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5 Benefits You Can Get By Installing Level 2 EV Charger

Do you know what is the most important part of an EV? An EV charger. So, it is very important to choose the right charger for your EV. Remember, an EV battery works more durable with suitable EV chargers. And level 2 charge is the only compatible charge that can work flexibly for your electric car and its battery. With added facilities, this charger is more convenient and comfortable in the long run. Continuing good words on Level 2 EV charger today we would discuss their benefits in this blog.


5 Benefits Of Level 2 EV Charger


Fast Charging Facility


One of the biggest benefits of a level 2 EV charging station is a fast-charging facility. While a level 1 charger takes 6 to 7 hours to charge an electric vehicle, a second level charger gives a full charge to your car within 2 to 3 hours. 


A level 2 charger features a system with 220 volts and with 35 amps. To make it more stable the charger consists of 3 phases making it a perfect fast charging. These charging units are most suitable for public EV charging stations.


Range Per Hour (RPH)


Another reason to adore this charging facility is due to its RPH. RPH or  Range per hour basically refers to the driving range per hour of charging. In detail, it is a unit that measures the amount of charge used to drive a mile each hour. And the more RPH a charger gives the more miles the EV will run. 


Level 2 EV charger are the chargers that can comparatively give you the highest RPH you seek. This charging facility provides up to 25 miles per hour on one charge. Even some customized EV chargers can give between 100 and 200 RPH.


Vast Features


If multiple features are what you seek in your EV charging facility then there is barely anything as good as Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. If you study Level 1 chargers, you would find, they are pretty basic and don’t come with a lot of features. Meanwhile, Level 2 charging facilities have plenty more options than even you could imagine. 


Starting from mechanical locking features to smart Wi-Fi connectivity you can get all with Level 2 chargers. Not to mention, you can also set a charging alarm to keep your car charged before a long journey.


Property value


A Level 2 EV charger helps you beyond charging. You might believe this potent EV charger just can help you to charge your EV fast, but it also promotes the resale value of your home. Since people need great facilities in their new home, a fast EV charging unit can unsurprisingly help them with that. 


By advertising the level 2 charger in your home you can draw the attention of EV owners available surfing the real estate industry. Later, you can also ask for higher values when you find multiple buyers are interested in your property.


Supports Both AC And DC Current


Interestingly, a level 2 EV charger supports both AC and DC current. While installing an old conventional EV charging system you might have heard installers asking which type of current your home possesses. Well, this is because most EV chargers were built to support the DC system. 


And if your domestic provider doesn’t provide a DC current you can’t install an EV charger in your home. However, this is not the problem with the Modern level 2 charging facility, since it supports both. 


So here are 5 major benefits you can get by installing a Level 2 EV charger in your home. With fast charging, high RPH increased property value, and limitless features you can enjoy a new level of convenience. So if you want to install a level 2 220 volt outlet for electric car or ford ev home charger along with commercial EV charger installation contact us through our website.




How efficient is a Level 2 EV charger?

In comparison to level 1 charger level 2 charger is on average 5.6% more efficient. On a larger scale Level 2 is 89.4 % and level 1 is 83.8%.

What does a Level 2 charger do?

A level 2 charger is nothing but a compact 220-240 volt, 30-40 amperage, 25 RPH charger that gives fast charging facility.


What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging?

Though there are various differences to point out, the major difference is in RPH. While Level 1 can give 4 Miles of RPH, level 2 gives 24 miles.

Why A Hyundai Charging Station Is Game-Changing For Entrepreneurs

Business is all about better ideas and their execution at the right time. Accordingly, you must go for every possibility of the business growth you see. And EVs are another opportunity that helps in business growth. The way EVs are trending all over the world, it won’t be a surprise to see fuel cars replaced by electric cars in the future. With a bundle of benefits, EVs can give you the smart driving facility you can ever have. So, being an entrepreneur, if you want to know how a Hyundai charging station benefits a business, follow the blog.


6 Ways A Hyundai Charging Station helps Business

Being a businessman if you really looking to upgrade your business with facilities along with advancement, here are 6 ways EV charging stations benefit your business:


New Trend

With limitations in fuel consumption and bans on many petrol and diesel vans, it’s common for people to upgrade their fleet. And at the same time when the EV market emerged in our society, people became interested in them. Since there aren’t any good and great charging places around the world, it is easy to develop a business with charging stations and attract customers. With EV stations you can accept the newest tread along with customers’ choices.


