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Why It Is Important To Install Electric Car Charger For Garage Or Parking Services

No wonder EVs are future prospects of global transportation systems. After all, it is way smarter, more efficient, and even to some extent, more durable than fuel-driven cars. And this defines how installing an EV charger at any business can be a great way to grow forward. The ideas can be more prospective when your business is related to parking service and facility. And this is why today we decided to discuss why it is important to install an electric car charger for garage or parking services.


6 Reasons You Need To Install Electric Car Charger For Garage service


Attract New Customers

Attracting customers to parking service is way harder than it seems. With personal parking lots and competitors in the industry, it’s almost impossible to retain customers for a very long period. But you can actually change that system with EV charger installation in your home. 


Installing EV chargers in your parking facility make your business more features. And this helps you to attract a large number of customers.


Generate Revenue Reducing carbon footprint

Being a businessman, you definitely face a lot of taxes. Though taxes won’t bother you much, they can sometimes become the main source of excess expenditure. That’s where an electric car charger for garage can benefit you. 


With an EV charger in your parking lot, you barely need to spend more than charger expenses and installation expenses. Because in most countries, local administrative bodies compensate for EV charger installation. 


Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

Like you can’t ignore your responsibility towards your organization, you cannot ignore responsibility towards your society. And this is what is most challenging for an entrepreneur with a small business startup. But you should be thankful for EV chargers since adding them means you are promoting electric vehicles. 


Promoting electric vehicles symbolizes environment-friendly transportation. Therefore, you will propagate sustainable and environment-friendly business.


Future Proof Your Business

There is no doubt upcoming transportation system will stand on Electric vehicles. The way internal combustion machines destroy your environment, people no way will consider fossil fuels as their primary option. What’s more, the price of fuels and other crude oils is nowhere near earth. 


Now, these facts define who EV will dominate most of the roads. So it could be said, an electric car charger for garage and parking facilities is a future proof option.


Income your benefits Package

Adding EV chargers in your paid garage and parking facility can be included as part of benefits packages. In other words, you can use EV chargers as an extra pain facility you can get while halting your car. 


Your customers will pay a few dollars extra to take the charging facility from you. And this would not just increase customer attraction but will help you create high Revenue.


Opportunity Become Industry leader

You must agree that garage and parking services don’t upgrade much. And this certainly made the industry gradual and inconsistent with the global economy. However, you can change the situation by installing an electric car charger for garage facility. 


With EV chargers in your business, you can increase customer flow in your service and teach your competitors how to rule the industry with the latest technologies.


It’s clear that EVs are the future prospect of the global transportation system. And this determines how an EV charging facility is best to grow a business. Now, if you want to install an electric car charger for garage, contact us through our website. Also, in our blog section, we read blogs on topics like 220 volt outlets for electric car, Volvo electric charging station, and VW EV charging stations.




Why should a business install EV chargers?

4 main benefits you can enjoy installing EV Charging Stations for Businesses are sustainability, customer attraction, earning more Revenue, and a better business future.


Is EV charging station business profitable?

Yes! The EV charging business is highly profitable since it leverages many opportunities to grow. In the event, you can earn 50% more Revenue considering the few EV chargers in your business area.


Can I start an EV charging business?

Yes, anyone can start a business with EV chargers. But first, you need a license. Though most countries liberate people to start EV charging businesses without a license and advanced documentation.

Ford V8 Pickup Truck: Features And Benefits You Can Enjoy Getting This EV

Electric vehicles are no wonder future prospects in the business and logistics world. But not all electric vehicles are the best as you think. To enhance the supply chain in your business, you need a smarter, more compatible, and technologically advanced car that can trunk your fortune in the international market. And guess what, we have something similar to talk about. Yes, with the new Ford V8 Pickup truck, you can take your business to the next level. Want to know the features and benefits you can enjoy? Follow this blog till the end.


Features And Benefits Of Getting Ford V8 Pickup Truck In Your Business




1. Newest technology

Though the Ford V8 Pickup truck is quite familiar in the conventional transportation system, it is comparatively new in the EV sector. The tech giant Ford launched a similar pickup truck for commercial purposes many years ago. And the only difference you can see between these commercial vehicles is the engines. While one is designed with internal combustion engines, and the other runs with AC/DC motors. 


