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Electric Vehicle Home Charger: Traits And Perks Of Installation

With the rapidly increasing popularity of EVs, charging from public stations became an indisputable issue for many people. Inconvenient charging facilities and long queues at charging stations started eating time from people’s hands. And to solute this problem, EV manufacturers invented EV charging facilities for homes. With a lot more intriguing features, the Electric Vehicle Home charger became one of the most convenient ways to charge an EV.  And that’s why today we decided to discuss the traits and perks of EV installation.


4 Traits of Installing Electric vehicle Home Charger


1. Your Home Eligible Or Not

You might believe EV charger installation is very easy, but honestly, it’s way more hectic than you think. Because home charging station installation needs to pass the verification of eligibility of your home. And in that matter, you need to make sure your home can stand against strong electricity flow and doesn’t have fire-related objects near your station.


2. Check for Sufficient Electrical Service

When you are installing an Electric Vehicle Home charger in your home, the second trait you must be aware of is whether your home has proper electric connectivity or not. You need to make sure there is proper current connectivity at your property to carry the load of the charger. Circumstantially, You can take the help of your local technicians and electricians who can assess the connection system of your home.


3. Space in Your Electrical Panel

Before considering a home EV charging station installation at your home you must check the space in your electric panel. When the entire electrical setup of the home with medium-range gadgets, you probably end up getting relatively small panels with low space, which don’t even support high voltage. And the low electrical panel is the opposite criterion of having an EV charging station at your home. So make sure electrical panels have enough space and can carry enough voltage.


4. Need To Obtain Electrical Permit

The fourth trait of installing an Electric Vehicle Home charger is an electrical permit. In this step, you need to get legal permission from the administrative council or electricity department to get an EV charger installed. With a formal application, you need to make sure you have the best You must apply for your EV charging station permission to your local administrative body, or their technical department. You can also take the help of a professional electrician who will take possible legal action for you.


3 Perks of Installing Electric vehicle Home Charger


I) Time-Saving

Imagine it’s morning and you are in hurry, and suddenly you discover that your electric car going low. Well, this would have been less concerning if you have installed an Electric Vehicle Home Charger! With smart charging devices in your home, you can quickly put your fast car charger while relaxing at one time. Even if you are busy with your personal work you can still get your car charged without visiting a public station.


ii) Charge Safer

Safety is the most important thing you need to focus on when speaking of your car. And smart chargers are certainly an excellent way you can guarantee car safety forever. Plugging your car at home firstly prevents the risk of thieves and burglars lurking who can dame got your car. And secondly, with a smart charger, You can stop the charging by remote saving your battery from being overpowered. 


iii) You can Monitor electricity Consumption


If you install a smart charger in your home you can get another interesting benefit. Yes! With Electric Vehicle Home charger installation you can also get the benefit of checking the electricity consumption from your phone. What’s more intriguing, you can manage your electricity consumption accordingly, if you think it’s overused. 


Here is everything you needed to know about installing EV chargers in your home. So contact us right now to get an installation servicer for 220 volt outlet for electric car, wall connector installation, and VW electric charging stations.




Why EV charging is important?

The main reason for getting an EV charger installation in your home brace it can increase your revenues. You can stand business with it making it public for your neighbors. 


What are the benefits of charging stations?

There are 5 main benefits of installing an EV charger in your business. Ans they are, improve in air quality, gain in tax advantages, increase value, and retain High-Quality employees.

5 Benefits You Can Get By Installing Level 2 EV Charger

Do you know what is the most important part of an EV? An EV charger. So, it is very important to choose the right charger for your EV. Remember, an EV battery works more durable with suitable EV chargers. And level 2 charge is the only compatible charge that can work flexibly for your electric car and its battery. With added facilities, this charger is more convenient and comfortable in the long run. Continuing good words on Level 2 EV charger today we would discuss their benefits in this blog.


5 Benefits Of Level 2 EV Charger


Fast Charging Facility


One of the biggest benefits of a level 2 EV charging station is a fast-charging facility. While a level 1 charger takes 6 to 7 hours to charge an electric vehicle, a second level charger gives a full charge to your car within 2 to 3 hours. 


A level 2 charger features a system with 220 volts and with 35 amps. To make it more stable the charger consists of 3 phases making it a perfect fast charging. These charging units are most suitable for public EV charging stations.


Range Per Hour (RPH)


Another reason to adore this charging facility is due to its RPH. RPH or  Range per hour basically refers to the driving range per hour of charging. In detail, it is a unit that measures the amount of charge used to drive a mile each hour. And the more RPH a charger gives the more miles the EV will run. 