Attract customers

Sometimes you try 100 ideas to attract customers, but you don’t get single footage of customers outside your store. But if you try to install a Hyundai charging station attached to your store you would apparently attract a huge number of customers to your business. EV drivers may stop for a few hours to top up their cars, and this could potentially be helpful for your other services. So no wonder, EV charger installation improves business. 


Customer Retention

Attracting customers might be an easy thing, but retaining them is not at all hard when you run a business. Sometimes situations become unbearable when you have too many competitors in and around your area. Fortunately, EV charger installation keeps you separated from your competitors. When a business gives added facility, it’s impossible to snatch customers. And exactly this happens when you install stations in your business. Plus employees can get more faithful.


Business Recognition

Being a business entrepreneur you might always dream of becoming the best and finest in your industry. And EV charger installation can apparently help you in such an aspect. EV charging is no doubt a fundamental facility, and installing a Hyundai charging station near your firm will mark both your business and charging station on maps and other internet platforms. And this will ultimately help you to make your business recognized.



Do you know what is the fastest way to grow your business? Facilitating unique services and products. Modern and unique things attract customers at a huge rate until competitors create something bigger and better. And an EV charging station is an absolute rarest yet important service that will boost your business growth. An EV charger near your store will make EV drivers shop while their car is on charge.


Increase customer connections

One of the most important aspects of business is customer connection. And to connect with customers you have to offer better facilities. You must remember that a customer will only purchase when they get the fullest satisfaction from you and your product. However, EV chargers can give the fullest customer satisfaction and will help you to increase customer connection. A Hyundai charging station can allow drivers to connect with your business when they stop by to charge.


Being an entrepreneur you would agree that growth is the primary goal of a business and A Hyundai charging station for the car is a perfect growth aspect you can consider in modern-day business. With the rise in EV usage, your business is surely going to enjoy the above-listed benefits. If you need Hyundai EV charging stations in your business or just a Hyundai Kona electric charger for a home contact us through our website. Read Hyundai electric charger-related blogs from our blog section.



Is it OK to leave the EV plugged in all the time?

It is almost always completely safe to leave one’s EV plugged in. Electric vehicles have systems in place to prevent the battery from being overcharged. Thus, leaving it plugged in is totally okay.

Should I charge my EV to 80% or 90 %?

Yes Absolutely, even you can keep your car set within the ‘Daily’ range bracket, up to approximately 90%. Charging up to 100% is best saved for when you are preparing for a longer trip. 

Can you charge an EV while it is running?

Yes, you can ‘start’ an EV while it’s plugged. But the charging unit has to be portable. As a safety measure, though, the drivetrain is disabled when your EV is plugged in to prevent damage to the vehicle, charger, and so on

Why do EV Chargers stop at 80%?

This is because, after 80%, the charge rate has to slow down to prevent the battery from overheating.

The Electric Vehicle Wall Charger: Why Do You Need It?

It’s a common question why do you need an electric vehicle wall charger? Why is it gaining popularity globally?


As we enter the new era of electric vehicles, we need to know and keep ourselves updated about that. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity daily; it is a great way to save money and cut out the population. As per the customer’s reports, they decided to test some famous electric wall charges that EV buyers might choose when purchasing their electric car.

We also asked a folk of EV owners about how they like or what they need in a home or electric vehicle wall charger? They all responded with the same thing charging an EV with a charger is pretty faster, safer, and cheaper.


You Can Use This Charger Safely


What do you think? Can you plug and play it? Just like taking a connection cable and plugging it into your car and the other side at the end of the grid, will it be enough? It’s not simple and easy. EV car batteries are directly connected to the grid and will charge the total power from your home electricity. And it requires 10 hours of charging to be fully charged, which leads you to danger as it creates very heat. 


That’s why you should always use 2 modes charging cable, a simple one but safer that can stop the charging in case of emergency. You can connect this directly to the grid.


Electric charging Can Speed it Up.


Using a smart charger to charge your car will be 10 times faster than charging it with a simple cable. Most electric vehicle wall charger and public charging stations provide rates up to 22 kW. Whereas your domestic socket can deliver up to 3.7 kW. How fast your car will be charged depends on the battery capacity and actual charging power. But if you don’t want to use any public charging station, you can install the electric vehicle wall charger at your home. You can contact us for an EV Charging station installation


Manage Your Charging 


If you charge your car with an OC EV Charger, you can manage your charging quickly without any burden. The world is now rushing to TESLA. That’s why we design our charging and installation process according to that so that without any hassle, you can manage your charging.


Save Money


No need to invest or pay for public charging stations. You can design an electric car charger installation at your home with a nominal investment. With a smart move, you can save money, and charge your car when electricity rates are low. Most of the time, electricity is cheaper late at night or early in the morning. So, you can utilize that time to charge your car.

