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6 Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you own a Tesla and now you are thinking of adding a charging facility in your home, one of the sleek choices for you would be a Tesla wall connector. Unlike many conventional charging facilities, the third-generation tesla wall connector comes with overwhelming features you never imagined. Besides, it’s way more compatible and fast in terms of other chargers. So if you are eager to know how it benefits you, here are 6 reasons to consider Tesla Wall connector installation.


6 Main Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you are not sure to add a new Tesla Wall connector, here are a few points that explain why you should.


Fast Charging Facility

Most Tesla electric vehicles are designed to provide up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge. And surprisingly, the third-generation Tesla wall Connector delivers exactly the same amount of power. This means with 5 to 6 hours of charge you can get over 200 miles, without a huge expense. Moreover, you can save a few hours on your hand to utilize your positive energy.


No Need to Change Electrical Setup

Unlike many other EV charging facilities, Tesla Wall connector installation is fast and time-efficient. Well, this is not because of the inbuilt parts and facilities in this charger. 


To install this tesla charging facility you would not need to change the electrical setup in your home. In this device, you’ll get the fastest charging if the circuit breaker you’re using matches the onboard charging capabilities of your Tesla. 


Beautiful And Solid Aesthetics

Have you ever wondered how to make the walls of your garage look attractive and complete? Well, the Tesla wall connector can play an important role in the matter. How? The third-gen wall connector actually aesthetically well-designed and very and very compact in looks. 


Apart from that, there are several outer specifications and designs making it perfect beauty for walls. Installing one of these in your garage can certainly increase its charm and dashing interior look.


Delivers the Amount of Charge You Need

Do you know what’s a more interesting fact about this charger? They deliver the exact amount of charge you need to charge your car. While most of the modern EV chargers deliver up to 80 amps of charge, With Tesla Wall connector installation you can enjoy up to 48  amps. 


However, this matches the AC charging capabilities of the cars themselves, which are limited to 48 amps. Even if someday you get a new Tesla model for yourself, you can easily charge it with this connector.


Wi-Fi Connection

If you ever dreamed of getting a  smart charging facility at the most affordable rate, their arent anything as good as third-generation wall connectors. This newer Tesla Wall Connector comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, where you can control the charger via your smartphone or computer without having to set switches manually. 


Moreover, due to the wifi connectivity, this wall connector also gets firmware updates automatically. According to manufacturers, you can also get solar power charging in the future. 


Affordable Price

You might think Tesla Wall connector installation is a costlier option but in reality, it’s way more affordable than you think. And this is primarily because of the charging speed it provides. Even, this third-gen upgraded wall connector comes at the same price as other versions and types. In fact, the Tesla wall connector is produced more in numbers according to their demand keeping its price moderate in the market.


Here are the 6 reasons why you need to consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation in your home. It not just helps you with modern facilities but is also relatively compatible. So contact us right now through our website to get installation service for 220 volt outlet for electric car, EV charging station installation, and tesla home charging station.




How much does it cost to install a Wall Connector?

To install a wall connector firstly you would need to bear the cost of the charger. Then you need to hire professional electricians, on whom you need to spend extra chargers. In legal documentation and you would also need some dollars. So in total, you need to approx 1000 dollars.


Can I install Tesla Wall Connector myself?

Though you can install Wall Connector all by yourself, still safe to hire professional installers to help you out. Professional installers are experienced and have vast knowledge in EV installation.

How Electric Car Charging Point Fitting Can Be Convenient For You

There is a saying, “convenience is key to a better lifestyle”. And home EV chargers certainly proved it right. While most people suffer charging their car in the public stations every day, you can enjoy the next level of convenience with a home-changing unit. Besides, it is also an excellent way to make money. How? Well, we would discuss that in this blog. So follow the blog till the end to know how electric car charging point fitting can be convenient for you.