2. Smart Design

Another interesting feature you get with For V8 pickup is smart designs. You might not know the Ford V8 electric truck has LED light bars on the front and even possesses a back that spans across the truck’s width. Moreover, a 400 liters front trunk in this vehicle gives you more space to keep belongings, supplies, and materials, making it smarter. 


3. Advanced Technology 

In technology, no two Ford V8 Pickup trucks can give you efficient transportation service and keep up the pace of your business. Primarily, a pickup truck features a backside camera that screens the backside of the car, helping you with smart navigation. Apart from that, many other technological features like Bluetooth connectivity, charging notifications, etc., can take convenience to the next level.


Engine And Fast Charging Option


The basic feature Ford V8 pickup comes with a better engine and charging facilities. Amazingly, this electric vehicle comes with a better and fast front-mounted, rear-mounted electric motor, putting out a combined 426 hp, which is 318 kW in the SR, with the ER variant getting 563hp which is 420 kW. And both new Ford electric pickup truck motor configurations make 1,051Nm. So it supports any fast charging facility you offer.




  • Reduction In The Cost Of Ownership

The first benefit you would get from owning a Ford V8 Pickup truck is the reduced cost of ownership. Well, it’s not just because they are cheaper than an IC engine but actually save extra fuel costs. You just need to plug your car into the electric panel to make the engine work. And Therefore, you go to have the most cost-efficient business propagation.


  • Eco-Friendly

Unsurprisingly, the transportation and logistics industry contributed more to air pollution than any other industry. Even at a point, fuel-driven locomotives made the global economy fall and affected the social ecosystem adversely. 


Now it’s time to do something good for nature, and Ford electric pick truck can help you in that matter. With AC/ DEC engines, you can abandon fuel use, erasing the risk of air pollution.


  • No Fuel Costs

Cost is the real issue when it comes to business propagation. And when it is a logistics business, you know how hard to manage while fuel costs are rising. Generally, when you use fuel-driven locomotives in your business, you expand excess fuels. And this forces you to increase service charges, hampering your relationship with your clients. Meanwhile, with electric pickup trucks and chargers, you would barely lose an extra penny on fuel, and you can provide affordable service to your clients. 


  • Lesser Maintenance Requirements

Do you know why electric pickup trucks and their chargers are best for any logistics and transportation business? Well, because they need less maintenance. Unlike internal combustion engines, AC and DC motor engines do not need excess parts. And this eventually reduces harm and hazard, reducing frequent maintenance.


Here are the main features and benefits you are willing to know about the Ford V8 truck. Now immediately visit our official website to get installation service for new ford electric truck, 220 volt outlet for electric car and to know ford connected charge station cost.

4 Ways EV home Charging Station Installation Can Save Your Cost

For the past few years, the cost has been the main concern for most households. With the increasing prices of fundamental commodities, it become impossible for people to save a single penny from their expenditures. And the hike in fuel prices in the global market was the hardest blow people ever faced. But, there is a way you can save the extra expenditure you bare every day. If you are guessing EV and their charger then you are absolutely right! There are many ways EV home charging station installation can boost your economy. How? Follow the blog till the end!


4 Main Ways EV home charging station installation Can Save Your Cost


Zero fuel cost

Fossile fule! It might be some of the greatest discoveries of the human race, but it’s certainly not healthy for long use. Primarily, fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. It takes years to naturally form inside of the earth. And secondly, these natural products are responsible for pollution and contamination that almost destroyed the earth. 


So no wonder why fossil fuels cost dollars in the global market. But getting an EV and EV home charging station installation at that moment will reduce your need for crude oil and save your cost.


Low Electricity Cost

Unlike fule, electricity is a better and more renewable source of energy. And using this natural resource is a way cheaper option than you think. When you get an EV home charging station installation in your home or your business you do not just expel fuel extra cost, but also reduce electricity consumption. 


Interestingly, you don’t need more than 300 volts to charge your EV. Even in the regular watt range, you need to charge your EV is approx 7200 watts. And in this way, you can save extra costs from your daily life.


Government Compensation

Besides saving costs from fuel expenses and electricity consumption, there is another way EV home charging station installation can save you money. Yes! With EV charger installation in your home, apartment or firm comes with government compensation. You might not know that both buying an electric vehicle and installing an electric vehicle charger are compensated by the government. 