Level 2 EV charger are the chargers that can comparatively give you the highest RPH you seek. This charging facility provides up to 25 miles per hour on one charge. Even some customized EV chargers can give between 100 and 200 RPH.


Vast Features


If multiple features are what you seek in your EV charging facility then there is barely anything as good as Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. If you study Level 1 chargers, you would find, they are pretty basic and don’t come with a lot of features. Meanwhile, Level 2 charging facilities have plenty more options than even you could imagine. 


Starting from mechanical locking features to smart Wi-Fi connectivity you can get all with Level 2 chargers. Not to mention, you can also set a charging alarm to keep your car charged before a long journey.


Property value


A Level 2 EV charger helps you beyond charging. You might believe this potent EV charger just can help you to charge your EV fast, but it also promotes the resale value of your home. Since people need great facilities in their new home, a fast EV charging unit can unsurprisingly help them with that. 


By advertising the level 2 charger in your home you can draw the attention of EV owners available surfing the real estate industry. Later, you can also ask for higher values when you find multiple buyers are interested in your property.


Supports Both AC And DC Current


Interestingly, a level 2 EV charger supports both AC and DC current. While installing an old conventional EV charging system you might have heard installers asking which type of current your home possesses. Well, this is because most EV chargers were built to support the DC system. 


And if your domestic provider doesn’t provide a DC current you can’t install an EV charger in your home. However, this is not the problem with the Modern level 2 charging facility, since it supports both. 


So here are 5 major benefits you can get by installing a Level 2 EV charger in your home. With fast charging, high RPH increased property value, and limitless features you can enjoy a new level of convenience. So if you want to install a level 2 220 volt outlet for electric car or ford ev home charger along with commercial EV charger installation contact us through our website.




How efficient is a Level 2 EV charger?

In comparison to level 1 charger level 2 charger is on average 5.6% more efficient. On a larger scale Level 2 is 89.4 % and level 1 is 83.8%.

What does a Level 2 charger do?

A level 2 charger is nothing but a compact 220-240 volt, 30-40 amperage, 25 RPH charger that gives fast charging facility.


What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging?

Though there are various differences to point out, the major difference is in RPH. While Level 1 can give 4 Miles of RPH, level 2 gives 24 miles.

Why A Hyundai Charging Station Is Game-Changing For Entrepreneurs

Business is all about better ideas and their execution at the right time. Accordingly, you must go for every possibility of the business growth you see. And EVs are another opportunity that helps in business growth. The way EVs are trending all over the world, it won’t be a surprise to see fuel cars replaced by electric cars in the future. With a bundle of benefits, EVs can give you the smart driving facility you can ever have. So, being an entrepreneur, if you want to know how a Hyundai charging station benefits a business, follow the blog.


6 Ways A Hyundai Charging Station helps Business

Being a businessman if you really looking to upgrade your business with facilities along with advancement, here are 6 ways EV charging stations benefit your business:


New Trend

With limitations in fuel consumption and bans on many petrol and diesel vans, it’s common for people to upgrade their fleet. And at the same time when the EV market emerged in our society, people became interested in them. Since there aren’t any good and great charging places around the world, it is easy to develop a business with charging stations and attract customers. With EV stations you can accept the newest tread along with customers’ choices.


Attract customers

Sometimes you try 100 ideas to attract customers, but you don’t get single footage of customers outside your store. But if you try to install a Hyundai charging station attached to your store you would apparently attract a huge number of customers to your business. EV drivers may stop for a few hours to top up their cars, and this could potentially be helpful for your other services. So no wonder, EV charger installation improves business. 


Customer Retention

Attracting customers might be an easy thing, but retaining them is not at all hard when you run a business. Sometimes situations become unbearable when you have too many competitors in and around your area. Fortunately, EV charger installation keeps you separated from your competitors. When a business gives added facility, it’s impossible to snatch customers. And exactly this happens when you install stations in your business. Plus employees can get more faithful.


Business Recognition

Being a business entrepreneur you might always dream of becoming the best and finest in your industry. And EV charger installation can apparently help you in such an aspect. EV charging is no doubt a fundamental facility, and installing a Hyundai charging station near your firm will mark both your business and charging station on maps and other internet platforms. And this will ultimately help you to make your business recognized.



Do you know what is the fastest way to grow your business? Facilitating unique services and products. Modern and unique things attract customers at a huge rate until competitors create something bigger and better. And an EV charging station is an absolute rarest yet important service that will boost your business growth. An EV charger near your store will make EV drivers shop while their car is on charge.