6 Ways Electric Car Charging Point Fitting Can Be Convenient For You


Affordable Option


Home EV charger installation is way cheaper than many of you think. After covering the cost of EV charger installation, and electric bill charging costs, you would find those home units are cheaper compared to payments in public charging stations. 


Apart from that, you would get installation compensation and tax reduction from your local administrative authority for electric car charging point fitting makes it a convenient option to ponder on. 


Instant And Fast Charging


Speed is absolutely another name for convenience. With speed, you can reduce time consumption in anything and be more productive in that aspect. And, with home chargers you can charge your car anytime saving several minutes, you could have wasted in any public charging facility. 


Besides, an effectively installed home car charger can charge the battery in full anywhere between 45 minutes to 7 hours. So do you think it’s convenient?


Charge Safer

Electric car charging point fitting is obviously a convenient charging option. How? Well, smart charging is significantly safer because smart devices automatically test the connection between the car and the device before starting the charging event. Safety can be increased with dynamic load management if there are several charging points on the same property. This ultimately keeps you stress-free and helps you to enjoy a convenient lifestyle. 


Improves Battery Life

Reinstalling batteries in EVs is some of the hectic consequences you can face owning an EV. The trouble can get double when lithium-ion is inbuild. But you can choose EV charger installation to reduce stress and increase convenience in your life. Honestly, there is no difference between a phone battery and an EV battery. They both become less effective over time. And with a home charging optimization system, you can stop overcharging and reduce stress on the battery.



Do you know exactly why Electric car charging point fitting can be a convenient option? Because home EV chargers are compatible with different EVs making them sustainable and ultimately convenient. Unlike conventional EV charging units, most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. This is good just in case another EV from a different manufacturer comes. There is no need to separately line up twice or thrice to a brand-specific public charging station.


Property Value

Last and one of the finest reasons that explain why home EV chargers are an entire pack of convenience is property value. Many people do not know, that EV chargers have everything that improves a home value. It’s smart, innovative, it’s compulsory and overall it is convenient. And when EVs are the ultimate future of transportation smart EV charging devices are obviously a brilliant addition to homes. Later, while selling your home, you would get better resell value.


You might prefer charging your EV daily standing in a car charging station but an Electric car charging point fitting in your home can be a really convenient option for you. And these 6 mentioned points clearly highlight that in this blog. Now if you want to get installation service for electric car charger outlet, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and Hyundai charging station through our website.




What are the benefits of electric charging stations?

8 potential benefits of EV charging stations for business are: Attract customers, put your business online, keep you ahead of competitors, increase customer connections, eco-friendly, and increase company value. 


Is it OK to leave the EV plugged in all the time?

To be honest it’s completely safe to leave one’s EV plugged in. This is because Electric vehicles have systems in place to prevent the battery from being overcharged. Therefore, leaving it plugged in is totally cool.

7 Steps To Install Electric Car Charger You Must Know

Whether you need an EV charger for your home or for your business, you need to get through several steps. This is because EV charger installation has strict rules and obligations that vary from country to country. And that’s today we decided to unleash 7 consecutive steps you need to follow to install electric car charger. Following these simple steps, you can easily get an EV charger installed in your home or commercial establishment. 


7 Simple Steps You Need To Install Electric Car Charger


Step 1: Determine Home or Public Station Eligibility


Installing a smart EV charger comes with many hurdles and one of them is site eligibility. Doesn’t matter if you are installing it in your home or in a public station you must make sure it is eligible to install an EV charger or not. 


In this matter, you can take the help of the electricity department of your local administrative body. They would assess your business charging station or your home to detect whether it’s safe to install.


Step 2: Confirm Electrical Service


Verifying your site is not enough to get an EV charger installed in homes or commercial setups. You also need to verify the electric system your local domestic electricity provider provides. Remember manufacturers designed EV chargers to work in direct current. 


Meanwhile, if you have an alternating current system in your home, the DC charger would not work properly and can collapse anytime.  So always make sure of the current type in your home to install electric car charger. 


