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Why Using Ford F350 Extended Cab and Charger Is Helpful for You And Eco System?

At least once in your life, you might have heard – “change is only constant”! And this is factually very true. You can consider EVs as an example. Who thought, it will almost replace internal combustion engine cars in the future? What’s more interesting, EVs are more technologically advanced than conventional fuel-driven vehicles. And Ford F350 Extended Cab is some of the prospects that took wold transportation to next level. Now if you want to know how EVs can dimensionally help you and the ecosystem, follow this blog.


6 Help Ford F350 Extended Cab And Its Charger Provides 


Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of buying a Ford F350 Extended Cab is that these vehicles are quite easy to maintain. Since there they run with an AC/DC motor engine there are fewer parts that undergo wear and tear. And when your car parts barely get with fewer parts and lesser complexities involved, maintaining electric vehicles turns out to be a lot cheaper than conventional cars that run on fossil fuels.


Low Running Costs

With ever-increasing fuel prices, it might be impossible to save costs by running a car. But you can easily solve this issue by considering Ford F350 electric vehicle and its chargers. While you will be spending a huge amount of money, you can save more than that by using electric vehicles and chargers. Besides, you can earn compensation for getting an EV and its charger from the government. It’s fascinating right?


Better Planning

If anything is more unstable than the global temperatures, that are fuel prices. And uncalled changes of fuel prices fluctuating expenses for those who have a high monthly running. Even it becomes a concern for many people with low income.  However, considering Ford F350 Extended Cab and its changing facility you can safeguard yourself from frequent fluctuation. Ultimately, this will helps you to plan your monthly expenses and save dollars.


No Need to Visit Fuel Pumps

Do you know what is the biggest relief of getting an EV and an EV charger? You no more need to visit a fuel pump ever again. Surprisingly, an EV comes with an EV charging system, just like a phone comes with a regular charger. And heaving them in your home will not just help you to avoid time waste, but can keep you away from the crowd. Eventually, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience you had to face. 


Good for Environment

After the COVID situation, it’s probably clear that we should less mess with our environment. Otherwise, the consequences won’t taste very sweet. Rather, we must concentrate on making the environment better. But, conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines are something that can hurdle you with a lot of challenges. However, you easily break through it by considering Ford F350 Extended Cab and chargers. Since they need electricity to work you don’t see any emissions.


High Performance

A characteristic of electric cars is that they produce the maximum torque right from the word go. This means that the driver benefits from a strong surge of pulling power as soon as he steps on the gas. No wonder people will have more fun as these cars offer their users a very strong acceleration as compared to an ICE-powered vehicle of a similar category.


Here are 6 reasons why using Ford F350 Extended Cab and charger is helpful for you And your ecosystem. Now if you won’t get a charger installation for Ford GT 350 or new ford electric truck and 220 volt outlet for electric car contact us through our official website. 




What is the advantage of charging an EV?

There are many advantages of installing an EV charger in your home or business and they are, prevent time consumption, prevent the cost. Besides With charging time optimization EV charging balances the supply and demand of electricity and lowers the need for electricity generation.


Is EV slow charging better for the battery?

Slow charging is the most preferred and independent source of charging the EV battery. It provides maximum battery life and is safer than fast charging. It is also the cheapest way of charging the EV battery since the EV owner only has to pay for the energy.

6 Ways To Increase Battery Longevity of Ford GT 350

EVs might be a revolution for this damaged ecosystem but they are also another electronic gadget to take care of. As a reminder, an EV battery is another fragile electronic gadget found in cars. The lithium-ion might be comparatively strong, but they need immense care to give service for very long days. Today in this blog, we are going to discuss 7 ways to increase the battery life of the Ford GT 350 or any other electric vehicle. So read the blog till the end.


6 Ways To Increase Battery Life of Ford GT 350 Or Any Other EV


Limit Your Speed

Limiting driving speed is one of the gentlest ways to greet EV batteries. This not just keeps your Lithium-ion alive for years but also saves you from potential accidents. When you drive your Ford GT 350 within a limited speed you reduce pressure on your EV battery along with EV charging units in your home. This apparently helps both your EV battery and EV charger to be durable for years.


Avoid Charging Fullest


One of the common mistakes people make while charging their electric vehicles is charging their EV to its fullest. This unhealthy practice can make your EV batteries vulnerable and no-working for months. 


Not to mention, the lithium-ion batteries used in most electric vehicles perform best under approx 80% charging, else it overheats. So while charging your EV with any EV charging device, avoid charging fullest. Remember, 80% is the last stage where an EV battery performs better. 


Keep Plugged While Resting


While many people charge their car before and after driving, you must be more concerned about the health of your EV battery. Momentarily when your car is at rest, try plugging your EV into the charging point and relieve batteries from excess pressure. 


According to some studies, EV users showed their concern about charge loss the moment they drive their car after charging. So make sure you plug your Ford GT 350  while it is resting.


Avoid Keeping EV Under Heat

If you use an EV for a while then you might know heat isn’t at all friends with electric vehicles and their batteries. LIthium-Ion batteries used in EVs are very vulnerable to excess heat. And while heat is the primary thing EV engines generate with electricity consumption, it’s better to avoid external heat. When EV batteries get overheated they lose charge to drive the engines. And this not just creates pressure on the battery but also on the charging unit.


Minimize Quick Charging


You might love the quick charging feature but this is bad for both EV batteries and the charging system. Charging your car with a quick charging facility very frequently makes lithium-ion batteries weak. 


Even if you practice quick charging almost every day, you can successfully damage the battery and make it useless. However, reducing quick charging won’t just help you to mitigate stress on the lithium-ion battery of your Ford GT 350 but also additional parts with it.


Avoid deep discharging


Avoiding deep discharging is an excellent way to save EV batteries from breakdown. Following this trait, you can make your EV battery long-lasting and durable for years. By discharging your EV just before recharging it you won’t just affect the EV battery performance but also can create a load on your EV charging unit. When your battery dips down near the 30% mark, you need to charge it, so the EV battery doesn’t feel any load.


Owning a Ford GT 350 is more than just a step towards sustainability. It is like a commitment to keep EVs safe and long-lasting for our future generations. And saving EV batteries is an excellent way to protect them. And hopefully, now you know how to do that! To read more blogs on Best Ford Pickup Electric Car, 220-volt outlet for electric car, and Wall Charger For Electric Car visit our website.



How do you maintain EV batteries?

There are four ways

  • Minimize exposure to extremely high temperatures when parked. 
  • Minimize the batteries at 100% state of charge. 
  • Avoid using fast charging. 
  • Control the optimal battery state of charge during long storage.

Should you leave your EV plugged in all the time?

Yes absolutely. But once it is fully charged, there is no need to leave the car plugged. Otherwise, some bad circumstances are waiting.


What maintenance is needed for an EV?

There are many maintenance needs for EVs. And common of them are the battery, motor, and associated electronics require little to no regular maintenance.