Some of our consumers ask a few questions to us, like, “If I use a Higher Voltage than 220 Volts, will it charge the car faster?” “Do all EVs Need 220-Volt Outlets for Electric cars?”

It’s time to sort out these queries through this article. So, keep in touch and read till the end.


If I use a Higher Voltage than 220 Volts, will it Charge the Car Faster? 


There are a few charging levels like 110-volts is level one, 220-volts is level 2, and Level 3 charging is higher than that. It is the expert to charge the batteries with a total capacity in no time, faster than 220-volts outlets. You have seen most of the level 3 chargers in public charging stations, which can charge your EV 80% faster. But the issue is, this type of high charging outlet is strictly prohibited for home use as they need a massive power supply.

For home use, go with our electric vehicle wall charger with 220-volts, and it’s safer, faster, and a money saver.


Does An EV Need a 220 Volt Outlet for Electric Car


No, not at all EV cars need 220 volts to recharge properly. 220 volt supply is the level 2 charge; when you charge your EV with this, it will charge faster than your regular outlet charging. Not only that, 220 0utlest has multiple charging functions, like you can use other appliances in it like ovens and dryers to charge your EV.


A 220-volt outlet for electric cars considerably the new universal charging method. However, like newer TESLA models, some vehicles need an adapter as additional equipment to power up your vehicle.


Final Words

If you still have some doubts about this electric vehicle wall charger and installation procedure, please feel free to contact us. We are the leading EV charging solution providers, and we will help you install your EV charging station at a very low cost. Let’s unite together to build an eco-friendly society with zero pollution.

Why You Need To Have Porsche EV Charging Station At Your Home: 6 Reasons Explained

The price of crude oils is another thing that is growing rapidly throughout the world. And this ultimately affected the total ecology of human society. However, in that situation EV came to our rescue and helped us in both transportation and sustainability. Now if you are one of the victims of a gas price hike then you must convert yourself into an EV owner along with considering an EV charger just in your home. So, here we will discuss 6 reasons to have Porsche EV charging stations at your home.


6 Reasons To Have Porsche EV Charging Stations At Your Home 

If you are determined to buy an EV then you definitely need to know the reason to get an EV charging station in your home.


Low Maintenance Costs

The first reason to get Porsche EV charging stations at your home is low maintenance cost. If you buy a car with an IC engine, it will have more mechanical parts and therefore will have more complications and difficulties in maintaining. Instead, EVs and EV charging stations are not very complex, which snake them easier and cheaper to maintain. Even their simple structure is very less inconvenient for anyone to handle.


Low Running Costs

When cost is a headache for you, considering EV and EV charging station is the best option to go for. As we already said, crude oil became one of the most expensive things in the modern world. Running a mile depending upon these natural fuels certainly became very costly. But, on the other hand with EV and Porsche EV charging stations at your home you can depart yourself from the costlier way of life.


No More Fuel Price Hikes

Other than cars, natural fuels are also helpful for various industrial purposes. And due to the hike in these fuels various industrial products for the price hike. And this could be mitigated by using EV charged by EV chargers.


 Well, if you buy an EV, you will no longer have to worry about the daily fluctuating petrol and diesel prices. And when there is no price hike of anything then there would be a stable global economic condition.


Convenient Charging At Home

The best reason to have Porsche EV charging stations at your home is to get a covenant charging experience just by sitting at home. You might be familiar with the crowd that suddenly emerges on the fuel stations during peak hours. 


And this eventually makes you late to reach your destination on time. However, this is not the case with the EVs and EV charging station at your home. Here you just simply plug in your vehicle any time and get your car charged.


Easy to drive

Another fascinating thing about EVs is it is very easy to drive, which makes them more attractive to people. And this is the reason why you need to have an EV charging station right at your home. Since you only have to use a set of buttons or pedals, you might definitely go to buy one of them very soon. As you have an EV in your home you soon going to realize the need for an EV charger.


Environment Friendly

Last but not least, you must consider having EV and Porsche EV charging stations at your home because it is environmentally friendly. Being a wise citizen of this planet you can take steps by considering EV and EV charging stations. You might have seen how the earth has healed itself while the world was under lockdown. 


With low emission of harmful gases and chemical nature have been the best from decades. And this could be maintained with EVs. And for which you need an EV charger connection in your home.