Step 3: Confirm Your Electrical Panel Has Space


Safety is the foremost thing you need to focus on while installing a heavy electrical gadget in your home or public station. And conforming enough space in your electrical panel can certainly keep you forward in getting permission to install and use an EV charger. To check whether there’s enough space on your electrical panel to accommodate a circuit breaker or not. If not, you’ll need to upgrade your panel with an electrician.


Step 4: Purchase Quality EV Charger


After such important ‘verification’ steps you need to choose to install electric car charger for your home or for your public station. Since there are many branded EV charger manufacturers you need to decide what charger to get.


If you plan on applying for a rebate, make sure you’re selecting a model that qualifies all essential traits for your home or business. Also don’t avoid EV chargers that give you smart features along with a fast-charging facility.


Step 5: Obtain Electrical Permit


In the fifth step of EV charger installation, you need to obtain an electrical permit from administrative officials and professional electricians. After gathering the report on the eligibility of your home, the current system, and panel space and choosing the proper charger you need to apply for EV charger installation. You have to submit all reports and documents to the authority helping them to sanction your charging station installation.


Step 6: Charger installation


After getting permission, install electric car charger in your home or business location. But before that, you must get a safety officer who will inspect your electrical work before any wiring is concealed from the supply source. 


Your electrician needs to complete the contractor consultation form after the installation is complete. You’ll need this when you apply for a rebate.


Step 7: Inspection


If you think an EV charger is ready to use just after installation then you are very wrong. In the seventh step, you still need one-step verification to complete to use an EV charger. In this process, a government representative might visit the spot to inspect the system and report to the government. And if they find everything okay, you are free to use the devices to charge your car. 


It’s compulsory to install electric car charger when you own an EV But installing EV chargers needs more than chargers and installers. Here you can see the steps you need to get through to install an EV charger. If you want to get installation service for the home car charging point, 220 volt outlet for electric car, Tesla home charger installation contacts us through our website.

How to Choose A Professional EV Charging Point Installation Service

If you have decided to install EV chargers in your home or your office, congratulations! You chose to have a better, sustainable, and cost-efficient lifestyle. But before being overwhelmed by this idea first consider tackling its flaws. Installing an EV charge definitely makes EV charging easy, but installing it with the wrong hands can damage your charger and harm the overall electrical system in your house. And that’s why today we are covering ways to hire professional EV charging point installation services in detail.


6 Things To Follow To Choose Professional EV Charging Point Installation Service



Installing EVs in the home or office varies on many factors. And some of them are location, the current system, and current load. So make sure a professional  EV charging point installation service knows such facts before hiring them at your service. 


An experienced professional will know what is important and what needs to be done to install an EV charger without harming the entire electrical system in your home. Besides, experienced professionals tend to give you quick service with proper instructions you might need to handle EV chargers for your home.


Study About Their Complete Services

You might definitely seek the best charger Installation service in your home. But unfortunately, there are many scammers in the industry who awaits to scam people and make money from them. And that’s, why you need to verify their complete services and organization to understand their motive and proficiency in installing chargers in your home or office. 


Professionals with different electrical aid would try to include EV charger installation facilities in the most convenient way. Even won’t let you buy extra unnecessary materials to make a profit.


Verify They Serve Your To Your Location

Imagine you installed EV chargers from installers miles away from your town. And a few days later, the connector showed a problem delaying your EV charge. At that moment, installers would take hours to reach your home and repair the problems to resume the charging facility. 


So better choose an EV charging point installation service within the town or who can give your instant door-step service. By choosing service providers nearby you would hardly face such a situation and save your valuable time. 


Make Energy Efficiency Priority

Nobody likes to pay extra bills especially when it’s too high. And that’s why you must choose EV charger installers who can provide you with energy-efficient EV chargers in your home. The energy-saving installation actually reduces the electricity consumption of EV chargers. This ultimately reduces your electricity bills and makes your lifestyle more convenient. So always prefer choosing EV installers providers who offer energy-saving installation services.


