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Facilities that you Get by Having an EV Charging Station at Home

The automobile industry has recently experienced the use of electric vehicles. And since then this EV industry is getting prosperous day by day. Lack of emission, cost-friendliness, easy to recharge are some of the basic reasons that have made people choose EV over fuel cars. Therefore with the increase in demand for electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations has also increased. Thus, in this blog, we will be letting you know the perks of EV Charging Station Installation done at your home.

Reasons for getting EV Charging Station Installation at your home

One of the biggest concerns related to buying an electric vehicle is its charging option. As the EV industry is growing rapidly, more charging stations are getting installed each day. Even though there are lots of charging facilities available, it is important that you get EV Charging Station Installation at your home. Some of the perks that you get by installing an EV charger at your home are:


  1. Cheaper option

Having an EV charger installed at your home will save lots of your money. Even though you might worry about increasing electric bills, still it is beneficial to charge your car at your home.

In other words, it is always cheap to charge your EV at home than pay extra charges at public charging stations. Additionally, you can also get a solar charging facility in the EV charger you have installed. Therefore by EV Charging Station Installation at your home, you can cut the excess cost that you had to pay at public charging stations.


  1. Faster

It takes just 45mins to 7 hours to charge your car completely at a home car charger, which is much quicker than a public car charging station. Therefore if you are looking to get a fully charged EV, you are in need of EV Charging Station Installation at your home.


  1. Ease

It is true that having an electric car charger in your home will make life simpler. Moreover, the greatest advantage that you get by having an EV charger at home is that you need not depend on roadside charging stations.

Thus you can easily avoid inconveniences that you had to face when your EV is on low battery in the middle of a drive.  Adding on to it, you can now skip the waiting time at an electric vehicle charging station for charging your car. All you need to do is just plug in the charging cable in your EV and get your car charged as per your need.


  1. Battery life

The battery of your EV is similar to that of a Smartphone. Improper charging can affect the battery of your EV and cause slow deterioration of the battery’s health.  Therefore it is always betters that you get your car fully charged instead of charging it after a shorter interval of time.

Having an electric car charger at home is ideal in these situations. So, you get the ease of charging your car till its brim, without any disturbance. Hence, you will be able to charge your car at your convenience. That too without hampering the life span of your car battery.


  1. Value of your property

EV is the future of the automobile industry, and thus getting an electric car charger installationservice at your home will increase the property value. As more people are choosing EVs over other cars. Thus in the near future houses with EV chargers installed at their homes will enjoy a higher value of their property.


  1. Compatibility

EV chargers are compatible to charge a wide range of cars from different manufacturers. Therefore there is no need of adjusting the cable and charging points if you need some other car.


How to recognize which EV charger to install at your home?

To buy the best EV charger at your home, look for the following traits in them,


  1. Identify the type of charger you need

While you pick the best EV charger for your home, make sure you check the compatibility of the charger with your vehicle. Generally, most chargers are compatible with a wide range of EVs. Still, there is a need to check whether the charge is fit to charge your car or not.


  1. Investigate the electrical configuration of your house

When you choose EV Charging Station Installation services, make sure that you have checked the electrical configuration of your house. Therefore you need a 220V outlet for electric car charger to charge your car efficiently.

  1. Electrical panels

Before you buy an EV charge for your home, make sure you are ready with electrical panels for your EV.  EV chargers require more electricity with fewer fluctuations. Thus they required upgraded electrical panels to support the charger and also maintain the proper health of your car’s battery.


If you are in need of EV Charging Station Installation at your home, contact us through our website. Also, visit our website to get Tesla charging station installation at your home, that too at the best price.

Complete Guide to Install Audi Electric Car Charging Station on Your Home or Property

Gone are the days when you had to wait in the queue long and long at the fuel station until your turn came! Now you can easily charge your electric Audi at home with your own Audi Electric Charging Stations! But before you proceed to set up an EV charging station at your property, you must know the basics of the installation procedure. And here we are with a comprehensive guide.

Different types of Audi Electric Charging Stations and their installation procedures

Chiefly there are three types of electric vehicle chargers with which you can charge your electric Audi at your place conveniently. Moreover, these chargers are very energy efficient, thus there is no chance of ending up getting huge electricity bills. However coming to the core part, those three type includes: 

Level 1 EV charger and it’s an installation

Basically, level 1 electric vehicle chargers appear as an additional accessory with your electric car. And installing this charger does require professional assistance. However, the procedure is pretty simple. All you need is to set up a 120-volt wall outlet. Once the installation is accomplished you just need to plug in your level 1 EV charger into it, put the charging point in your vehicle, and there you go!!