Increase customer connections

One of the most important aspects of business is customer connection. And to connect with customers you have to offer better facilities. You must remember that a customer will only purchase when they get the fullest satisfaction from you and your product. However, EV chargers can give the fullest customer satisfaction and will help you to increase customer connection. A Hyundai charging station can allow drivers to connect with your business when they stop by to charge.


Being an entrepreneur you would agree that growth is the primary goal of a business and A Hyundai charging station for the car is a perfect growth aspect you can consider in modern-day business. With the rise in EV usage, your business is surely going to enjoy the above-listed benefits. If you need Hyundai EV charging stations in your business or just a Hyundai Kona electric charger for a home contact us through our website. Read Hyundai electric charger-related blogs from our blog section.



Is it OK to leave the EV plugged in all the time?

It is almost always completely safe to leave one’s EV plugged in. Electric vehicles have systems in place to prevent the battery from being overcharged. Thus, leaving it plugged in is totally okay.

Should I charge my EV to 80% or 90 %?

Yes Absolutely, even you can keep your car set within the ‘Daily’ range bracket, up to approximately 90%. Charging up to 100% is best saved for when you are preparing for a longer trip. 

Can you charge an EV while it is running?

Yes, you can ‘start’ an EV while it’s plugged. But the charging unit has to be portable. As a safety measure, though, the drivetrain is disabled when your EV is plugged in to prevent damage to the vehicle, charger, and so on

Why do EV Chargers stop at 80%?

This is because, after 80%, the charge rate has to slow down to prevent the battery from overheating.

Why You Should Buy the Best Wall Charger For Electric Car

Benefits of having an electric vehicle are known by all. But do you know, how owning an EV wall charger can benefit you? Unlike fuel-oriented vehicles, EVs need more time to get powered up to give you maximum service. And this is utterly inconvenient for one to be dependent on the public charging station. However, what if you install a unit in your home? Won’t it be very convenient for you? Yes, with the best wall charger for the electric car you have 8 main benefits which we are going to mention below. So follow the blog till the end.


8 Reasons for The Best Wall Charger For Electric Car



While many people dream to get an affordable life, and hardly can get it. An EV charging station would give you an affordable life feeling with its facilities. After covering the cost of installation, and electric bill charging costs you would find that home EV charging is way cheaper compared to payments in public charging stations. 


Moreover, It also provides you with real-time data on used energy for tax benefits claims from your local administration. Even there is also smart solar charging which will not even peek in your pocket to promote your expenses. 



You have to agree that humans are fast creatures. Though it took millions of years to reach where we are now still we are running more than any other animals. And for this fast-moving creature, you need fast things and utilities to keep up the pace. A Wall charger for the electric car is another thing that helps us to keep up the pace in our life. There are various ranges of EV chargers that would help you to charge your battery anywhere between 45 minutes to 7 hours. 



Convenience is the irreplaceable demand of people almost everybody wants in their life. But there are barely some commodities and systems that make your lifestyle soothing and convenient. In such a situation installing a home EV charger would be a relief. This is because with the advanced facility of car chargers this device doesn’t just save you time but also keeps you at home. 


Having an electric car charger gives control of when to charge. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. This ends the countless days and wasted hours in lining up.



When you invest in something you probably want it to useful and efficient for you. Unfortunately, some investments don’t go as we expect. But this is not the case with a wall charger for the electric car. When you invest in EV charging stations you would meet your expectations to the fullest. 


Though by far the price for EV chargers is bearable, you cant be sure about the future. It’s no surprise that the future of electric cars is shaping up to be a bright one so it could be said that EV charging installation might cost you high. 


Battery Life

There is hardly a difference between a mobile phone battery and an EV charger battery. And most importantly, they both tend to become less effective over time. Even in some circumstances when you use and charge your battery constantly it can reduce its capacity to hold power. 


To slow down the degradation of the battery it is recommended to have an almost full battery, rather than a few hour taps on a public charging station. Having a home EV charger is ideal for this type of charging situation.


Property Value

Have you ever considered selling your house in a very short time? Then you might have faced some ridiculous offers that made you think, what could have improved the quality of my property. Well, the answer is an EV charger. 


An EV charger undoubtedly can increase the value of your house. As more and more people are into electric vehicles, buyers who have an EV surely prefer houses with a Wall charger for the electric car.



Another reason to buy wall EV chargers for your home is that they are compatible. Most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. This is good just in case another EV from a different manufacturer you buy. There is no need to separately line up twice or thrice to a brand-specific home wall charging station in your garage.