Emergency Repairs

One of the most essential traits you must look for before hiring any EV charging point installation service is an emergency repairing facility. There could be serious emergencies, where your system can fail to charge your EVs.


Even in many circumstances, they can overheat and lead to primary damage. So check out professionals who can give you emergency service in such a situation conveniently.


Having a personal EV charger can be very beneficial for any EV owner. And that’s why one must be very picky when choosing EV charging point installation services. You can follow these mentioned traits to deal with professionals. Now if you want to get installation service for the best wall charger for electric car, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and ford charging station contact us right now.




How do I choose a charging station?

The main features you need to consider are, power- are you charging a device that needs a normal amount of power or a high amount of power. Then speed-how fast and convenient as you want to charge the device to be. Placement-where do you need to put your charging station?


Can I install my own EV charger?

If you asking whether you can EV charge your own then No! Unless you’re an electrician with experience in installing EV chargers. Otherwise, we recommend not to do it yourself. Always hire an experienced and certified installer.


Is It Good to install the Level 2 charger myself?

Yes, it is great to install a Level 2 EV charger. Because level 2 EV chargers are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. If you already have a Level 2 outlet installed you can simply plug it in yourself.

Why A Hyundai Charging Station Is Game-Changing For Entrepreneurs

Business is all about better ideas and their execution at the right time. Accordingly, you must go for every possibility of the business growth you see. And EVs are another opportunity that helps in business growth. The way EVs are trending all over the world, it won’t be a surprise to see fuel cars replaced by electric cars in the future. With a bundle of benefits, EVs can give you the smart driving facility you can ever have. So, being an entrepreneur, if you want to know how a Hyundai charging station benefits a business, follow the blog.


6 Ways A Hyundai Charging Station helps Business

Being a businessman if you really looking to upgrade your business with facilities along with advancement, here are 6 ways EV charging stations benefit your business:


New Trend

With limitations in fuel consumption and bans on many petrol and diesel vans, it’s common for people to upgrade their fleet. And at the same time when the EV market emerged in our society, people became interested in them. Since there aren’t any good and great charging places around the world, it is easy to develop a business with charging stations and attract customers. With EV stations you can accept the newest tread along with customers’ choices.


Attract customers

Sometimes you try 100 ideas to attract customers, but you don’t get single footage of customers outside your store. But if you try to install a Hyundai charging station attached to your store you would apparently attract a huge number of customers to your business. EV drivers may stop for a few hours to top up their cars, and this could potentially be helpful for your other services. So no wonder, EV charger installation improves business. 


Customer Retention

Attracting customers might be an easy thing, but retaining them is not at all hard when you run a business. Sometimes situations become unbearable when you have too many competitors in and around your area. Fortunately, EV charger installation keeps you separated from your competitors. When a business gives added facility, it’s impossible to snatch customers. And exactly this happens when you install stations in your business. Plus employees can get more faithful.


Business Recognition

Being a business entrepreneur you might always dream of becoming the best and finest in your industry. And EV charger installation can apparently help you in such an aspect. EV charging is no doubt a fundamental facility, and installing a Hyundai charging station near your firm will mark both your business and charging station on maps and other internet platforms. And this will ultimately help you to make your business recognized.



Do you know what is the fastest way to grow your business? Facilitating unique services and products. Modern and unique things attract customers at a huge rate until competitors create something bigger and better. And an EV charging station is an absolute rarest yet important service that will boost your business growth. An EV charger near your store will make EV drivers shop while their car is on charge.


Increase customer connections

One of the most important aspects of business is customer connection. And to connect with customers you have to offer better facilities. You must remember that a customer will only purchase when they get the fullest satisfaction from you and your product. However, EV chargers can give the fullest customer satisfaction and will help you to increase customer connection. A Hyundai charging station can allow drivers to connect with your business when they stop by to charge.