If you are buying an EV any time soon, better consider having an EV charging station at your home. With a lot of benefits, it will help you to charge your EV anytime you want. To install your own electric vehicle charging station at your home contact us to get instant EV charging station installation service from our company. Also, read why you need a 220-volt outlet for an electric car from our blog section.



Why do we need an EV charging station?

The main reason to get an EV charging station is to charge your EV anytime anywhere. Due to the growing trend of one should have a charging station so they can use it for both personal and commercial purposes.


What are the benefits of using electric cars?
Cleaner environment.

  • No congestion charge
  • Lower running costs
  • Renewable electricity tariffs
  • Better driving experience
  • Reduced noise pollution


What is the benefit of smart EV charging over conventional charging?

The main benefit of EV charging is it has smart charging devices that enable the safe usage of maximal charging power. This makes charging much faster compared to using traditional power sockets.


Can EV charge at home?

Yes, with the right equipment and batteries, technicians, and electricians you can have an EV charger at home.

Perks of Owning KIA Charging Stations

It is necessary to be compatible with the latest technology. Electric vehicles are one of the modernizations in the automobile industry. Therefore EV charging stations are slowly turning into a profitable business. More and more people are investing to get charging stations for their personal use as well as commercial use. Through this blog, you will get to know the benefits of owning KIA charging stations for domestic and commercial use. 


Perks of having KIA charging station at home

If you already own or plan to own an EV you must have a charging station at home. You might feel that owning a charging station is both expensive and of no use since you can charge your car from the roadside stations. But the perks that we are about to mention will definitely mold your thoughts! So, let’s start with number #1! 

  1. Comparatively Cheaper than a commercial charging station 

Installing an electric vehicle charging station is a way more cheap option than paying regular bills for charging your car at a commercial place. Moreover, you also get to know the exact amount of charge your car has consumed and therefore can cut off the excess power to save your pocket from excess charging bills. 

  1. Convenience

Convenience is one of the major benefits of having an electric car charger at home. Unlike commercial charging stations, you need not wait for your turn to charge your car.  Moreover, you can adjust the amount of charge according to your need. Therefore no more wasting money and time charging your car.

  1. Battery life

Battery life is a very important factor in an EV.  To maintain the best health of your car’s battery, you need a proper charging appliance and the proper amount of charge. Meeting these criteria is not always possible while you are charging your vehicle at a public car charging station. Therefore to enjoy the best battery life of your car, you must have private KIA charging stations at your home. 

  1. Increased property value

As EVs are ruling the automobile industry, therefore having a 220 volt outlet for electric car chargers at your property, will boost its values. Most EV drivers look for charging stations and then schedule their drive to get their car charged during their journey. Therefore while you sell your property, you enjoy a higher price for your property by getting KIA charging stations installed at your property.

Perks of using the best-charging stations for a commercial purpose 

  • Attract more clients

It is quite obvious that by owning KIA charging stations at home you will be able to get more EV drivers to charge their cars at your place. Most car owners look for the best-charging stations and by owning a KIA charger you will be able to attract lots of clients to your charging stations. 

  • Environment cautious business

In this 21st century, people have become environmentally cautious, thus are looking forward to supporting businesses that do not harm nature. Therefore by installing an EV charging station for business, you demonstrate your care toward nature.

By  EV charging station installation you get certified by BOMA BEST (building environmental standards). This certification is proof that your business is committed to the environment.

  1. Place your location on the google map

As we have already mentioned that most EV owners track charging stations while traveling. Thus you get placed on the google map for your charging stations.  Through this, you enjoy the higher value of your property and also enjoy more clients for your business. By getting marked on the map you enjoy a prosperous EV charging business. 

  • Increased revenue

By investing in KIA charging stations for your business, you enjoy higher revenues. As these chargers are smart and fast charging appliances, thus you will be able to serve more clients than a regular level1 car charger. Clients also look for fast and safe charging options and therefore by having a branded car charging appliance, you enjoy more profit from your business. 

Depending on the business model, car charging is the occupation of the future. As with every passing day, the demand for EVs is increasing. Therefore by installing car charges, you will enjoy sustainability in your business. 

  1. Low operational cost 

The operational cost of EV charging stations is low than that of other businesses. Yes, you may feel that installing a charger is itself costly. But the revenue you get from your business covers the installation cost of the charger and the electric bill that you need to pay. Therefore you are able to earn more profit through low operational costs. 

EV is the future of the automobile industry. If you want to make investments in the future, install  KIA charging stations at your place. To get the best EV charging solutions and installations, contact us through our website.