Eco-friendly economy

Lastly, the thing that makes a Wall charger for the electric car special is its eco-friendly nature. To reduce the use of electricity wall chares are applied wall charging which is subsequently efficient for you. The home charging applications interrupt charging during peaks in electricity consumption. In this way, you help to maintain the balance of the grid. This is good for the network, the environment, and your wallet.

So here are the 8 reasons why you should buy a wall EV charger unit got your EV. With a lot more utilities these charging units benefit you a lot. So if you want to install electric vehicle wall charger or need an EV charging station installation for business or searching for 220-volt outlet for electric car contact us through our website.

7 Tips To Plan Your EV Trip Without Audi Electric Car Charger

Road trips on vacations are always an adventure especially when you have a company of an EV. While you seek to explore surroundings, nature, and distant places, EVs usually help to make it more fun. However, the only flaw you would face while having a road trip in your EV is a charging problem. When you don’t have a portable EV charger, and you head out for a long trip you can certainly have a problem. So today in this blog we are discussing 7 tips to plan your Audi EV trip without a portable Audi electric car charger.


Know Car’s Charger Type

Commonly, many people own electric cars, but they hardly have enough knowledge about EV parts and chargers. And this is a drawback especially when you take your car for a long drive. First, better know the charger type of your EV. So later when your car runs out of battery you can charge it with a proper Audi electric car charger. Though some of the common Audi chargers are easily available anywhere, old models can create inn convenience.


Map Out Your Route

Whether you are concerned about the power of your EV or not, you must always map out your route before going out for a long trip. This is because to make sure the road has the proper place to halt your car, even have charging stations for Audi. 


Apart from that, you have to remember that EV batteries are prone to lose durability with long use. Afterward, charging your electric vehicle would become useless for you. So mapping out the route for charging stations with Audi chargers, halts, and restaurants is a better idea.


Use Charged EV

Do you know what is the best way to make your EV trip convenient? By taking a charged car with you on the trip. Though you can’t carry Audi electric car charger station from your home, you can charge your EV to its fullest with it. And by this way, you won’t just make your trip convenient, but even time friendly. When you have a home Audi charger why you should not utilize it to its fullest?


Download EV Apps

Mapping out routes might be an excellent way to detect Audi charging stations on the road but, it’s not as prominent as EV apps. No matter what EV you are using, quality EV apps will locate an active Audi EV charging station for you. 


When you are unsure whether the EV charging station on the Route whether open or not, mobile app hosts find compatible charging stations nearby. Moreover, some apps are featured with a prebooking charging facility, which will help you to manage time for yourself.


Consider Distance

When you don’t have a Portable Audi electric car charger with you, you must consider a trip not far from your home. Otherwise, this little mistake would make you pay a lot. 


People who own EVs must assess the charge of their vehicles before using them. This is to make sure how long it can serve them. Instead, they often ignore the fact and face inconvenience in the journey. However, if you plan your trip according to the charge and power holding capacity you won’t face such inconvenience.



Planning cost is one of the most important aspects of an EV trip. You have to remember that EV charging is not at all free of cost. Neither EV parking spots are. So plan a  trip according to your budget. 


Planning a trip that exceeds your cost can ruin the whole fun of your journey. Both low battery power and low money would squeeze you into convenience. Lastly, you would end up having the worse EV trip you could ever imagine.


Accommodation Facility With Audi Charger

A long trip means a night stay or a 24-hour thing. So you must plan to book a suite in a hotel with a free Audi electric car charger facility. After a 200 to 300 miles journey, you would surely lose a huge amount of charge from your car. 


Staying in a hotel with an EV charging facility would help you recharge your car and save humongous time. And if you don’t consider EV charging facility-less hotels. You might have to ponder on a nearby station the next day, which can make you late for other activities.

Here are the 7 tips that explain how to plan for an EV trip without an EV charging system for Audi. By following these tips you won’t just get an entertaining and fun EV trip but also a very sustainable trip anyone ever could get. So if you want to have portable and nonportable Audi electric charging stations or set up a 220-volt outlet for electric car immediately visit our official website and contact us. Also, read more blogs on Electric vehicle charging stations, from our blog section.

5 Right Places to Install a Fiat Electric Car Charger in Your Home

Having an EV is not entertaining when you don’t have an EV charger in your home. And, in the early era of electric vehicles, it is very hard to find a public EV charging station. So, having a proper charger at home for your EV benefits you with a lot of utilities. But, at first, you must locate the proper position on your property to install an EV charger. While most people install EV chargers in the wrong places, you must locate the right place for EV installation. And this will explain to you the 5 right places to install Fiat electric car charger in your home.