Being an entrepreneur you would agree that growth is the primary goal of a business and A Hyundai charging station for the car is a perfect growth aspect you can consider in modern-day business. With the rise in EV usage, your business is surely going to enjoy the above-listed benefits. If you need Hyundai EV charging stations in your business or just a Hyundai Kona electric charger for a home contact us through our website. Read Hyundai electric charger-related blogs from our blog section.



Is it OK to leave the EV plugged in all the time?

It is almost always completely safe to leave one’s EV plugged in. Electric vehicles have systems in place to prevent the battery from being overcharged. Thus, leaving it plugged in is totally okay.

Should I charge my EV to 80% or 90 %?

Yes Absolutely, even you can keep your car set within the ‘Daily’ range bracket, up to approximately 90%. Charging up to 100% is best saved for when you are preparing for a longer trip. 

Can you charge an EV while it is running?

Yes, you can ‘start’ an EV while it’s plugged. But the charging unit has to be portable. As a safety measure, though, the drivetrain is disabled when your EV is plugged in to prevent damage to the vehicle, charger, and so on

Why do EV Chargers stop at 80%?

This is because, after 80%, the charge rate has to slow down to prevent the battery from overheating.

7 Consideration For Porsche Electric Car Charging Stations Design At Your Retail Store

As the days are passing, the EV industry is growing its roots in the corners of the world. And in the meantime including an EV charging facility in your business would be a very promising move to grow your business. Besides, providing a charging facility would help you in recognition which will boost your startup somewhere near success. However, it is not actually easy to install EV charger units near your shop. And that’s why we are discussing 7 considerations for Porsche electric car charging stations Design at your retail store in this blog.


7 Things To Consider For Porsche Electric Car Charging Stations Design At Your Retail Store


Quantified Need For Electrical supply

You can try your best to avoid electricity consumption, but you can ignore this factor when you are installing an EV charging station near your business. To make your charging station efficient, you just need to make sure you have sufficient electricity supply or not. 


By assessing this you can install one or more than one charging units for consumers. Based on your location and the volume of EV charging you expect, your hired charger installer and utility can help you estimate and request the type of electrical service.


Space Available For Infrastructure

Besides assessing your electrical needs, you must also consider evaluating the space for building the infrastructure. As you are installing a whole new set of Porsche electric car charging stations,  you must make sure there is enough space to accommodate electric vehicles while retaining convince for your daily customers. 


To assess space near your retail shop, you must first leave space for car parking, then for pedestrians, and then for EV according to the charging panels. You can take our help in this matter and release pressure from you.


Local Administrative Laws For Accessibility

You might definitely want your Porche charging station to be accessible for all. So consider local laws to read in order to make stations perfectly accessible for diverse EV owners. 


First, you must understand the accessibility requirements for the jurisdiction where you are installing a fast-charging station for EVs. In some cases, you also need to ensure appropriate access space or pathways into a convenience store. You have to remember, that disabilities are nothing like convenience, so you have to create it for the disabled.  


Make It Easy To Find and Use Chargers 

While you are thinking to add Porsche electric car charging stations in your retail facility, consider making them visible to EV owners. Being an entrepreneur you might want the fast sale of your services and products. And to have the fast sale you must make them visible to your consumers. 


In that case, you can initially use lighting and signage, but positioning them precisely would help you more. Even better, you can take your store on apple maps and google maps, to reduce drivers’ work.


Service For Both Commercial And Passenger Vehicles 

Since EV adoption is growing by leaps, it’s no wonder you can face a pile of EV front of your retail shop. And this unsurprisingly can create unequal service for commercial and passenger vehicles on the road. However, if you consider keeping your charging station large, you can mitigate such a problem. 


The larger your EVs charging station would be, the larger amount of service you can provide. Even without excluding any of the commercial and private vehicles in your charging station.


Fast Charging Site Development

If you want to add Porsche electric car charging stations to your business, consider adding fast charging facility for more convenience and compatibility. Since you are dealing with technology, you must remember, that technology upgrades with time and features to give you added convenience. 