Since EV is future prospect of global transportation, global administrative authorities are promoting EV And EV charger use with tax refunds and compensation. Although the amount of compensation varies from country to country most democratic nations accepted the notion of EV.


Lower Price Of Goods

You might complain about the rising price of goods but do you know why commodities mainly get a hike in their value? Costly transportation system! What actually happening in today’s market, a company needs to export its products with added cost due to a rise in fuel prices. And this ultimately increases the price of by-products the moment it enters the market.


However, if manufacturers and organizations in that situation transport by-products with EVs, the transportation cost would fall on a large scale. Therefore, you will get commodities at an average to low price range.


Whether it’s an EV or chargers, both are important investments if you want to live a cost-efficient lifestyle. With EV home charging station installation in your home or your office, you can save some amount of expenditures and use it for your productive reasons. So immediately visit our official website to get installation service for Volvo electric car charger, install Tesla wall charger, Ford connected charge station cost, and Hyundai EV charging stations.





What are the benefits of electric charging stations?

8 overall benefits of EV charger installation in your business are, more attraction of customers, you can put the business on the map, offer more than your competitors, increase customer connections, support green business, and back up your brand values and CSR commitments.


What is the investment in EV charging stations?

If your home already has a 240-volt circuit available, the basic installation will cost you between $250 and $400. However, if you choose to mount a station and run 50-amp dedicated wiring, it will cost you between $400 and $1,700.


Can I install my own EV charger?

If you are asking whether you can install an EV charging point yourself? Then nope! Unless you’re an electrician with experience in installing EV chargers, don’t do it yourself. But in case you are not experienced, always prefer calling an experienced and certified installer.

Why Using Ford F350 Extended Cab and Charger Is Helpful for You And Eco System?

At least once in your life, you might have heard – “change is only constant”! And this is factually very true. You can consider EVs as an example. Who thought, it will almost replace internal combustion engine cars in the future? What’s more interesting, EVs are more technologically advanced than conventional fuel-driven vehicles. And Ford F350 Extended Cab is some of the prospects that took wold transportation to next level. Now if you want to know how EVs can dimensionally help you and the ecosystem, follow this blog.


6 Help Ford F350 Extended Cab And Its Charger Provides 


Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest advantages of buying a Ford F350 Extended Cab is that these vehicles are quite easy to maintain. Since there they run with an AC/DC motor engine there are fewer parts that undergo wear and tear. And when your car parts barely get with fewer parts and lesser complexities involved, maintaining electric vehicles turns out to be a lot cheaper than conventional cars that run on fossil fuels.


Low Running Costs

With ever-increasing fuel prices, it might be impossible to save costs by running a car. But you can easily solve this issue by considering Ford F350 electric vehicle and its chargers. While you will be spending a huge amount of money, you can save more than that by using electric vehicles and chargers. Besides, you can earn compensation for getting an EV and its charger from the government. It’s fascinating right?


Better Planning

If anything is more unstable than the global temperatures, that are fuel prices. And uncalled changes of fuel prices fluctuating expenses for those who have a high monthly running. Even it becomes a concern for many people with low income.  However, considering Ford F350 Extended Cab and its changing facility you can safeguard yourself from frequent fluctuation. Ultimately, this will helps you to plan your monthly expenses and save dollars.


No Need to Visit Fuel Pumps

Do you know what is the biggest relief of getting an EV and an EV charger? You no more need to visit a fuel pump ever again. Surprisingly, an EV comes with an EV charging system, just like a phone comes with a regular charger. And heaving them in your home will not just help you to avoid time waste, but can keep you away from the crowd. Eventually, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience you had to face. 


Good for Environment

After the COVID situation, it’s probably clear that we should less mess with our environment. Otherwise, the consequences won’t taste very sweet. Rather, we must concentrate on making the environment better. But, conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines are something that can hurdle you with a lot of challenges. However, you easily break through it by considering Ford F350 Extended Cab and chargers. Since they need electricity to work you don’t see any emissions.


High Performance

A characteristic of electric cars is that they produce the maximum torque right from the word go. This means that the driver benefits from a strong surge of pulling power as soon as he steps on the gas. No wonder people will have more fun as these cars offer their users a very strong acceleration as compared to an ICE-powered vehicle of a similar category.