5 Right Places In Your Home to Install A Fiat Electric Car Charger


Lawn Charging Shelf

Having a beautifully decorated lawn on a property can be appealing, but sometimes it can feel very regular and boring. However, with a lawn charging shelf on your lawn you can create a unique look on your lawn and also get better car charging service. 


Though many experts refer to keeping a Fiat electric car charger out from direct heat and pathetic climatic conditions, creating a standing shelf with a cover on top can keep heat and harsh climate away. And ultimately you can get the best space for your EV charging.


Back Door Charger

Almost all homes have a back door that connects another part of a road. And if you use your backdoor to get access to your electric vehicle then installing a Fiat electric car charger at the back door is one of the best ideas to install EV charger.


In some cases, you might lack the proper space in your property to build a garage. And this can force you to park your EV on the road, near a sidewalk. However, having an EV charger near your backdoor that connects can help you to charge your car.


Garage Charger

One of the most common positions to install a car charger in your home is inside of your garage. A garage is an additional place where you don’t just park your car but also hold an arsenal of equipment. And this is the reason that makes the garage a perfect place to install  Fiat electric car charger.


As you already know EV chargers become very vulnerable in contact with harsh weather and climatic condition. Even, sudden rain with a storm can utterly damage your charging system if it is kept outside. So installing an EV charger in the garage is the best place to choose.


Near Parking Space

Installing a  Fiat electric car charger in a parking space is an excellent place to have car EV charger installation. Especially when you live in residential flats with a huge parking space attached. Installing an EV charger in your residential parking space doesn’t just allow you to charge your car but also helps you financially. 


If your flat neighbors own electric cars they can tend to take charging service from you. And this would amazingly help you to make money while having a perfect space to install an EV charger.


Parking Shade EV Charger

Do you know what is the best way to fit your car on your property? By installing a shade in your backyard or anywhere on your property. And if you own an electric vehicle for your transportation, installing an EV charger under the shade is the best place to have an EV charging installation service.


While installing an EV charger you must always remember that EV chargers need to be protected from extreme climatic conditions. Meanwhile, you just also need to ensure that the EV charger is near to your car. So installing under your car shave is an excellent idea to install EV chargers.


If you are willing to know the perfect places in your for your to install an EV charger for your electric Fiat car, here are 5 suitable places where you can keep chargers near your car while keeping them safe. So if you want to get, a Fiat 500e charging stations installation service, along with a 220 volt outlet for electric car charger installation and electric car charger installation contact us through our official website.




Can I set up an EV charging station?

You can set up an EV charging station at your home by authentication of your local administrative body and local electronic assistant. With government permission, professional electricians assemble essential things and make your EV charger. 


Is it profitable to open an EV charging station?

EV fast chargers to be more profitable than petrol pumps claims energy major BP. BP plans to grow its EV charging business in the coming years to 70,000 charging points by 2030 from 11,000 now. 


What are the requirements for an EV charging station?

At least 1 Public Charging Station is to be available within a grid of 3Km x 3Km for personal charging infrastructure.

Everything You Need to Know About KIA Niro EV charger

Do you want to know everything about the KIA Niro EV charger?  Well, stick to the end of this blog; you will get all the updated and necessary information. When charging your electric vehicle, you must choose the most suitable option. You can set it at home, in your workplace, or at any nearby charging station.

But the point is, how fast do you charge your vehicle? Although there are various types of connectors and chargers in the market, they may look confusing a bit at first. But the actual process of plugging is very easy and quick, like charging your mobile.

The Kia Niro vehicle provides easy and smooth infotainment controls and a good economy. Moreover, this vehicle is similar to the SUV that contains all the high-tech features, including all kinds of power train options.

The Kia Niro EV charger is an all-electric crossover utility vehicle with DC fast charging facility. It charges at a high-speed rate of up to 77 kW, which helps the Niro recharge up to 80% within 60 minutes.  Also, the Kia Niro EV charger uses the SAE CCS(Combined Charging Connector) up to level 3 DC fast charge.

Where and How is An Electric Car Charged?

These days Kia Niro EV charger has a demand wherever you go.

  • Charging at Home 

One of the most convenient, cost-effective, and common ways out for all-electric vehicle holders to recharge their EV. You need off-street charging, though on-street residential charging is becoming common. You need a home charging point; install an EV charging station if you don’t have one.