You must keep space for modern charging facilities like fast charging techniques in your retail store. This will help you to stay updated along with diverting new customers towards you. Ultimately you would see stability in your business. 


Project Funding And Investment Return

We don’t need to wait to say, EV and EV charging is the future of transportation. As more administrative compensations become available to support EV charging projects, you’ll want to partner with an experienced charger installer. The professionals who will help you identify funding for these opportunities. And also ensure your project meets funding requirements, from where stations are made to how fast they charge. 


Many fast charging funds require that charging sites be located in specific areas, offer a minimum charging speed, and more. Professional installers will help you to navigate these grant requirements while exploring financing options.

If you want to know how to get an EV charging station in your retail shop, here are 7 considerations for Porche electric car charging stations design at your retail store. Now if you want to install Porsche EV charging stations with 220 volt outlet for electric car immediately contact us through our website and get the best Electric car charger installation service.

5 Metrics To Assess The Performance OF Hyundai Kona Electric Charger

Being an electric vehicle owner you would definitely want to see your EV charger serving for a longer period of time. But this is only possible when you can assess the performance of your Hyundai Kona electric charger. Assessing the metrics such as sustainability reporting, revenue, utilization and more helps improve existing charging stations and plan new stations in your business. So today in this blog we will highlight the different types of metrics, what they measure, and why they’re important to look at.


What are Hyundai Kona Electric Charger Station metrics?

Before getting into details, first, you should know what a Hyundai Kona Electric Charger metrics station is. Charging station metrics or EV connect is a way through which you can get information regarding your EV charger from the performance dashboard. Generally, metrics inform the status, efficiency, and reach of any EC charging station. The charging network operation software also makes sure that your charging system is healthy and very active.


5 metrics To Assess Hyundai Kona Electric Charger



The best way to evaluate the performance of an EV charging station is station utilization. This metric is very useful when you have either one charger or more than one charger. 


Basically, utilization means how frequently your company’s EV charger is used. This data is crucial to help station managers and owners decide whether to expand. The fast-charging system in your business uses 20% utilization as a threshold.


 And if the charging station is utilized at a rate greater than 20%, then you definitely need to add an extra electric vehicle charging station in your business. Ideally, to avoid long lines and maintain steady use, your Hyundai Kona Electric Charger is achieving targeted utilization.


Charge Sessions

The second metric you need to consider after the utilization is charge sessions. Charge sessions are basically the sum of how frequently a station is utilized. You can study the daily number of charge sessions as well as a breakdown of each charge session duration. These figures highlight the days with the most charging that could help you to schedule maintenance services. This would ultimately make your EV durable for a longer time period.



Being Hyundai Kona Electric Charger owners you have to consider what EV infrastructure is all for. And prioritizing the sustainability of the charging station is one of the foremost essential parts of analyzing your charging station’s optimal performance. There you would find positive impacts that are a direct result of your charging station network. From industry metrics like Greenhouse Gas Prevented to naturalistic like the station benefit to trees. Undoutablly, sustainability data would allow you to visualize the change people need to see. 


Station Health

Station health is another most important metric for analyzing the performance of your electric vehicle system in your business. From the quick connection status to the panel to the Station Health, the software of EV Connect provides cumulative and predictive information about the status of your station or network. With auto-flagged issues and customizable notification intervals, the software ensures optimum station uptime.



Lastly, revenue is another important metric that will help you to study the performance of your Hyundai Kona Electric Charger in the business. It’s no wonder being a station owner you like to want to generate revenue.


 And this simple, valuable set of metrics helps you continue to push your charging network toward success. Beyond the daily station revenue, you can view the accumulative revenue over a month. 


Also, it is easy to view the station’s gross revenue along with revenue per charge session and revenue per customer.


So here are the 5 metrics ways to assess Electric vehicle charger station performance. By following these traits you can make sure when to get an EV charger maintenance service. Now if you want to get installation service for Hyundai EV charging stations or a Hyundai electric charger of 220-volt outlet for electric car contact us through our official website.