6 Reasons Why Adding Ford EV Charger Installation Service can Improve Your Business

Are you running a small shop in your locality? Then you might want to upgrade it, to gain more profit. But if you don’t know how to grow your store then this blog helps you exactly at that part. When you have a lot of competitors in your locality the best thing for you to upgrade your business is with something that is very new and trendy in the international market. And that is the EV chargers. So read 8 ways Ford EV Charger Installation service can help your business to go upwards.


6 Main Reasons Why Adding Ford EV Charger Installation Service can Improve Your Business


Attract customers

The first and foremost reason to include EV chargers with Ford EV Charger Installation service in your business is to attract customers. If you slide business development, by including EV charging services you are also promoting your business in your locality. Since EV is a modern trend people are likely to fall for them and related services available in the market so this would be a profitable situation for you. 


Put Your Business On The Map

With an EV charging station in your business, you can upload your business on the local map. You must remember that people tend to search for facilities on their smart devices. And by including this crucial service in your business actually will help you to get your location on the maps.


 Ultimately when the EV drivers will access maps like zap-map, Google Maps, they can locate your EV charging station. Eventually, this would also help you gain customers on other products and services you offer. 


You Can Offer Unique Than Competitors

You can be unique and offer unique services by considering Ford EV Charger Installation services for your business. Besides, customer attraction business location you can also get superior against your competitors with this facility. 


Many EV drivers will likely want to have the option to charge while they shop or get service. Thus, offering EV charging points may mean you are chosen above competing businesses. And with many businesses struggling to compete with online offerings, it’s becoming more and more important to provide a superior shopping experience.


Increase Customer Connections

By considering EV charging installation service you can increase customer connections. Being a businessman you can’t deny the fact customer connection is the most important thing to improve your business. With more customer connections you can get more sales in a year. 


Smart EV charging can allow drivers to connect with a business if they stop by to charge, meaning businesses can gain further customers. Even you can expect return visits.


Support Eco-Friendly Business 

What could be better than having a business recognized by people as ‘Eco-Friendly Service?’  Yes! With  Ford EV Charger Installation service you can propagate eco-friendly business within your locality. 


The average CO2 emissions of cars offended the naturalist society of this modern era. With increasing contamination in the air, people are likely to accept nature-friendly ways to live in modern society. Even, their first preference is the company giving the sustainable option of lifestyle to them. So including an EV charging service in your business would be a great option.


Retain Customers

Apart from customer attraction, you can also get customer retention with  EV chargers and Ford EV Charger Installation service in your business. Having an EV infrastructure in your company will help retain customers who are willing to get EVs charged for their daily transportation. Adding an EV charging station near your store will help you to retain customers who have electric vehicles in their homes.


If you want to make high revenue with your business then considering EV charger installation would be the best solution. With these mentioned benefits you can get a lot more things. To get instant electric car charger installation, EV charging station installation visits our official website to contact us. Also read blogs on 220v outlet for electric car from our Blog section.




Why are EV charging stations important?

With the increased sales of electric vehicles, the demand for roadside EV charging stations is high. Without proper EC chargers, you can charge your EV. So it is very important to have EV charging stations. 


What are the benefits of the electric vehicle industry?

  1. Cleaner environment.
  2. No congestion charge.
  3. Lower running costs.
  4. Renewable electricity tariffs.
  5. Better driving experience.


How much do EV charging stations make?

With 8 hours of usage per day and a profit margin of Rs 3.5 per unit of electricity, an operator can recover the hardware costs in 7 years, according to EV reporter.


How do I Need To set up an EV charging station?

  • A transformer, substation equipment, and safety equipment.
  • 33/11 KV cables and associated equipment for line and meters.
  • Civil works, Electricians, and installations.

Reasons to Add Volvo Electric Car Charger for your Business

Electric vehicles have changed the same old traditional cars running on fuel. Therefore the transition from fuel to electricity has brought in a huge hype for EVs in this market. Thus charging stations for electric vehicles has become a profession for many entrepreneurs. If you consider yourself to be one of them, it is important that you get a Volvo electric car charger for your business. 


Reasons to use Volvo electric car charger for your business


As with every passing day, there are numerous new charging stations getting installed all over the country. The main focus of the automobile industry is to set up charging stations for EV all over the country. Therefore plunging into this business at its early stages, will turn out to be profitable for you. The reason we say so are as follows, 

  • Mark you business

As we know that charging stations for EV is an upcoming business and thus it is very important that your business gets marked by EV owners. In the same way, people who drive electric vehicles, schedule their journey according to the charging stations. Thus in such situations installing a Volvo electric car charger will provide support to your business.