Here are 6 reasons why using Ford F350 Extended Cab and charger is helpful for you And your ecosystem. Now if you won’t get a charger installation for Ford GT 350 or new ford electric truck and 220 volt outlet for electric car contact us through our official website. 




What is the advantage of charging an EV?

There are many advantages of installing an EV charger in your home or business and they are, prevent time consumption, prevent the cost. Besides With charging time optimization EV charging balances the supply and demand of electricity and lowers the need for electricity generation.


Is EV slow charging better for the battery?

Slow charging is the most preferred and independent source of charging the EV battery. It provides maximum battery life and is safer than fast charging. It is also the cheapest way of charging the EV battery since the EV owner only has to pay for the energy.

Electric Vehicle Home Charger: Traits And Perks Of Installation

With the rapidly increasing popularity of EVs, charging from public stations became an indisputable issue for many people. Inconvenient charging facilities and long queues at charging stations started eating time from people’s hands. And to solute this problem, EV manufacturers invented EV charging facilities for homes. With a lot more intriguing features, the Electric Vehicle Home charger became one of the most convenient ways to charge an EV.  And that’s why today we decided to discuss the traits and perks of EV installation.


4 Traits of Installing Electric vehicle Home Charger


1. Your Home Eligible Or Not

You might believe EV charger installation is very easy, but honestly, it’s way more hectic than you think. Because home charging station installation needs to pass the verification of eligibility of your home. And in that matter, you need to make sure your home can stand against strong electricity flow and doesn’t have fire-related objects near your station.


2. Check for Sufficient Electrical Service

When you are installing an Electric Vehicle Home charger in your home, the second trait you must be aware of is whether your home has proper electric connectivity or not. You need to make sure there is proper current connectivity at your property to carry the load of the charger. Circumstantially, You can take the help of your local technicians and electricians who can assess the connection system of your home.


3. Space in Your Electrical Panel

Before considering a home EV charging station installation at your home you must check the space in your electric panel. When the entire electrical setup of the home with medium-range gadgets, you probably end up getting relatively small panels with low space, which don’t even support high voltage. And the low electrical panel is the opposite criterion of having an EV charging station at your home. So make sure electrical panels have enough space and can carry enough voltage.


4. Need To Obtain Electrical Permit

The fourth trait of installing an Electric Vehicle Home charger is an electrical permit. In this step, you need to get legal permission from the administrative council or electricity department to get an EV charger installed. With a formal application, you need to make sure you have the best You must apply for your EV charging station permission to your local administrative body, or their technical department. You can also take the help of a professional electrician who will take possible legal action for you.


3 Perks of Installing Electric vehicle Home Charger


I) Time-Saving

Imagine it’s morning and you are in hurry, and suddenly you discover that your electric car going low. Well, this would have been less concerning if you have installed an Electric Vehicle Home Charger! With smart charging devices in your home, you can quickly put your fast car charger while relaxing at one time. Even if you are busy with your personal work you can still get your car charged without visiting a public station.


ii) Charge Safer

Safety is the most important thing you need to focus on when speaking of your car. And smart chargers are certainly an excellent way you can guarantee car safety forever. Plugging your car at home firstly prevents the risk of thieves and burglars lurking who can dame got your car. And secondly, with a smart charger, You can stop the charging by remote saving your battery from being overpowered. 


iii) You can Monitor electricity Consumption


If you install a smart charger in your home you can get another interesting benefit. Yes! With Electric Vehicle Home charger installation you can also get the benefit of checking the electricity consumption from your phone. What’s more intriguing, you can manage your electricity consumption accordingly, if you think it’s overused. 


Here is everything you needed to know about installing EV chargers in your home. So contact us right now to get an installation servicer for 220 volt outlet for electric car, wall connector installation, and VW electric charging stations.




Why EV charging is important?

The main reason for getting an EV charger installation in your home brace it can increase your revenues. You can stand business with it making it public for your neighbors. 


What are the benefits of charging stations?

There are 5 main benefits of installing an EV charger in your business. Ans they are, improve in air quality, gain in tax advantages, increase value, and retain High-Quality employees.

5 Reasons Why Ford Connected Charge Station Cost Effective

No doubt EV chargers are some of the costliest devices your people need to charge their cars. Like many other electrical gadgets, an EV charger along with its installation fees can cost you many dollars, which can leave your pocket empty for days. But, if you think the smart features and beautiful aesthetics make it costlier then you are very wrong. There are 5 reasons that explain why the Ford Connected Charge station cost effective. So do you want to know them? Then better Follow this blog till the end.