What does EV charging mean?

An EV charger is a device that pulls an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it’s hardwired and delivers that electricity to the vehicle, just like any other appliance or device you charge by plugging into the wall.

How to get An EV Charger in the USA?

All you have to do is install a charging station, purchase necessary electronic items, then plant the system anywhere in your firm or home and continue EV charging. 

What are the three types of EV chargers?

There are three types of EV chargers Level 1, level 2, and level 3.

What is EV fast charging?

EV fast and ultra-fast charging stations charge an electric vehicle’s battery directly, reducing charging time, and accelerating the energy transition.

6 Benefits Of Having BMW i3 220 Volt Charger

Owning an EV creates the need for An EV charger, but while choosing one you must be keen to choose precisely. While most people invest in 120-volt level 1 EV chargers you must show your smartness by purchasing a 220 volt EV charger. Though many people believe a 220-volt charger is not very necessary, you must first know the facts about it. There are various good factors about the BMW i3 220 volt charger you must know. So follow the blog to know it all.


6 Benefits Of Having BMW i3 220 Volt Charger


Charger Faster

Among some of the common misconceptions about the 220-volt chargers is that they don’t give fast charging service. Meanwhile, the BMW i3 220 volt charger actually gives you a fast charging experience. A 220-volt charger is a second-level charger that gives your fast charging experience. The smart charging system in 220-volt chargers generally enables the safe usage of maximal charging power. And this makes charging much faster compared to using traditional power sockets.


Charge Safer

Significantly, smart charging is way safer than first-level charging. 220 volt chargers are more features and more compatible with the current system in your home. This means it doesn’t matter which type of current your domestic electricity supplier provides, this charging system would be consistent for both. 220 volt ensures safety with dynamic load management. So if there are several charging points in your home the current pressure won’t be very high.


Low Electricity Consumption

Being a smart man you would not like to have high electric bills in your later box. So better consider installing a BMW i3 220 volt charger rather than a regular 120 volt charger. If you are unaware that 220 volt chargers are more energy-saving than other kinds of chargers. There are volt chargers less than 220 volts available in the market, you can also find chargers with more than 220-volt chargers but the second-volt charger is honestly much better. Interestingly, with low electricity consumption, they also reduce stress on EV lithium-ion batteries.


Minimize Charging Time

When a quarter half of your day is consumed on EV charging with 120 volts first-level electric vehicle chargers, you can hardly kill an hour with these chargers in your home. Due to the fast charging facility, these chargers are an excellent time-saver you need in your busy life. With smart charging from the 220 volt EV chargers, the minimum charging time can be optimized. And this ultimately helps you to manage your charging time accordingly. 


Increased Battery Durability

Many people don’t know that by charging their electric vehicle with a BMW i3 220 volt charger they can increase the durability of their EV battery. While you tend to ignore 220 volt EV chargers and like to use 120 volt or first-level EV chargers, second-level charges are more efficient. Often, 220 volt creates more so they are likely to have 3 phases in them. Thus, this signifies that power produced by 220 volt chargers makes batteries durable.



Lastly, you can get convenience for free with the help of a BMW i3 220 volt charger in your home. It’s no surprise they are going to be on the convenient side when the charger is giving facilities like fast charging, safe charging, low electricity consumption, low time consumption, and increased battery durability. Moreover, general aspects like home charging and charging flexibility are already helping you along. So, we can say that with a 220 volt EV charger you can get all types of convenience.


So these are the 6 important benefits you can get with an i3 220 volt charger in your home. With a lot more functionality you can get all 220 volt chargers. Now if you are willing to install a 220 volt BMW electric car charger contact us and get one of the best and finest electric car charger installation services. Also, read more blogs on 220-volt outlet for electric car from our blog section.




What are the benefits of electric charging stations?