The best part about this particular electric vehicle charging station is you do not even need to spend a hefty amount to set it up.

Level 2 electric vehicle charger and its installation

Yet another great option to set up your Audi Electric Charging Stations is installing a 240 or 220-volt outlet for the electric car. In fact, through this, your electric vehicle can charge itself faster and better. However, the whole setup requires special efforts, and should only be practiced under expert guidance.

The necessary steps:

Step 1: the outlet installation

While installing level 2 Audi Electric Charging Stations you need to run 240 volts of electricity to the charging location from the breaker panel. And, for that, the electrician handling the installation program might need to attach a double pole circuit breaker to two 120 volt outlets at once to twice the amount of the circuit voltage with the help of a 4-strand or heavy cable.

Step 2: The wiring

If you think about it from the wiring perspective, you would need to connect the earth-in wire to the ground bus bar, a regular wire to the wire busbar, and lastly two how wires to the pole breaker. Also, you might need to replace the breaker box completely for having a well-matched interface. And during the process make sure to shut down all the power supplies into the breaker box. 

Step 3: safety measures to check

Now that everything is on the perfect track and your circuit breaker is connected to your home wiring accurately, you are all set to run your 4 strand or heavy cable to the charging location. Nevertheless, make sure that the newly installed cable is properly insulated and protected with armor to avoid any unforeseen accident.

Step 4: The mounting 

The last phrase involves mounting your charging unit to your charging station, connecting it to a 240-volt cable.

Note: Administering the above-discussed steps of electric car charger installation at home without professional guidance is definitely not a smart move. To ensure safety and security you should always hire a professional electrician or simply call us for help.

Level 3 electric vehicle charger and its installation

The last and final EV charger in today’s list is a level 3 electric charger. Primarily, this charger is widely used in commercial and industrial establishments. It is pretty expensive and needs powerful electrical tools and equipment for optimal operation. This is why this type of DC fast charger is not compatible with homes.


Level 3 EV chargers are capable of charging a vehicle about 80% in just thirty minutes. These superchargers are the best fit for roadside stations. 

Things to consider before setting up a level 3 EV charger

Site assessment

Before installing a level 3 EV charger the professionals usually run a site analysis to ensure the infrastructure is adequate for the installation program. This includes assessing the site location, checking out the lighting as well as security measures, and considering the utility needs.

Planning the infrastructure

In the second step, the professionals draft a diagram, representing the electrical distribution of that particular site. Later on, they initiate the project by pouring concrete, boring holes, trenching, and landscaping.

Final installation

Once they complete all the assessment checks, the professionals proceed with the project along with the site engineers and contractors. This involves installing electrical wires, piping, and running conduits.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the to and for of Audi Electric Charging Stations and their installation program. In case you need any help in electric car charger installation, feel free to contact us.

How to Charge Your Electric Car at Home with a 220-volt Outlet Plug and What’s Worth It

How to Charge Your Electric Car at Home with a 220-volt Outlet Plug and What’s Worth it

EV is one of the most trending topics. EV (electrical vehicle) is new to the market and also has gained huge popularity in the automobile industry. Electrical cars are unconventional when it comes to refueling. You need not rush to the gas stations to get it refueled and instead you can charge it at your place. If you are planning to buy an EV it is important that you know every detail about its charging options. In this blog, we will be discussing 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car charging. 

Is 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Cars Safe to Use?

As we have said, electric vehicles are a huge taste changer in the automobile industry. With passing days the sales of electric vehicles have also increased and thus to clear confusions people have raised a question on 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging. 

To know whether it is safe to charge your electric vehicle or not you need to know the types of chargers for an electrical vehicle,

  1. Level 1 charging 

The 120-volt connection that is plugged into a household outlet i.e the outlet that you use for television, fridge, toaster, vacuum cleaner, etc.  The only disadvantage of using a level 1 charger for charging your electric car is that it takes a lot of time to recharge. 

The maximum power that this circuit can produce is 1.3 kilowatts and this is the reason that it takes much time to charge your car. If you are in a hurry and want to get more electricity from a level 1 charger, it may result in circuit breaking due to safety issues. 