5 Main Reasons Why Ford Connected Charge Station Cost Effective


You Get Convenience

Speaking of convenience, you must not wait to pay the amount that ensures a long and convenient lifestyle. And Ford EV charger is some of the digital gadgets that increase convenience in your modern lifestyle. 


Not just they take less charging time to reduce your time waste, it provides you with smart features that keep you updated about the charging system all the time. Besides, they are compatible, ultimately making the Ford Connected Charge station cost effective.


You Can Get Safety

No matter how many dollars you lose, safety is the fundamental aspect you need to focus on. And with home EV charger installation your cannot just increase the safety of your car but also the valuables inside. 


When you charge your car at home you are keeping it safe and in front of your eye.  Charging your EV at a public station keeps your vehicle exposed to risks including theft, vandalization, and many more. Meanwhile, with home charging, you can prevent them easily. 


Increase Your Property Value

Do you know what makes EV charges worthy of investing? Thye increase your property value! And another reason why Ford Connected Charge station cost effective. 


Since EVs are a growing prospect of the modern transportation industry, no wonder there would be no internal combustion engine left to use fuel. And people would fall for EV chargers. So if you install an EV charger in your home you can certainly get doubled return for the new feature. 


Save And Earn By Charging At Home

You can literally save and earn by installing a home charger. Firstly you get a cheaper charging facility with a Ford charger in your home. Since you can regulate the charger and manage your charging time you can save a lot of electricity while mitigating charges of electricity. Furthermore, by renting out your EV charger through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) charging schemes you can actually make money from owning a home EV charger.


It’s Hussle-Free

When there is no hustle during work, or you don’t have to use much of your strength and mind, you know it’s worth buying. And EV charger installation process is one of the easiest processes of installing a home charging point. So you can see why the Ford Connected Charge station cost effective. 


Installing a charging point on your driveway is authorized and does not require planning permission in most cases. Moreover, finding an EV installer is simple too! Therefore, you won’t face issues installing a charger.


EVs are important, but what’s more important than that are EV chargers. And this is another reason why EV chargers generally are high prosed. But these 5 mentioned points also explain why Ford Connected Charge station cost effective. Now if you want to get the best EV charger installation service for a new ford electric truck immediately contact us through our website. Also, check our blog section to read blogs on 220 volt outlet for electric car and electric ford pickups




Is it worth charging an EV at home?

Yes, it is absolutely worth charging your electric vehicle from home! By home charging, electric vehicle owners can take advantage of cheaper overnight electricity rates. Overnight charging also means that your vehicle is fully charged and ready to go first thing in the morning.


Can I install an EV charger at home?

Yes! You can install an EV charger at your home. But you need to follow through with several processes. Firstly you need to choose the proper charger and then charger installers. Later you have to apply for installation to the local council, they would verify everything and then will grant you permission. 


Does an EV charger increase home value?

Absolutely! According to a car leasing firm’s research, a home with an electric charging point installed will sell for 30% more than the average local house price.

6 Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you own a Tesla and now you are thinking of adding a charging facility in your home, one of the sleek choices for you would be a Tesla wall connector. Unlike many conventional charging facilities, the third-generation tesla wall connector comes with overwhelming features you never imagined. Besides, it’s way more compatible and fast in terms of other chargers. So if you are eager to know how it benefits you, here are 6 reasons to consider Tesla Wall connector installation.


6 Main Reasons To Consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation

If you are not sure to add a new Tesla Wall connector, here are a few points that explain why you should.


Fast Charging Facility

Most Tesla electric vehicles are designed to provide up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge. And surprisingly, the third-generation Tesla wall Connector delivers exactly the same amount of power. This means with 5 to 6 hours of charge you can get over 200 miles, without a huge expense. Moreover, you can save a few hours on your hand to utilize your positive energy.


No Need to Change Electrical Setup

Unlike many other EV charging facilities, Tesla Wall connector installation is fast and time-efficient. Well, this is not because of the inbuilt parts and facilities in this charger. 


To install this tesla charging facility you would not need to change the electrical setup in your home. In this device, you’ll get the fastest charging if the circuit breaker you’re using matches the onboard charging capabilities of your Tesla. 