Most people like to charge their vehicle with a proper charging appliance. Thus by owning a Volvo EV charger, you will enjoy more clients at your charging station due to its brand value. And you will be able to mark your business among other EV charging stations.

  • Earn while serving the nature

If you are a nature lover or an environmentalist, you might be concerned about the degrading condition of nature. And vehicles have been of the key components of the contamination. Therefore, by adding charging stations to the Volvo electric car charger you will be able to contribute to protecting nature.


 As we all know, EVs do not emit carbon footprints (carbon dioxide and methane) that are responsible for air pollution, you can always choose this as a business.  In addition to that, you will be able to save the taxes that you need to pay to decarbonize. 

  • Fewer competitors

As this business model is new to the market, you enjoy a sort of monopoly by having a Volvo electric car charger installed in your charging station. Most car lovers look for the best charging options to charge their car. Thus having a branded car charger installed at your charging station will bring in more clients than at your charging station. Therefore you also enjoy higher revenues from your business. 

  • Increases the value of your property

If you are planning for an electric car charger installation, you are sure to enjoy higher value for your property. By having a proper infrastructure for charging an electric vehicle at your place, you can add it as an extra accessory along with your property. And due to the high demand for charging stations, you will be getting better offers for your property. Therefore having a Volvo electric charging station at your place, will be profitable for you. 


Common FAQs regarding electric charger installation 

  • Is it possible to install an EV charger by myself?


Are you an electrician? If not, then you should never try it doing it by yourself. To install an EV charger for your business you need to hire the best professionals at your work. Trying out EV charging station installation by yourself may turn out to be a blunder. As EV chargers are never cheap, there is a possibility that you may end up damaging the appliance. The best option that you have got is to hire a professional EV charger installer for the work. 

  • What are the steps of installing an EV charger?


The steps of installing a  Volvo electric car charger for your business are as follows,

  1. Buy the charger 
  2. Choose the installer
  3. Let the installer perform tasks like,
  • Take measurements
  • Choose the best location for installing the charger
  • Look for the fuse box
  • Proper connectivity to the fuse box


  1. Complete the payment and choose an installation date


Things to consider while choosing the best EV charger installer


  1. Experience 

Look for experience the electric car charger installation company has in this field. Even though this is an emerging business, you need to check the prior experience they have in this field.

  • Certifications 

It is important that the EV charger installation company you have hired has proper certifications. Also, make sure that they have the authenticity from national regulations to provide their service. By hiring a licensed service provider, you will be surely getting the top quality service from them. 

If you are thinking about the future of your EV charging business,  installing a Volvo electric car charger is the best option that you have got. For further assistance visit our website.

Complete Guide to Install Audi Electric Car Charging Station on Your Home or Property

Gone are the days when you had to wait in the queue long and long at the fuel station until your turn came! Now you can easily charge your electric Audi at home with your own Audi Electric Charging Stations! But before you proceed to set up an EV charging station at your property, you must know the basics of the installation procedure. And here we are with a comprehensive guide.

Different types of Audi Electric Charging Stations and their installation procedures

Chiefly there are three types of electric vehicle chargers with which you can charge your electric Audi at your place conveniently. Moreover, these chargers are very energy efficient, thus there is no chance of ending up getting huge electricity bills. However coming to the core part, those three type includes: 

Level 1 EV charger and it’s an installation

Basically, level 1 electric vehicle chargers appear as an additional accessory with your electric car. And installing this charger does require professional assistance. However, the procedure is pretty simple. All you need is to set up a 120-volt wall outlet. Once the installation is accomplished you just need to plug in your level 1 EV charger into it, put the charging point in your vehicle, and there you go!!

The best part about this particular electric vehicle charging station is you do not even need to spend a hefty amount to set it up.

Level 2 electric vehicle charger and its installation

Yet another great option to set up your Audi Electric Charging Stations is installing a 240 or 220-volt outlet for the electric car. In fact, through this, your electric vehicle can charge itself faster and better. However, the whole setup requires special efforts, and should only be practiced under expert guidance.

The necessary steps:

Step 1: the outlet installation

While installing level 2 Audi Electric Charging Stations you need to run 240 volts of electricity to the charging location from the breaker panel. And, for that, the electrician handling the installation program might need to attach a double pole circuit breaker to two 120 volt outlets at once to twice the amount of the circuit voltage with the help of a 4-strand or heavy cable.

Step 2: The wiring

If you think about it from the wiring perspective, you would need to connect the earth-in wire to the ground bus bar, a regular wire to the wire busbar, and lastly two how wires to the pole breaker. Also, you might need to replace the breaker box completely for having a well-matched interface. And during the process make sure to shut down all the power supplies into the breaker box. 