  • Charging at Work

As the government grants some capital allowances, so now millions of EV drivers, including you, conveniently charge their cars outside their offices.  EV charging station installation has already started or is in process.

  • Charging at Public Charging Station 

You can now find an extensive network of public charging stations or KIA Niro EV charger in urban areas.  Some stations provide national coverage, and some can be found in certain regions. Most of them are free to use, but some fast and rapid charging systems require payment. You will get several Kia charging stations on your way.

An Easy Overview or Guide To How To Charge an Electric Vehicle

Don’t assume that all cars have the same types of charging connectors. But if you know your type of connectors, the rest is pretty simple. Right now, consider these two main connectors –

  • That one plugs into your car
  • Another connects to the power source

Which one you will use depends on your type of EV car model, where you are charging, and the charging.

 Depending on the modes, there are three main types of EV charging – Rapid, Fast and Slow.  And four main types of connectors are there – Type 1, Type 2. Type 2 Combo and CHAdeMO. 

KIA Niro EV charger comes under Type 2 and Type 2 Combo and CHAdeMO. Each type of charger has a typical set of connectors designed according to the high power or low power capacity or uses, or AC or DC charging.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A 220 Volt Outlet At House? 

Are you planning to install a 220 volt outlet for an electric car at home? You keep in mind some important factors the cost of installing a 220 volt outlet. The first thing you need to do is search out whether you already have a 220 volt outlet. Check your dryer plug; does it fit perfectly in it? Most 220 volts outlets cost approximately $800 to $1500. But make sure to install it with a professional electrician who has the license to do so.

The next thing you need to look out for if you don’t have a garage is to mark the distance where your car is parked at the time of charging. You need to bring it as close to your home as possible because most of the chargers are not capable enough to cover the high distance. It will be a big factor in the cost to install the outlet.

Another factor that can vary your cost is the electric box. If it is upstairs or far away from that place where you are willing to install your outlet, it may increase the cost given above.

Increasing the cost is not only the factor of these points mentioned above, sometimes it increases due to the labor price, to install it. Parts like wire can hike your budget a bit because to run 220 volts requires thick wire. So, you have to consider these things before installing the outlet.

Electric Vehicles are the upcoming revolution, better to say, the future of our next generation. So, if you are planning to install an outlet at your home or want to make some investment in these charging stations, you can contact us through our website, and we will guide you accordingly.

8 Traits To Follow While Choosing Tesla Wall Charger Installation Service

Choosing the right EV charging installation service for a wall charger in your home is very demanding. Especially when your transportation is solely dependent on EVs. With the right equipment and utilities, professionals tend to install an EV charging station in your home so you can power up your vehicle whenever you need. But, As there is huge competition in the industry, it is very difficult to choose one on your own. So today in this blog we are talking about 8 traits to follow while choosing the Tesla Wall charger Installation service.

8 Simple Traits To Follow While Choosing Tesla Wall Charger Installation Service


Authentication of a company mainly depends on its license. There is not a single business authority in this world that is not bound by business protocols. And a license defines the registration under the protocol. So always make sure the Tesla Wall charger Installation service you are going to hire is authorized by your local administration and has a license to serve you at your doorstep.


Experience is a prime value of man, a group, an organization, and an authority. The experience of a man certifies their skills and proficiency in their work and activity. And this is another trait you must look for before hiring EV installers for your wall EV charging station. 

Experienced professionals tend to give you quick service with proper instructions you might need to handle EV chargers for your home. Moreover, they know the best type of battery for long-term use.


Study About Their Complete Services

If you seek to have the best Tesla Wall charger Installation service then you must know their service quality. You might be unaware that there are various companies that are hardly know anything about EV charger installation. With different other electrical aid, they just try to include EV charger installation facilities. One of the biggest drawbacks you can face from their service is zero support for AC / DC batteries. However, by studying the service quality of a company you can understand their specialization in the EV aspect.

Study The Maintenance Plan

Whether you are handling an EV or EV charger, each needs proper and timely maintenance. With proper maintenance, you can make sure your EC charger’s a smooth performance. Even, you also verify the EC charging station parts like charger battery plugs and etc are correctly adjusted. 

So, never forget to make sure that your EV charger installer gives you a monthly maintenance facility for the longevity of your charging station. If they tend not to give you a better maintenance plan better hire professionals.

Verify They Serve Your To Your Location

There is no better feeling than getting instant service right at your home. Especially when you are stuck with an issue with your EV charging station. And as the machine is helping us with easy transportation it’s no wonder that EV charger break down can create a whole new problem. 