Beautiful And Solid Aesthetics

Have you ever wondered how to make the walls of your garage look attractive and complete? Well, the Tesla wall connector can play an important role in the matter. How? The third-gen wall connector actually aesthetically well-designed and very and very compact in looks. 


Apart from that, there are several outer specifications and designs making it perfect beauty for walls. Installing one of these in your garage can certainly increase its charm and dashing interior look.


Delivers the Amount of Charge You Need

Do you know what’s a more interesting fact about this charger? They deliver the exact amount of charge you need to charge your car. While most of the modern EV chargers deliver up to 80 amps of charge, With Tesla Wall connector installation you can enjoy up to 48  amps. 


However, this matches the AC charging capabilities of the cars themselves, which are limited to 48 amps. Even if someday you get a new Tesla model for yourself, you can easily charge it with this connector.


Wi-Fi Connection

If you ever dreamed of getting a  smart charging facility at the most affordable rate, their arent anything as good as third-generation wall connectors. This newer Tesla Wall Connector comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, where you can control the charger via your smartphone or computer without having to set switches manually. 


Moreover, due to the wifi connectivity, this wall connector also gets firmware updates automatically. According to manufacturers, you can also get solar power charging in the future. 


Affordable Price

You might think Tesla Wall connector installation is a costlier option but in reality, it’s way more affordable than you think. And this is primarily because of the charging speed it provides. Even, this third-gen upgraded wall connector comes at the same price as other versions and types. In fact, the Tesla wall connector is produced more in numbers according to their demand keeping its price moderate in the market.


Here are the 6 reasons why you need to consider Tesla Wall Connector Installation in your home. It not just helps you with modern facilities but is also relatively compatible. So contact us right now through our website to get installation service for 220 volt outlet for electric car, EV charging station installation, and tesla home charging station.




How much does it cost to install a Wall Connector?

To install a wall connector firstly you would need to bear the cost of the charger. Then you need to hire professional electricians, on whom you need to spend extra chargers. In legal documentation and you would also need some dollars. So in total, you need to approx 1000 dollars.


Can I install Tesla Wall Connector myself?

Though you can install Wall Connector all by yourself, still safe to hire professional installers to help you out. Professional installers are experienced and have vast knowledge in EV installation.

6 Questions You Must Ask before Installing Ford EV Truck Charger At Home

While EVs are getting famous worldwide, you must not wait for any further to install an EV charger in your home. A personal charging facility is not just best for your personal convenience but also great to increase property value. However, the EV installation is not as easy as you think. For installing a Ford EV truck fast charger you need to follow several factors that involve the safety of your car and home. And that is why today we decided to discuss some questions that you must ask before installing an EV charger.


6 Main Questions You Must Ask before Installing Ford EV Truck Charger At Home


Does the charging system work on a standard plug socket?

Technically, it’s possible to charge your EV truck with a regular three-pin socket, but it’s not safe. Since regular charging sockets are not very powerful, they can cause a fire in your home’s wiring. Moreover, you would receive a slow rate of charging that could even take a full day.


By asking about the charger socket you can know which electrical socket your car fonts and where to get that. There are special sockets available for EV charger installation that provide safety features to keep you safe.


What is the cost of installing the EV truck charger?

Cost is another important factor and the Ford EV truck installation service. Accordingly, you must question the cost you have to bear for installing an EV truck charger. Generally, the price for any regular EV charger can stand between 100 to 300 dollars. And can increase with charging time and other smart features.


Assessing installation and overall cost of Ford truck charger installation help you to regulate your finance and save some pennies. Besides, you can also check whether it’s a worthy investment or not.


Where to install the Ford truck charger at your home?

Installing a charger in your home is an answer to inconvenience unless you install it near your car or garage. Imagine you installing an electric car charging unit on the other side of your garage or just in your home. You can certainly not enjoy charging your car. 


These are the reasons you must focus on the installation space before installing the EV charger. Some suitable places to install an EV truck charger can be inside your garage, or the entrance of your garage. 


How much power does the Ford EV truck need?

If you want to enjoy the features of your Ford truck to the fullest, choosing proper power is another thing to focus on. And that’s why you must always question how much power the Ford EV truck needs. Firstly you need to assess the type of EV charger the truck needs. Then you need to check on how much power your home can supply. 