  1. Level 2 charger

Level 2 220 volt chargers are what you need in this .com age.  You need to install the proper outlet for having a 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging. These chargers are capable of charging your car over a shorter span of time than that level1 chargers. This charger can add up to 60miles per hour of charging time depending on your vehicle. 

Tips to follow while buying 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging

  • Hardwired v plug-in

Hardwire means that the charger is permanently attached to the electric supply. It can be only removed by removing the wire from the charger. Thus you can not carry it while you are traveling.  In this case, plug-in level 2 chargers have their benefits. As plug-in chargers are not fixed, they are easy to carry while you are on your journey.

  • Compatibility of the charger

The charger you buy for your electrical vehicle should be compatible with your vehicle for better charging. Most car brands like Toyota, Tesla, Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, etc., sell their own chargers. If your car does not belong to such an automobile brand, do not worry there are companies that sell 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging your car. 

  • Amperage options

There are varieties of level 2 220volt chargers depending on the amperages. Generally, the range of these chargers varies between 16amps to 40amps. Although 30 and 16amps are usually used, you will also get 32 and 40amps. You may feel that if your car is compatible with 16amp chargers, then what is the need to use a 30amp 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging, right? The reason is that the power or charging capability differs. It is

due to their amperage and it also directly affects the charging time of your car. 

  • Chord length 

While you buy a level 2, 220-volt charger, make sure that the charger you buy has an adequate length of the cord. Although the length of the cord varies from company to company, mostly the length of the cord is 25feet. You can also find companies that sell30-50 feet chords. It is important to know the length of the cord before you buy a charger.

  • Plug options

There is a wide range of plugs available for level 2 220 volt chargers. Some of the common types of chargers are 10-50P, 10-30P, 14-15P, 14-30, European, L14-30P, etc. Before you invest in a charger it is very important that you know which type of plug you need. 


The cost of chargers for an electric vehicle is never cheap. There are multiple options that you get for electronic chargers. Thus you should buy the best charger that matches your budget. 

Hope now you have a clear knowledge of 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car for charging.  Are you owning an EV? And need services like tesla charging station installation or electric vehicle charger installation, feel free to hire our professionals. The electric car charger installation that we provide will ease the process of charging your electric vehicle.

7 Reasons why you need to Consider Electric Car Charger Installation

Are you using an EV for self-accommodation? Well, then you might be facing problems in charging your EV now and then. So what if we say, you don’t need to face such inconvenience anymore? Yes, when you can install an electric car charger at your home you are hardly going to face problems in charging your electric vehicle. To enlighten you about the Electric Car charger installation service, make sure you read this entire blog till the end.


What is an EV Charger and When Do You Need Electric Car Charger Installation Service?


To get an appropriate answer, first, you need to understand what EV is. So EV is basically a short form of an electric vehicle or an automobile that runs with help of electricity. When the maximum of cars in the world run with the help of chemical energy, EVs run with help of electric energy. And this clarifies what an EV charger is and when you need an EV charger. Like petrol, diesel, and gas stations provide fuel to regular fuel-oriented cars, EV chargers charge your car. And this is when you need an Electric Car charger installation service. 


7 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Electric Car Charger Installation


There are 7 main reasons why you need to consider EV charger installation at your home. They are listed in the following:

  • Fast And Instant Charging

The first point we propose to you is fast and instant charging. When you consider Electric Car charger installation at your home you get the best and smartest changing device for your car. And that smart charging devices allow the safe usage of maximal charging power. This makes charging much faster compared to using traditional power sockets. 

  • Safe Charging

The second point on our list goes with safe charging.  Smart EC chargers are significantly safer because smart devices automatically test the connection between the car and the charging instrument before charging. Moreover, you can ensure safety with a dynamic load management system or several charging points.

  • You can Monitor your Electricity Consumption

With Electric Car charger installation you can monitor electricity consumption. Any nearby disputes about your raised electricity consumption can mitigat by connecting the charging device to a charging service. It automatically gathers consumption data and gives it to you. The service can report the costs of both public and home charging automatically to the employer in order to help users with company cars.

  • You Can Optimize Charging Time

You can also optimize the charging time with the help of EV chargers at your home. With EV charging technology, timing can be optimized based on the price of the local electricity industry. This eventually saves your money and also directly benefits the environment and the electricity grid, as prices depend on the demand for electricity. With the help of charging time optimization, you can balance the EV charging the supply and demand of electricity and lower the need for electricity generation and its cost.