So, if you oath to never face such a situation better verify the Tesla Wall charger Installation service can serve you at your doorstep. Overall your need to make sure they can serve you at your home.


Apart from location, you need to check the trait for their punctuality. As we mentioned EVs are one of the most important gadgets that help us to transport. And If you have a limited charging option in your home, you need instant EV charger maintenance service whenever an EV charger breaks down. 

So in order to ensure instant service make sure you deal with an EV wall charger installer very who is very punctual. A punctual installer can give you prompt service whereas an unprofessional doesn’t.

Make Energy Efficiency Priority

The main trait you need to look for in a Tesla Wall charger Installation service provider is they can provide you with energy-efficient EV chargers in your home. Without proper and energy-saving installation you may have to pay extra charges on your electric bill. So better check whether your installer service providers are power grid and energy controllers in your charging station to make make it energy efficient. Otherwise, you can end up dragging a lot of money on electrical bills.

Emergency Repairs

Last and the most essential trait you must look out for before considering service from any EV wall charger installer is emergency repair service. There could be serious emergencies, where your system can fail to charge your EVs. 

Even in many circumstances, they can overheat and lead to primary damage. So check out professionals who can give you emergency service in such a situation and prefer to choose them.

So these are the 8 main traits your must follow before hiring any wall EV charger installer from the market. To get professional Tesla charging station installation or any other electric vehicle charging station in your home contact us through our official website. Also, read more about 220-volt outlet for electric car from our blog section.

8 Power-Saving Tips for Mini EV to Release Pressure from Mini Electric Car Charger

Having an EV might be very beneficial but also very pressurizing on electric consumption especially when you have a lot of EVs and one charging station in your home. Moreover, with long-term conditions your can damage your charger and might have to reinvest. So better consider some basic tips to save your battery life and relieve your EV charger. Here are 8 power-saving tips for mini EVs to release pressure from a mini electric car charger.


8 Power-Saving Tips For Mini EV Chargers To Release Pressure From Mini Electric Car Charger


Watch Your Speed

You can save the power of your vehicle by minimizing your speed. Though It isn’t always possible to drive slow, especially when traffic is going fast on the interstate, choosing to minimize your speed can be very helpful to keep a mini electric car charger at rest. Moreover, you can also choose the proper road where you don’t need to use electricity for extra miles.


Stop Charging to the Maximum

One of the common bad habits almost every person has with chargers is keeping them connected with the gadget though the charge is full. You might think this isn’t very harmful but actually not very healthy for both vehicle chargers and better.


 With lithium batteries, it is best to charge to around 80% rather than getting a full charge. Not charging fully interestingly allows space for regenerative braking that can convert kinetic energy into usable energy.


Plan Charging

One of the best ways to ensure EV battery life along with charger life is plan charging. Suppose you have a plan to ride down sea beach in the upcoming weekend, better refill the power as much as you need. 

Otherwise, you are going to waste your charge, which ultimately can pressurize the EV you have in your home. Overall, you have to be a lot more calculative to be more sustainable and power-saving.


Park in the Shade

Are your really concerned about the longevity of your mini electric car charger along with your EV battery? Then make sure you port the electric vehicle in shade. Many people will park a mile away from a store just to avoid parking in the hot sun. This is not just going to keep the car cooler but will also prevent your battery from overheating.


Take Time to Charge in the Heat


Besides parking in shade, you need to avoid taking your car in hot and humid weather. Instead, you can utilize the time to full-charge your car and release the pressure of charging in a moderate climate. 


You might not be aware of the fact that Lithium batteries don’t like the heat and tend to drain more when it’s hot outside. So, considering that time to rest and charge the EV battery would be ways beneficial.


Search Your Route Ahead of Time

No matter where you’re going, searching ahead of time to see where the available charging stations are located is the best way to minimize pressure on your EV charger. Having a backup plan to charge your EV at a distant place is not only sustainable but also very efficient for your battery life. And it is actually very frustrating to find an EV charging station on an unknown road while having low EV battery life. And this fear could lead you to pressurize on the EV charger you have in your home.


Stop Quick Charging

Stop quick charging immediately if you want to be your mini electric car charger everlasting. Charging your EV battery seems like a great way to get a fast charge so you can get instant mobility of your EV but vigorous use of a quick charge can take a little life away from the battery. Besides, this also pressurizes your EV charging station and makes it weak until it gets service.


