type of socket you have in your car.


In case you have the 1st type of socket you can install a tethered charger. Otherwise, untethered cables are both applicable for both types of sockets. So it’s better to have untethered cable.


So these are the 6 tips to choose a perfect and efficient  Hyundai electric charger for your home. By following these tips you can make sure your EV charger is meant for your car. Now if you want to get Hyundai EV charging stations in your home along with a 220-volt outlet for electric car contact us through our official website. Also, read ways of EV charging station installation from our blog section.



Which is the best home charger for EV?

You can find many types of chargers to install for your EV, but the best one is a three-phase 32 Amp charger.

How many amps do you need for a car charger?

Various ranges of Amp are available on the market. And to choose your car you must make sure your car’s amperage level. You can buy 14, 16, 20, 32, and 40 Amp.

How do you pick a level 2 charger?

You can pick up a level 2 charger by assessing some common traits. The traits are, three-phase, 32amp, DC, and untethered cable.