  • Don’t Need To Find Charging Stations

The most vital reason why you need to consider Electric Car charger installation at your home is you don’t need to find a proper charging station. When a charging station connects your home with a charging network you won’t need the help of a corporate charger in your area. Moreover, you can lend your charging station in your neighborhood which could be also an extra income for you. The owner of the device can decide how to restrict access to himself, his friends, or anyone using the network.

  • You Can Get Maximum Convenience

What could be more exciting than having convenience in the matter of safe and healthy accommodation? Exactly, this is another reason why you need to buy EVs and install EV chargers in your home. With a faster EV charger, you can charge your car efficiently and quickly from the comfort of your own home. Thus, you won’t need to worry about finding a service station. With a consistent charging cycle, you can fit your car’s charging needs into your schedule, while not worrying about a charging station.

  • Get Maximum Home Value

When the best-featured home is in high demand in the real estate industry you must prepare your home with a lot better functionality. And as electric vehicles become increasingly common, many homeowners will want to purchase property with a dedicated EV charger. Thus you will get better value for your home when you sell it. Isn’t this the best reason to install an EV charger?


If you are asking why you need to install electric car chargers at your home you probably don’t know the reasons. However, this is the reason we brought this blog before you. Immediately contact us to get Tesla charging station installation service, electric vehicle charging station building service from our company. Also read, benefits of electric vehicle charging station installation from our official website.

7 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Your Home or Property

So do you drive an EV and have an EV charging station in your home? No? Then it is very unfortunate. However, you might have heard of electric vehicles anywhere on the internet or on any TV channels and how it is rapidly growing in our society. But do you know why it is growing? If not, then follow this blog to know the 7 benefits of installing EV and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your home.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station


There are 7 main benefits of installing EV and EV charging stations in your home and your property. Let’s learn them in the following: 


  • Clean air commitment

When our globe is facing an immense amount of air pollution you can be a part of making healthy air by considering EV and EV charging stations in your home. With uncounted diesel and petrol operated vehicles all over the world, our nature is facing a huge amount of contamination. Moreover, the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide not only affects nature but also human health rapidly.

In this situation, accepting the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging station would be a smart move for you.


  • Lower cost of driving for your community

There is nothing better than having one of the cheapest and most affordable accommodations in this expensive fuel world. Research has shown that EVs are way cheaper than fuel or gas-operated automobiles. As an instance, a group of scientists in the USA determined that an EV driver saves almost $770 per year compared to any diesel, or operated gas. Not only this, some studies confirmed that EVs are better and more fabulous in performance in comparison to regular cars. When you have the option to reduce your expenses with EV, why shouldn’t you get one? 


  • EVs pave the way to other forms of clean transportation

Another fascinating advantage of considering electric cars and electric vehicle charging station is they bring you smart and modernized living trends with sustainability and affordability. Are you not a bit bored with the same regular car fission in the global market? The same old doors, facilities, and system? If yes then you must change your preference to EVs. These modernized vehicles not just add style and new trends to your car world but also incorporate advanced living. With electric fuel, you are also getting features like automation or auto-pilot mode, Wi-Fi for internet connection, and a lot more.

  • Electric vehicles support environmental justice

As we said, pollution is deeply responsible for several health conditions. Moreover, many kids are becoming victims of the emission of pollution from fuel-oriented cars and vehicles. People living near highways and trucking routes suffer a lot. Every year they are consuming a lot of dust particles which affects their health. Even a conducted research said that kids living just beside 246 feet of a highway had an increased risk of asthma in near future. However, you can change it and incorporate environmental justice just by accepting EV.


  • EV charging increases property value

You can’t deny the fact that EVs and electric vehicle charging station are one of the increasing trends in the car world. So it is very obvious that when you have an EV charging station in your home you will get better deals on sales. Getting the proper price for your property is not at all an easy job. Especially when people expect the best at the lowest price.  But when you install an EV charging station on your property, it attracts a huge number of people with attractive deals. And this helps you when you are financially unstable and need help.