Get Your EV Timely Charge

Many people tend to plug in their EV battery at night, so it can charge while they sleep. Though this is an ideal time to charge, certainly turns harmful when the charger is attached for too long. If you don’t already know, lithium batteries are most stable when they are holding at around a 50% charge. So you need to make sure your charge time is not too long and unplug the battery immediately after it gets fully charged. Otherwise, the pressure will get directly diverted toward your mini electric car charger.


So these basic tips to save the power of your EV battery in order to minimize the charging pressure of your EV charger goes through almost every day. So to get an electric car charger installation service or electric vehicle charging station service immediately visit our official website.  Read more on 220-volt outlet for electric car from our official website.

Everything you Should Know about Fiat 500e Charging Stations

Fiat has been in the automobile industry for a very long time. With every day the automobile industry is up with something new. Thus Fiat is up with its stylish and compact EV to match other competitors in this business. Although most people take a step back while buying EVs due to charging stations, we will make things simpler for you. Therefore in this blog, we will enlighten you on Fiat 500e charging stations.


Guide to Fiat 500e charging stations

Fiat 500 has been launched way back and it was one of the smallest models of cars the company has launched.  Thereafter, Fiat has relaunched its super compact model by upgrading it into an EV to grab the EV consumers in the market.  The company has also made sure that the car is well equipped with charging options and stations to make a stable place in the EV industry.


  • Fiat charging cables

The Fiat 500e is equipped with a Yazaki connection and therefore it requires a type 1 charging cable. Generally, what most people ask about is the time it takes to get completely charged. The answer to this question is completely dependent on the Fiat 500e charging stations you are charging your car. 


Moreover, the charging cable of your car is also responsible for the time it takes to charge your car. Fiat 500e charging cables are generally able to carry 16A or 32A. Therefore it is recommendable to use a 1-phase 32A type 1 charger in your Fiat 500e charging stations for quick charging.


  •  The capacity of Fiat charging stations

Fiat 500e has a capacity of 11kw and supports a type 1 charging cable. Thus the time required for charging this EV is completely dependent on the Fiat 500e charging stations you own. Therefore it is better to charge your Fiat EV through a phase1 32A charging station.  


Things that are needed to be present at Fiat 500e charging stations,


  • Fiat 500e charging cables
  • Fiat 500e charging points
  • Fiat 500e adapters
  • Fiat 500e portable chargers            


Factors that Fiat 500e charging stations user friendly


To install a Fiat charger at home, you hardly need to go through hardships. As Fiat charging stations use type1 32A charging ports, thus you can charge your car through 

  •  Any domestic household charging outlet
  • Parking charging outlet
  • Specialized gas stations
  • Mobile charging stations.


Benefits of owning type1 Fiat 500e charging stations

  • Convenience 

The first and foremost issue that people feel regarding owning an EV is its charging options. Although the automobile industry is working on installing EV chargers all over the road, it is still important to have a type 1 charging station at your home. 

It is a hassle to take your car to charge stations and wait for hours to get your car charged. Therefore it is always a beneficial and profitable move to charge your car at your home by installing a Fiat 500e charging station at home.

  • Cost efficiency

By regularly charging your car at a public charging station, you spend a sum of money to charge your EV. Therefore whenever you own an EV it is important that you get an electric vehicle charging station installed at your place. By doing so, you can avoid regularly paying to charge your car at a commercial charging station. 

  • Safety 

It is always better that you charge your EV at home to maintain its proper battery health. It is always risky to charge your car at a public charging station. Moreover, there is always a chance of vandalization of your car’s battery or your car. Therefore to maintain the proper safety of your EV it is always better that you hire EV charging station installation services to charge your car at home without harming it.



  • What is the need for Fiat 500e charging stations?

The Fiat 500e is an electric vehicle, that stores the charge in its battery. Therefore when you drive, you use the charge stored in the cell. To refill the battery of your car, you are in need of  220 volt outlet for electric car

  • How much time does it take to completely charge your EV?

The time that will be taken to charge your car, depends on the amount of charge remaining to fulfill the charge. Moreover, it also depends on the capacity of the charging stations. In this case, you can choose Fiat 500e charging stations for efficient charging.

  • Does the charging station disconnect automatically when your EV is charged?

The EV charging station you own understands when your car is fully charged. Therefore it stops charging your car battery to prevent damaging the battery life of your car. 

Installing Fiat 500e charging stations at your house not only eases the process of charging your car, but also a future business. To earn through your charging station make sure you get placed on the maps. If you are interested to gather more info on Fiat charging stations, have a glance at our website.