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5 Right Places to Install a Fiat Electric Car Charger in Your Home

Having an EV is not entertaining when you don’t have an EV charger in your home. And, in the early era of electric vehicles, it is very hard to find a public EV charging station. So, having a proper charger at home for your EV benefits you with a lot of utilities. But, at first, you must locate the proper position on your property to install an EV charger. While most people install EV chargers in the wrong places, you must locate the right place for EV installation. And this will explain to you the 5 right places to install Fiat electric car charger in your home.


5 Right Places In Your Home to Install A Fiat Electric Car Charger


Lawn Charging Shelf

Having a beautifully decorated lawn on a property can be appealing, but sometimes it can feel very regular and boring. However, with a lawn charging shelf on your lawn you can create a unique look on your lawn and also get better car charging service. 


Though many experts refer to keeping a Fiat electric car charger out from direct heat and pathetic climatic conditions, creating a standing shelf with a cover on top can keep heat and harsh climate away. And ultimately you can get the best space for your EV charging.


Back Door Charger

Almost all homes have a back door that connects another part of a road. And if you use your backdoor to get access to your electric vehicle then installing a Fiat electric car charger at the back door is one of the best ideas to install EV charger.


In some cases, you might lack the proper space in your property to build a garage. And this can force you to park your EV on the road, near a sidewalk. However, having an EV charger near your backdoor that connects can help you to charge your car.


Garage Charger

One of the most common positions to install a car charger in your home is inside of your garage. A garage is an additional place where you don’t just park your car but also hold an arsenal of equipment. And this is the reason that makes the garage a perfect place to install  Fiat electric car charger.


As you already know EV chargers become very vulnerable in contact with harsh weather and climatic condition. Even, sudden rain with a storm can utterly damage your charging system if it is kept outside. So installing an EV charger in the garage is the best place to choose.


Near Parking Space

Installing a  Fiat electric car charger in a parking space is an excellent place to have car EV charger installation. Especially when you live in residential flats with a huge parking space attached. Installing an EV charger in your residential parking space doesn’t just allow you to charge your car but also helps you financially. 


If your flat neighbors own electric cars they can tend to take charging service from you. And this would amazingly help you to make money while having a perfect space to install an EV charger.


Parking Shade EV Charger

Do you know what is the best way to fit your car on your property? By installing a shade in your backyard or anywhere on your property. And if you own an electric vehicle for your transportation, installing an EV charger under the shade is the best place to have an EV charging installation service.


While installing an EV charger you must always remember that EV chargers need to be protected from extreme climatic conditions. Meanwhile, you just also need to ensure that the EV charger is near to your car. So installing under your car shave is an excellent idea to install EV chargers.


If you are willing to know the perfect places in your for your to install an EV charger for your electric Fiat car, here are 5 suitable places where you can keep chargers near your car while keeping them safe. So if you want to get, a Fiat 500e charging stations installation service, along with a 220 volt outlet for electric car charger installation and electric car charger installation contact us through our official website.




Can I set up an EV charging station?

You can set up an EV charging station at your home by authentication of your local administrative body and local electronic assistant. With government permission, professional electricians assemble essential things and make your EV charger. 


Is it profitable to open an EV charging station?

EV fast chargers to be more profitable than petrol pumps claims energy major BP. BP plans to grow its EV charging business in the coming years to 70,000 charging points by 2030 from 11,000 now. 


What are the requirements for an EV charging station?

At least 1 Public Charging Station is to be available within a grid of 3Km x 3Km for personal charging infrastructure.