7 Tips To Plan Your EV Trip Without Audi Electric Car Charger

Road trips on vacations are always an adventure especially when you have a company of an EV. While you seek to explore surroundings, nature, and distant places, EVs usually help to make it more fun. However, the only flaw you would face while having a road trip in your EV is a charging problem. When you don’t have a portable EV charger, and you head out for a long trip you can certainly have a problem. So today in this blog we are discussing 7 tips to plan your Audi EV trip without a portable Audi electric car charger.


Know Car’s Charger Type

Commonly, many people own electric cars, but they hardly have enough knowledge about EV parts and chargers. And this is a drawback especially when you take your car for a long drive. First, better know the charger type of your EV. So later when your car runs out of battery you can charge it with a proper Audi electric car charger. Though some of the common Audi chargers are easily available anywhere, old models can create inn convenience.


Map Out Your Route

Whether you are concerned about the power of your EV or not, you must always map out your route before going out for a long trip. This is because to make sure the road has the proper place to halt your car, even have charging stations for Audi. 


Apart from that, you have to remember that EV batteries are prone to lose durability with long use. Afterward, charging your electric vehicle would become useless for you. So mapping out the route for charging stations with Audi chargers, halts, and restaurants is a better idea.


Use Charged EV

Do you know what is the best way to make your EV trip convenient? By taking a charged car with you on the trip. Though you can’t carry Audi electric car charger station from your home, you can charge your EV to its fullest with it. And by this way, you won’t just make your trip convenient, but even time friendly. When you have a home Audi charger why you should not utilize it to its fullest?


Download EV Apps

Mapping out routes might be an excellent way to detect Audi charging stations on the road but, it’s not as prominent as EV apps. No matter what EV you are using, quality EV apps will locate an active Audi EV charging station for you. 


When you are unsure whether the EV charging station on the Route whether open or not, mobile app hosts find compatible charging stations nearby. Moreover, some apps are featured with a prebooking charging facility, which will help you to manage time for yourself.


Consider Distance

When you don’t have a Portable Audi electric car charger with you, you must consider a trip not far from your home. Otherwise, this little mistake would make you pay a lot. 


People who own EVs must assess the charge of their vehicles before using them. This is to make sure how long it can serve them. Instead, they often ignore the fact and face inconvenience in the journey. However, if you plan your trip according to the charge and power holding capacity you won’t face such inconvenience.



Planning cost is one of the most important aspects of an EV trip. You have to remember that EV charging is not at all free of cost. Neither EV parking spots are. So plan a  trip according to your budget. 


Planning a trip that exceeds your cost can ruin the whole fun of your journey. Both low battery power and low money would squeeze you into convenience. Lastly, you would end up having the worse EV trip you could ever imagine.


Accommodation Facility With Audi Charger

A long trip means a night stay or a 24-hour thing. So you must plan to book a suite in a hotel with a free Audi electric car charger facility. After a 200 to 300 miles journey, you would surely lose a huge amount of charge from your car. 


Staying in a hotel with an EV charging facility would help you recharge your car and save humongous time. And if you don’t consider EV charging facility-less hotels. You might have to ponder on a nearby station the next day, which can make you late for other activities.

Here are the 7 tips that explain how to plan for an EV trip without an EV charging system for Audi. By following these tips you won’t just get an entertaining and fun EV trip but also a very sustainable trip anyone ever could get. So if you want to have portable and nonportable Audi electric charging stations or set up a 220-volt outlet for electric car immediately visit our official website and contact us. Also, read more blogs on Electric vehicle charging stations, from our blog section.

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