  • EVs help your community achieve climate change goals

While the impacts of the rise in global warming, promoting sea levels rise, droughts, hurricanes, people are hardly playing a role to mitigate the potential damage. However, still, there are some cities, big and small, that are developing sustainability roadmaps. These plans include increased use of renewables, limiting water use, and a wholesale shift to electric vehicles for municipal fleets. And if you want to be part of such a notion you must immediately participate in it by accepting EV and EV chargers in your home.


  • EV communities get great PR

The benefits of EV and electric vehicle charging stations to every community can be quantified. Many leaders support EVs because they believe it’s the right thing to do. However, any business or politician that backs improvements to the local environment will get bonus attention from the media. EV drivers automatically appreciate and feel at home in communities with charging at shopping centers and a lot of nature-loving communities. Isn’t it very great to get praise words by doing good things? 


Haven’t you yet considered EV and EV charging in your home or property? Then immediately get one. By looking into those above-mentioned benefits help yourself and your atmosphere in healthy living. Also read, 220v outlet for an electric car, Tesla charging station installation, EV charging station installation from our official website.

8 Steps to Consider for Tesla Charging Installation at your Home

The automobile world has drastically changed after the inclination of EVs to each corner of society. Though the acceptance of these vehicles is not very bright, many people can see a future in VEs. Even multiple experts believe this EV taking over the world is a matter of time. So to prepare yourself for the EV future, you must consider a Tesla charging station installation at your home. If you want to know the steps and ways of installation then follow the entire blog.


8 Steps to Consider For Tesla Charging Station Installation At your Home

There are 8 main steps to consider before installing a Tesla charging station:


Step 1: Determine Eligibility of Your Home

The first step of Tesla charging station installation consists of verification of eligibility of your home. Installing an EV charger is not at all an easy job. For this, you need to make sure your home is strong enough and doesn’t have fire-related objects near your station. After verifying these common attributes you need to determine whether your home is eligible or not.

Step 2: Verify You Have Sufficient Electrical Service

When you are installing an EV charging machine in your home you need to make sure that you have proper electric connectivity at your home. To carry the load of the charger you need pepper current connectivity at your property. You can take the help of your local technicians and electricians who can assess the connection system of your home.

Step 3: Confirm Your Electrical Panel Has Space
Before considering Tesla charging station installation at your home you must check the space in your electric panel. There are various circumstances due to which you would have very little space in the electrical panel of your home. And the low electrical panel is the opposite criteria of having an EV charging station at your home. And if you have extra space in your electric panel, you are ready to charge your Tesla, at your home. 

Step 4: Purchase a Charger
In the fourth step of EV charging station installation at your home; you need to purchase a charger. After verifying the eligibility of your home, your electric connection in your home, and the electric panel you need to buy a charger from professional EV technicians. If you are planning to apply for a rebate then select a model according to the regulation of your government.

Step 5: Obtain an Electrical Permit

The first and foremost thing is to get an EV charging station at your home is permission from your local government. You must apply for your EV charging station permission to your local administrative body, or their technical department. You can also take the help of a professional electrician who will take possible legal action for you.

Step 6: Charger Installation

The Sixth step of Tesla charging station installation is the installation of the charger in your home or garage. In this whole process of installation, always remember to get a safety officer in your home. He will inspect your electrical work before any wiring is connected to a supply source. Your electrician needs to complete the contractor consultation form after the installation is complete. And then only you can apply for the rebate.

Step 7: Total Inspection

To officially use the charging station you need to legalize it for your local government. So in the seventh step of the EV charging station installation process, you need to give an inspection report of your charging station to your local government. You can take the help of administrative technicians or local electricians who can give a proper report on your charging station.

Step 8: Apply For a Rebate
In the last and eighth steps; you can apply for a rebate if you want. If you’re local government is giving you a rebate on considering installing EV charging instead of using fuel-operated vehicles you must apply for it with all legal verifications.

Benefits of Considering Tesla Charging Station Installation at your Home

  • A step towards a sustainable lifestyle.
  • You can abolish using crude oils and fuels like diesel and petrol
  • Take steps to prevent pollution in the air
  • Getting cheap accommodation service
  • You are getting all-time EV charging service
  • Considering Tesla charging station installation at your home also saves your time.


To be updated with the changing world you need to incorporate change in your life. And considering an EV and EV charging station at you would be the best start for you. When you have an EV car but hardly know how to get a charging station to charge your car you can read those above-noted steps and help yourself. Or you can call us to get a professional car charger installation service or EV charger installation service from our company. Also, read Ways to get a 220-Volt outlet for electric car from our official website.