There are 8 potential benefits of EV charging stations for business, and they are:

  • Attract customers.
  • Put your business on the map. 
  • Offer something to your competitors. 
  • Increase customer connections.
  • Support a green business 
  • Back up your brand values


Is it cheaper to charge at home or at a charging station?

Charging an EV at home is usually the cheapest way to go, though you may incur some added costs to make the process more effective. However, it still depends on the type of public charging station you use.

What percentage of EV charging happens at home?

According to a census report in 2018, approx 50–80% of all charging events occur at home. Now in 2022 it could be more.

Can you charge your EV at home?

Yes, with EV charger installation services you can charge your EV at home. There are various types of charger installation services. And famous two are EV wall chargers and EV stations.

Guide to Commercial EV Charger Installation, Its Cost, and Many More

Like mushrooms, commercial EV charging stations are popping up everywhere, grocery stores, Target, Gas stations, Costco, Macy’s, AMC theaters, etc.  And the reason behind this craze for charging stations is increasing rapidly in the USA because Electric cars, like Tesla, have hit the road, and public and private charging stations have doubled. So, if you are thinking about the commercial EV charger installation, then it’s a good time to do that. As per a report, it came to the limelight that by 2030, more than 18 million electric vehicles (EVs) will suppress the US road and market.

Commercial EV charger installation will take your business to a high position and will create numerous business opportunities for you. However, installing an on-site EV charger is a bit of a complicated process. But OC EV Installer will help you to install it.

Commercial EV Charging Station Types and Costs

 As you already know that there are three types of EV charging units. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. And it takes different costs to install respective charging outlets. But the best and most profitable charging outlet is the Level 2 charger which provides the right balance between charging speed and cost.

Before the electric car charger installation, you need to know in detail about the types of chargers.

Level 1: It’s a residential charging station, its charger costs about $600 and it uses a 120-volt circuit. Also, using this charging station, an EV owner can fully charge a car at home within 24 to 40 hours.

Level 2: It’s the most common charging type of commercial electric vehicle charging station. Its two portable charging ports run on 240-volt circuits. And it costs around $7200 and it takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to charge fully.

Level 3: This is also known as DC fast charger, powerful industrial stations use this 480-volt direct current to charge a car fully in about an hour. Also, including its equipment and other infrastructure, it makes the direct-current fast charger the most expensive installation, approx. $50,000.

Installation Of Your Electric Car Charging Stations Step by Step 


Are you looking for EV charging station installation? It requires multiple meetings with the right contractors, needs to understand of the utility of the company’s requirements, needs to identifying available tax credits, and incentives to decrease the costs. Hence, you must need work with an experienced partner like OC EV Installer who can help you streamline the installation and save your money.

Step 1: Site Analysis


To install 220 volt outlet for electric car, the company needs to understand your business goals and expectations. The OC EV Installer’s executives will engage with your team to do the site analysis, where they will check the following:

  • The OC EV Installer team will check the location, whether it is ideal to install the station or not
  • They will check whether the location contains proper lighting and security needs.
  • Electrical service is enough there or needs any additional power supply.

Step 2: Infrastructure Planning 


For commercial EV charger installation, infrastructure is important. And the team will analyze the power supply to make a one-line diagram to create an electrical distribution for your site.

Step 3: Utility Assessment


This helps your business a lot to identify and obtain grants that can easily cover up to 90% of construction costs for the installation of EV charging stations.

Step 4: Environment Integration 


For commercial EV charger installation, the commercial environment must be a safe and comfortable place for the owners and drivers to charge their vehicles.

Step 5: Final Preparation and Installation


Once you receive the approval for the project, the company will start installing the station. First of all OC EV Installers’ engineers will complete the infrastructure work like piping, running conduits, and electrical wires.

Finding The Right Partner


Electric car charger installation can be a complicated thing if you try to manage it by yourself. OC EV Installer company provides top-notch concierge-style service. Moreover, with the assistance of OC EV Installer, you will get all the services under one roof. Contact us now for more details, regarding the electric vehicle installation. And our team will be happy to assist you.