There are multiple wattages available for EV chargers. For example, slow charging needs 3kW, for fast charging you would need 7kW, and for rapid charging 22kW is compulsory. 


Which Type of connector does the electric truck have?

Another important thing you must ask before installing an EV truck charger in your home is the type of connector it needs. There are two types of chargers and you would need one that matches your charging system.  


Primarily, you would need Type 1, a charger that has 5 pins and is single-phase only, meaning they can’t carry a 22kW charge. And the second one is the Type 2 charger, where you would find 7 pins and a built-in locking mechanism as well as being able to carry a three-phase power supply. 


Is the EV truck charger a tethered EV charger or untethered?

Like EV charger connectors, Ford EV truck chargers are also divided into tethered chargers and untethered chargers. Accordingly, make sure to assess and cable type your EV truck charger. 


One of the main differences between tethered and untethered chargers is that tethered charges are found within built connectors. On the other hand, untethered chargers have removable connectors, which helps to change connectors when it’s broken.

Nowadays, an EV is nothing without a personal charger. Without a charging facility in your home, you can’t get your car fully charged easily and conveniently. But, installing EV chargers comes with different risks, and asking these above-mentioned questions on Ford EV truck chargers can certainly help you out. To get charger installation service for Ford GT 350, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and electric ford pickups contact us right now.

6 Ways electric Ford Pickups And Chargers Can Be Beneficial For Logistics Industry

For the past few decades, the transportation and logistics industry played an important role in the global economy. Their timely delivery and a disciplined management system made the global market active like never before. Unfortunately, due to a rise in fuel prices, this industry faces issues, affecting global export and import. However, there is a way to easily turn around your logistics business and the industry again. Yes! With an electric Ford Pickups and its charger, you can easily erase issues from the industry and propagate your business smoothly. So let’s know the ways it benefits you in this blog.


6 Ways electric Ford Pickups And Chargers Benefit Logistics Industry

Though there are various ways EVs can help the logistics industry, Ford electric pickup trucks and its charger can specifically help you in 6 ways. 


Reduction In The Cost Of Ownership

Owning an electric Ford Pickups truck or trucks is way more cost-friendly than you think. And this is not just because they are cheaper than an internal combustion engine but also save extra cost on fuel.


You just need to plug your car into the electric panel to make the engine work. Besides, compensation in tax for using electric vehicles in your business. Overall it’s a way cheaper option to continue logistics. 



No wonder the transportation and logistics industry is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. Road transport with fuel-driven locomotives made the global economy smooth but also affected the social ecosystem worse. 


Even increased the risk of respiratory disease due to toxic gas emissions from those vehicles. On the other hand, electric vehicles like Ford pickup in the logistics sector are playing a significant role in effectively dealing with these environmental issues.


No Fuel Costs

As we already discussed, you can save dollars with electric Ford Pickups trucks, since you don’t need to spend extra on fuel. Generally, when you use fuel-driven locomotives in your business you end up expanding excess fuels. And this forces you to increase service charges, hampering your relationship with your clients. 


Meanwhile, with electric pickup trucks and chargers, you would barely lose an extra penny on fuel and you can provide affordable service to your clients. 


Lesser Maintenance Requirements

Do you know why electric pickup trucks and their chargers are best for any logistics and transportation business? Because electric vehicles need less maintenance. Unlike internal combustion engines, AC and DC motor engines do not need excess parts to run.

This eventually makes them less vulnerable to hazards and helps you save costs on maintenance. Besides, you don’t need to invest in excess car parts with AC/DC motor engines.


Reduced Cost For Last-Mile Logistics

One of the most fascinating facts about electric Ford Pickups trucks is they can reduce the cost of last-mile logistics. Since this electric vehicle doesn’t possess huge mechanical parts it has a trunk at the front, helping you and your team to carry more material at the same time. Besides, their simple vehicle structure allows easy integration of modern technologies for fleet tracking and optimization.


Tracking And Analysis Of electric Vehicle Logistics

Working for the government or for any special delivery you would need high security for both supplies and vehicles. An electric pickup truck can help you in that matter. Modern electric vehicles are designed with modern technologies that help you to track your car online and provide security to the materials.