Different types of EV car chargers that you should know about

Rapid, fast, and slow EV chargers are the three primary categories. Power is measured in kilowatts (kW). Take notice that these are the maximum power outputs and hence charging speeds that an EV can achieve. Each charger type comes with a set of connections that may be used for low- or high-power applications, as well as AC or DC charging. There are three different types of charging points, as well as several connections.

RAPID Chargers

These are the quickest chargers for any electric vehicle, and they’re generally found along major highways around the country. The devices deliver high-power direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) to quickly recharge an automobile.

EVs may be charged to 80 per cent capacity in 20 minutes depending on the model and brand. Although a typical contemporary EV would take an hour on a conventional 50 kW quick-charge station.

The automobile charges at a regular pace initially, but as the battery comes near to full charge, the charging speed slows down. As a result, terms are offered at an 80 per cent charge, after which the charging speed slows dramatically. It improves charging efficiency while also assisting in battery protection. These rapid chargers can only be used with vehicles that have the potential to charge quickly.

Rapid vehicle chargers have a sensor and a light indication that lets you know when your phone’s battery is fully charged. It also allows you to use your phone while it’s charging. The key feature is that it allows you to charge your device’s battery faster.

FAST Chargers

These are AC Chargers of Type 2. Fast chargers come in two different power ratings: 7 kW and 22 kW. (single- or three-phase 32A). Charging periods vary depending on the charging unit and the car, however, a 7 kW charger will recharge a suitable EV with a 40 kWh battery in 4-6 hours and a 22 kW charger in 1-2 hours. Fast chargers are typically located in places where you will be parked for an hour or more, such as car parks, stores, supermarkets, or leisure centres.

Untethered units are therefore more adaptable, and with the right cable, they may be utilised by any electric vehicle. When utilising a fast charger, charging speeds will be determined by the car’s onboard charger, as not all models can take 7 kW or more. These models can still be plugged in to charge, but they will only draw the maximum amount of power that the onboard charger will take. Almost all EVs and PHEVs, with the proper connection, can charge on Type 2 devices.

It is by far the most widely used public charging standard, and most plug-in car owners will have a cable with a Type 2 charger-side connection. Although most fast chargers use AC power, some networks are introducing 25 kW DC chargers with CCS or CHAdeMO plugs.

SLOW Chargers

In the Indian market, these are the most widely accessible chargers. The power output ranges from 3 to 6 kW, and the automobile will need 8 to 12 hours to charge. To fully charge your automobile, you’ll need to leave it overnight.

There are also other variants like:

Trickle car charger

If you’re someone who frequently forgets to plug in their gadget, you should obtain this sort of charger as soon as possible! Trickle vehicle chargers are designed to prevent the battery of the item from being charged from overheating.

Power Converter Car Chargers

Using Power Converter Car Chargers, you can charge your electrical gadgets such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and cell phones. These chargers include a universal pin socket that works with any country’s pins. Overheating prevention, overload protection, and a low battery alert are all included.

These are the different types of car chargers. Now you may choose your favorite variant from our website today!

5 Ways EVs Are Beneficial For Your Community

We have seen how our society faces problems like air pollution, health issues, etc due to toxic emissions from fuel cars. And to retrieve such a situation, technology has introduced EVs in the global market. But according to the report of the International Energy Agency, people are still not aware of EVs and their benefits. The different reports from IEA have confirmed the need for the massive global shift from diesel, petrol to EVs. So today we will talk about 5 ways EV charging is beneficial for your community.

Clean Air Commitment

The maximum of air pollution and air contamination comes from motor cars run with crude oil. The continuous emergence of toxic gases from those cars deteriorates air and the natural flow of gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, air pollution caused by driving such cars is proved to be very harmful to human health.

But with electric vehicles and electronic charging, you can be more careful towards mother earth. By considering EVs you can take steps to avenge natural and social pollution and save your society. And, when you have an electric vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, you are wiping contaminants like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and many more.

Lower cost of driving for your community

If you want to lower your expenses, you can consider EV for self accommodation. When you are tired of bearing the cost of fuels, you can get a breath of relief by using this modern innovation. The study says that EVs or electric cars are way cheaper than wheels run through oil fuels and gases.

According to research in the United States, EV drivers are saving up to $770 each year by using Electric Vehicles. To get sustainable, nature-friendly, cost-saving experience you must afford an EV as an upgrade.