Step 3: safety measures to check

Now that everything is on the perfect track and your circuit breaker is connected to your home wiring accurately, you are all set to run your 4 strand or heavy cable to the charging location. Nevertheless, make sure that the newly installed cable is properly insulated and protected with armor to avoid any unforeseen accident.

Step 4: The mounting 

The last phrase involves mounting your charging unit to your charging station, connecting it to a 240-volt cable.

Note: Administering the above-discussed steps of electric car charger installation at home without professional guidance is definitely not a smart move. To ensure safety and security you should always hire a professional electrician or simply call us for help.

Level 3 electric vehicle charger and its installation

The last and final EV charger in today’s list is a level 3 electric charger. Primarily, this charger is widely used in commercial and industrial establishments. It is pretty expensive and needs powerful electrical tools and equipment for optimal operation. This is why this type of DC fast charger is not compatible with homes.


Level 3 EV chargers are capable of charging a vehicle about 80% in just thirty minutes. These superchargers are the best fit for roadside stations. 

Things to consider before setting up a level 3 EV charger

Site assessment

Before installing a level 3 EV charger the professionals usually run a site analysis to ensure the infrastructure is adequate for the installation program. This includes assessing the site location, checking out the lighting as well as security measures, and considering the utility needs.

Planning the infrastructure

In the second step, the professionals draft a diagram, representing the electrical distribution of that particular site. Later on, they initiate the project by pouring concrete, boring holes, trenching, and landscaping.

Final installation

Once they complete all the assessment checks, the professionals proceed with the project along with the site engineers and contractors. This involves installing electrical wires, piping, and running conduits.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the to and for of Audi Electric Charging Stations and their installation program. In case you need any help in electric car charger installation, feel free to contact us.

7 Reasons why you need to Consider Electric Car Charger Installation

Are you using an EV for self-accommodation? Well, then you might be facing problems in charging your EV now and then. So what if we say, you don’t need to face such inconvenience anymore? Yes, when you can install an electric car charger at your home you are hardly going to face problems in charging your electric vehicle. To enlighten you about the Electric Car charger installation service, make sure you read this entire blog till the end.


What is an EV Charger and When Do You Need Electric Car Charger Installation Service?


To get an appropriate answer, first, you need to understand what EV is. So EV is basically a short form of an electric vehicle or an automobile that runs with help of electricity. When the maximum of cars in the world run with the help of chemical energy, EVs run with help of electric energy. And this clarifies what an EV charger is and when you need an EV charger. Like petrol, diesel, and gas stations provide fuel to regular fuel-oriented cars, EV chargers charge your car. And this is when you need an Electric Car charger installation service. 


7 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Electric Car Charger Installation


There are 7 main reasons why you need to consider EV charger installation at your home. They are listed in the following:

  • Fast And Instant Charging

The first point we propose to you is fast and instant charging. When you consider Electric Car charger installation at your home you get the best and smartest changing device for your car. And that smart charging devices allow the safe usage of maximal charging power. This makes charging much faster compared to using traditional power sockets. 

  • Safe Charging

The second point on our list goes with safe charging.  Smart EC chargers are significantly safer because smart devices automatically test the connection between the car and the charging instrument before charging. Moreover, you can ensure safety with a dynamic load management system or several charging points.

  • You can Monitor your Electricity Consumption

With Electric Car charger installation you can monitor electricity consumption. Any nearby disputes about your raised electricity consumption can mitigat by connecting the charging device to a charging service. It automatically gathers consumption data and gives it to you. The service can report the costs of both public and home charging automatically to the employer in order to help users with company cars.

  • You Can Optimize Charging Time

You can also optimize the charging time with the help of EV chargers at your home. With EV charging technology, timing can be optimized based on the price of the local electricity industry. This eventually saves your money and also directly benefits the environment and the electricity grid, as prices depend on the demand for electricity. With the help of charging time optimization, you can balance the EV charging the supply and demand of electricity and lower the need for electricity generation and its cost.

  • Don’t Need To Find Charging Stations

The most vital reason why you need to consider Electric Car charger installation at your home is you don’t need to find a proper charging station. When a charging station connects your home with a charging network you won’t need the help of a corporate charger in your area. Moreover, you can lend your charging station in your neighborhood which could be also an extra income for you. The owner of the device can decide how to restrict access to himself, his friends, or anyone using the network.