The transportation and logistics industry needs a revolution in the road delivery system, and electric Ford Pickups trucks and their smart and fast charging facility are things to depend on. So immediately contact us to install fast-charging facilities for the New Ford electric truck in your organization. We also provide Ford EV Home charger installation and 220 volt outlet for electric car installation at an affordable rate.



How can electric vehicles benefit businesses?

There are many ways EV and their charging facility benefit a business. Electric primarily not just offers lower costs, a positive brand image, and emission reductions, but also improves customer attraction, retention, and growth.


What are the benefits of electric trucks?

Inline fuel-driven trucks, electric trucks are the most reliable option for transportation. This is because, with an electric truck or any vehicle you can enjoy low emissions of toxic materials, low maintenance cost, low noise pollution, better performance, and better efficiency.

Everything You Need To Know About New Ford Electric Truck F-150

Ford took a big step in the EV industry by presenting a magnificent Pickup truck, the F – 150 Lighting. With lots of smart features and charging facilities, this commercial pickup vehicle is a revolution for many people and authorities. This EV especially kept its mark in the transportation and logistics sector making the moving and transporting process more sustainable. So if a new Ford electric truck fascinates you, follow this blog to know its features in detail.


New Ford Electric Truck: Is it New?

To be honest, the Ford F – 150 is not really a new car. Actually, the tech giant already launched a similar pickup truck named F – 150, used for commercial purposes. And the only difference you can see between these commercial vehicles is the engines. The old Ford F – 150 has a V8 combustion engine that runs on fuel. On the other hand, the new Ford electric truck is designed with an AC/DC motor engine which needs a proper supply of electricity to run.


Ford F -150 EV: Smart Features and Designs


If you ask about different features and designs of F -0150 EV Lighting, well, it is undoubtedly better, even the best in many terms. 


While conventional F – 150 contain excess energy-consuming halogen head flights, the new Ford electric truck has LED light bars on the front and the back that span across the width of the truck. Besides, you would also find a 400 liters front trunk in this vehicle, since there isn’t any huge engine placed inside.


In technology, this car features a back-side camera and screening that assists you with backside navigation, which is one of the best features you can get from this vehicle. There are many other technological features like Bluetooth connectivity, charging notifications, etc that takes convenience to the next level.


Ford F – 150 EV Batteries And Power Option

The Ford F-150 Lightning basically comes with a front-mounted and rear-mounted electric motor, putting out a combined 426 hp which is 318 kW in the SR, with the ER variant getting 563hp which is 420 kW. And both new Ford electric truck motors configurations make 1,051Nm. 


Like many other electric vehicles, F-150 Lightning is also provided with two lithium-ion battery pack options, with the entry-level unit targeting 370km of driving range. Though Ford particularly has not revealed the battery unit’s exact capacity, the company said so far they gave the biggest battery pack for electric vehicles.


Ford F-150 Lightning: charging options 


In the aspect of charging, the new Ford electric truck has two different types of onboard AC chargers, which you need to select according to the variant you own. An F- 150 variant with the standard range battery generally gets an 11.3 kW single charger, and the variant with the extended range battery will get a dual charger with up to 19.2 kW. 


The F-150 Lightning with the standard range battery pack is offered with an optional 48A house charger, which can charge the Lithium-ion battery from 15 to 100 percent in around 10 hours. Meanwhile, if you use an 80A house charger, it can complete 15 to 100 percent of charge in around 8 hours. 


In DC charging, the F-150 Lightning will take 41 minutes to charge from 15 to 80 percent via a 150kW DC public fast charger. But DC charging is basically not manufactured for home charging. Most of the DC chargers are installed in public charging stations.


If you are asking about the features and charging utilities of the new Ford F – 150 Lightning Pickup truck, here are all 4 crucial details that might help you out. So if you want to get installation service for Ford gt 350, 220 volt outlet for electric car, and Ford EV Charger Installation contact us right now.




What is a Ford Lighting Truck?

Ford F – 150 Lightning Pickup Truck is one of the best commercial electric vehicles launched by Ford taking the EV industry to the next level. With a lot more smart features this vehicle is provided with 2 Lithium-ion and AC and DC charging facilities making it the most compatible car for people. 


Can Ford F – 150Lightning be supercharged?

Yes! Ford F – 150 Lightning can be supercharged with a DC charging facility. Though it’s very hard to install a DC supercharger in a home, you can easily install a 440 to 500-volt charger with 150 to 160kW power and get your car supercharged.