EVs Has Different Forms Of Clean Transportation

From four-wheelers to two-wheelers EVs have different forms of clean transportation. Electric cars are one element of a more comprehensive trend in mobility. With electricity, these vehicles also feature automation, connection, and sharability. Transportation engineers and designers see a future with reduced emissions, congestion, and accidents when all of these innovations are in a single-car.

It’s could be no longer assumed that almost every adult will drive solo in their combustion car. These smart and simple EVs like micro-mobility, e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric mopeds would be the last mile solutions.

EVs help your community achieve climate

When the impacts of global warming, air contamination, smog influence, influencing the rise in sea levels, droughts, hurricanes, meanwhile, people around the world are busy trapping their climate in the darkness. Whether it is a small city or big huge urban areas everyone is not so aware of this matter.

However, in this situation purchasing EVs would be a different step for you. When you can practice some common sustainable habits like using renewables, limiting water use, and less use of plastic, why can’t you consider these ultra-modified vehicles?

Many cities started abolishing gas- and diesel-powered cars. And trying to convert the whole transportation system into electric mobility.

EV Communities get great PR

Quantifying every community benefit from EVs is not possible. Even, many influential personalities and leaders support EVs because they believe it’s the right thing for the time being. And this portrays EVs and EV charging systems are important for today’s generation. In this way sustainability automatically penetrates society.

If you consider yourself a responsible citizen of planet earth then you must consider EVs as a sustainable choice. With above mentioned 5 benefits you will know why EVs are best for your community. To get EV charging service immediately contact us through our official website.

Considerations For Installing A Public Charging Station For EVs

When the entire globe is taking a massive shift from fuel-operated cars to electric vehicles you must utilize this opportunity by creating your own EV charging station.
With increasing development in technology, modern locomotive engineers and designers are planning to create a fuel-free future. And by discovering electrically operated vehicles they made the way to be more sustainable while superfast accommodation from one place to another.

So here we are talking about things to consider to install a public charging station for EVs.

Infrastructural Requirements

Permission for opening a business with a charging station is totally dependent on your local government. You have to find out Local government is giving you authority to access a public charging station in their area. Accordingly you have to gather certain elements and make your station. There are certain elements your government might not permit you with, so it is very important to verify at the beginning.

Basic/ Primary Requirements

There are some primary things you need to collect to build your EV charging station. This includes an exclusive transformer with all related substation equipment, and some necessary substances like the plug-in nozzles with 33/11 KV cables and also, circuit breakers as safety equipment. There should be a minimum of one electric kiosk, which features multiple charging points for each public charger. Moreover, multiple kiosks and charging points can be installed to the bare minimum requirement.

Land And Property Requirements

To engage EV customers in business you need to consider some simple things first. To set up your fast-charging station make sure you are approximately 90 to 100km away from another charging station. This is because almost all heavy-duty EVs give 100km service consider example of bus, it will give a 100km continuous ride with a full charge. So better try to locate your charging station next to a bus depot.

Type of Charger To Be Used

Type1 and Type 2 Chargers

The type 1 charger and Type 2 charger are compatible with Altering current or A/C power. And also they could be used for slow or moderate charging, which is primarily preferable for electric cars, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers.

On the other hand, the type 2 charger is compatible with both AC and DC currents and CCS plugs. With its wide range of applications and relatively low cost than type A. This A/C and D/C charger are the most economically doable option if you are willing to build a public charging ecosystem.

Type 3 Charger/Third

The last one is the third type charger or DC charger. A DC charger, the most expensive of all the rest, and more practical for cars on highways. Due to its high turnover rate, this charger could be best for on-track cars. Moreover, it charges cars faster and therefore adapts to the higher number of cars per day.

Chargers Preferable To Use

Although a selection of charging is totally dependent on the local government policies. Like in several countries government allowed them to conduct Type 1, minimum 15KW for AC charging system.

In many countries, if you have a 50KW charging system, you need to verify policies from your local government.

A CCS or Combined Charging System combines type 1 AC charging and type 2 DC charging. Even, this is also developed to handle a power input of up to 350 KW.

If you are looking for a sustainable style of business then you must consider opening an EV charging station by following these above-mentioned criteria. Before following these don’t forget to learn your local policies regarding building a charging station. Follow us to get notified with more amazing content.