  • You Can Get Maximum Convenience

What could be more exciting than having convenience in the matter of safe and healthy accommodation? Exactly, this is another reason why you need to buy EVs and install EV chargers in your home. With a faster EV charger, you can charge your car efficiently and quickly from the comfort of your own home. Thus, you won’t need to worry about finding a service station. With a consistent charging cycle, you can fit your car’s charging needs into your schedule, while not worrying about a charging station.

  • Get Maximum Home Value

When the best-featured home is in high demand in the real estate industry you must prepare your home with a lot better functionality. And as electric vehicles become increasingly common, many homeowners will want to purchase property with a dedicated EV charger. Thus you will get better value for your home when you sell it. Isn’t this the best reason to install an EV charger?


If you are asking why you need to install electric car chargers at your home you probably don’t know the reasons. However, this is the reason we brought this blog before you. Immediately contact us to get Tesla charging station installation service, electric vehicle charging station building service from our company. Also read, benefits of electric vehicle charging station installation from our official website.

7 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Your Home or Property

So do you drive an EV and have an EV charging station in your home? No? Then it is very unfortunate. However, you might have heard of electric vehicles anywhere on the internet or on any TV channels and how it is rapidly growing in our society. But do you know why it is growing? If not, then follow this blog to know the 7 benefits of installing EV and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at your home.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Station


There are 7 main benefits of installing EV and EV charging stations in your home and your property. Let’s learn them in the following: 


  • Clean air commitment

When our globe is facing an immense amount of air pollution you can be a part of making healthy air by considering EV and EV charging stations in your home. With uncounted diesel and petrol operated vehicles all over the world, our nature is facing a huge amount of contamination. Moreover, the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide not only affects nature but also human health rapidly.

In this situation, accepting the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging station would be a smart move for you.


  • Lower cost of driving for your community

There is nothing better than having one of the cheapest and most affordable accommodations in this expensive fuel world. Research has shown that EVs are way cheaper than fuel or gas-operated automobiles. As an instance, a group of scientists in the USA determined that an EV driver saves almost $770 per year compared to any diesel, or operated gas. Not only this, some studies confirmed that EVs are better and more fabulous in performance in comparison to regular cars. When you have the option to reduce your expenses with EV, why shouldn’t you get one? 


  • EVs pave the way to other forms of clean transportation

Another fascinating advantage of considering electric cars and electric vehicle charging station is they bring you smart and modernized living trends with sustainability and affordability. Are you not a bit bored with the same regular car fission in the global market? The same old doors, facilities, and system? If yes then you must change your preference to EVs. These modernized vehicles not just add style and new trends to your car world but also incorporate advanced living. With electric fuel, you are also getting features like automation or auto-pilot mode, Wi-Fi for internet connection, and a lot more.

  • Electric vehicles support environmental justice

As we said, pollution is deeply responsible for several health conditions. Moreover, many kids are becoming victims of the emission of pollution from fuel-oriented cars and vehicles. People living near highways and trucking routes suffer a lot. Every year they are consuming a lot of dust particles which affects their health. Even a conducted research said that kids living just beside 246 feet of a highway had an increased risk of asthma in near future. However, you can change it and incorporate environmental justice just by accepting EV.


  • EV charging increases property value

You can’t deny the fact that EVs and electric vehicle charging station are one of the increasing trends in the car world. So it is very obvious that when you have an EV charging station in your home you will get better deals on sales. Getting the proper price for your property is not at all an easy job. Especially when people expect the best at the lowest price.  But when you install an EV charging station on your property, it attracts a huge number of people with attractive deals. And this helps you when you are financially unstable and need help.


  • EVs help your community achieve climate change goals

While the impacts of the rise in global warming, promoting sea levels rise, droughts, hurricanes, people are hardly playing a role to mitigate the potential damage. However, still, there are some cities, big and small, that are developing sustainability roadmaps. These plans include increased use of renewables, limiting water use, and a wholesale shift to electric vehicles for municipal fleets. And if you want to be part of such a notion you must immediately participate in it by accepting EV and EV chargers in your home.


  • EV communities get great PR

The benefits of EV and electric vehicle charging stations to every community can be quantified. Many leaders support EVs because they believe it’s the right thing to do. However, any business or politician that backs improvements to the local environment will get bonus attention from the media. EV drivers automatically appreciate and feel at home in communities with charging at shopping centers and a lot of nature-loving communities. Isn’t it very great to get praise words by doing good things? 


Haven’t you yet considered EV and EV charging in your home or property? Then immediately get one. By looking into those above-mentioned benefits help yourself and your atmosphere in healthy living. Also read, 220v outlet for an electric car, Tesla charging station installation, EV charging station installation from our official website.